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This is how I want to Die

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That’s the way I want to fucking die.

Yep, with a big ole fat one stuffed in my lip. Fuck you, fuck society, fuck anyone in my way; this is the life I chose. Burry me with a tin in my pocket and some on the side for my voyage into the after life.. Sounds good doesn’t it. It sounds tough, doesn’t it? You’re lying out your fucking ass and I’ll tell you why:


Ok, Mr. Tough Guy, when you’re laying there in your bloody puke, curled up in a fetal ball, does it still sound good? When you’re in so much fucking pain that morphine won’t even take the edge off, is that what you were talking about? How about the raw shit and blood running down you leg from colon cancer that smells like death itself. How about the tube sticking out of your disfigured face, where your mouth used to be. Is this the fucking picture you had in your head? As a retired Fire Fighter / Medic I can tell you for a fact, every one of you bastards are begging for your life in the end. Not so tough now are you asshole. You’re lying out your ass and you know it!


I see you looking in the mirror at your bottom lip, look carefully at that spot. That’s the fucking spot that’s gonna kill ya. Nope, not right away, but after about 4 surgeries, horrendous pain, and a face that’s worse then any burn victims. That’s a real nice legacy to leave your kids, isn’t it Dad! You, with half a Hulk face, shitting the bed. Go ahead you selfish ass, stuff another fatty in there and play Russian roulette. Go ahead pack a good one in, wedge it in with your tongue, this may just be the one to cause cancer and ya don’t want that from a half ass dip. Make it worth your life, because it just may take it. Is this the dip that’s going to give you cancer? How many rolls of the dice will God give you? How many times are you going to hear the click of an empty cylinder? You said you wanted to die that way, didn’t you? Liar.


No, one, and I mean no one, wants to die that way. I know it’s just easer to keep repeating that macho bullshit. You’re scared to try and quit aren’t you? You tried before, suffered and caved in like a pussy didn’t you? Yep, it’s defiantly easer to repeat that lie. You can’t take the pain of the quit, you have to much stress, yada yada yada, I’ve heard them all. Ya know why? Cause I was you, for 30 stupid fucking years. Well, almost you, just one major difference, I quit. On August 09, 2007 I quit the slow death. I quit playing Russian roulette, I acknowledged my addiction and did the best thing I have ever done for my life. I FUCKING QUIT!

Every time I look at my Daughter and Son I count my blessings. I have survived one hell of a life, and now, for the first time in a very long time, I am in control. I own my destiny. I own my body. No one person, no object, no drug, and no poison can control me anymore. You too can win your life back. The way to freedom is simple, the process is a motherfucker. If it was easy you would be quit now, wouldn’t you? Let me ask you, why are you reading this? You want to quit, don’t you? Well let’s do it, and do it together. Join me and hundreds of others who have won, and let’s get you quit. Now, before you go and say that stupid ass lie again and pull that trigger, because one of these times IT WONT GO CLICK!


Stevethebuilder Nov 07 quit group

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