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Quit 9/26/16

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I am going on my 9th month of having put down the can.  I was a Cope / Grizzly Snuff guy for over 20 years.  I have seen several posts (Pre Sign-up) knocking down the herbal dips.  I would have to disagree with those who say they don't help.  They may not have helped those fellas but they did help me.  I am not going to push any particular brand and just needed to put that out there.  For someone who is trying to quit it is worth a shot.  I avoided the ones with nicotine because that was also part of quitting for me.  Getting out from underneath the addiction to nicotine for me was huge!  I used no nicotine gum or patch, just hard candy, regular chewing gum, and the "Fake Dip" to get through the struggles of missing a dip in my lip.  I still keep a can of the "Fake Dip" around for those stressful times at work or other times.  It helps fight that urge to go get a can of Cope.

I hope this helps someone.

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