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Hi; I'm Hoggle and I'm a nicotine addict.

The whole shebang got started back in 1985.  I was at the movies with some friends and was offered my first Skoal Bandit.  Anyone else on here still remembers the green can with the word BANDITS on the side in pseudo-western lettering?  I do.  Anway, I took the hook...and got hooked.  Such began an addiction that lasted until 100 days ago.  Since I didn't have to spit with Bandits, they were the perfect way to hide a dip addiction.  I went through a tin a day - I got my Bandits from a skeezy little bodega-type place where no one cared about how old you were.  I dipped everywhere - school, the workplace, etc.  Total ninja dipper.

So, what motivated me to quit?  I am now getting into middle age.  I plan to retire soon.  It's just plain silly for me to continue a juvenile act of rebellion into my retirement.  I need to quit.  I am amazed that I kept that little tin for so long.  I never had health issues; I had freedom issues.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I went out at some ungodly hour in the middle of horrible weather just to get a tin.  No More!  I got my money and freedom back.  I got ME back.

For you new people out there, take heart!  It CAN be done; I did it.  So can you.  Firstly, post roll every damn day.  There have been many times where that roll post was all that saved me from caving.  Secondly, learn how addiction works.  The average crave is over and done in three minutes, no shit.  Surely you can suck it up and bear it for three minutes, right?  Sure you can - we all can!  Thirdly, don't ever think you can have 'just one' - NOPE!  It's a drug addiction, not a bad habit.  There is NEVER just one!

As for my future here, I'm going to stick around for as long as the board will have me.  I'm also going to go into the new groups and start working with newer quitters, now that I have what it takes to sustain a good quit.  I hope you'll join me.


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