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I always wanted to be here since the first time I thought I needed to quit dipping. It has been 19 days without a dip and mentallly I am proud of myself. My mother wanted me to quit for years, even told her I did a couple of times but those were just lies. My Mom died of cancer in '98. She had quit smoking tens years prior. One of the last days she was alive she made me promise to quit and I did, again, promise to quit, only it took me 12 years to full fill it.


I wouldn't even quit for the love of my life. My wife made me promise to quit before we got married and I did. On our honeymoon to Costa Rica I made sure I was well supplied for the week long journey. I have hid my addiction before but never to this extent. Six years later I am fullfilling that promise.


Here are the two most important people in my life and I can't stop for them. Had snuff been so important in my life that I would flat out lie to the most special and loved people in my life? Yes. I could go without eating longer than taking a dip. I literaly planned all of my events around snuff. I am a dipping logistics master. From making sure I had enough snuff on hand to proper spit disposal. And yes I could be discrete or "ninja". My dipping never left tracks on the rice paper. But these last few years ever time I took another pinch I knew deep inside after 23 years it was time to stop lying.


Day 19

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