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How to trap and kill a skunk, humanely and without getting stinky

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Hey all! I understand that this has nothing to do with quitting dip, other than it is what I have been doing lately without the stuff. I posted day 217 today, I still get hit with a crave now and then...maybe two or three a day but no biggie, I know how to work through them pretty good. Any ways I would like to share with you a system to trap and kill a nuisance skunk. I was annoyed the other night when my dogs would not quit barking. When I went outside to see what the commotion was about I noticed all three dogs where very focused through the door of the storage/garden shed adjacent to the dog kennel. So I walked out and flipped on the light in the shed. I was "warned" by the skunk with the stomp if his front feet. I quickly retreated and locked the dogs into the interior portion of the dog kennel. I then was able to get into the dog kennel and look directly into the shed at a good distance. Sure enough there stood a big ol skunk. I left the door open and went to bed that night. The next night I just closed the door to the shed early, and fell asleep. I was awakened again to the sound of my dogs barking. This time the skunk was mad that the door was open and sprayed my dogs. CRAP! It could have been worse, I don't think it was a direct hit. So the next night I set out to trap and kill the lil bugger. I have had this experience once before about 2 years ago. I called animal control and asked what I should do, and if they would do anything. They wanted nothing to do with a skunk and told me to trap and drown it. "Okay" I thought how in the hell am I going to trap this thing and transport to a lake or something....not gonna happen captain! So I started to do some research, the other option was to get a "pole syringe" and inject the lil guy with ammonia or something....nope not me, still pretty risky as far as gettin' the stank nasty sprayed at me. I came up with this system and it works wonderfully, with a very little chance at getting sprayed.

You will need:

1-Havahart live trap

2-small pieced of old tarp

1-old bed sheet

1-roll duct tape

1-hose from a shop vac

1-vehicle with fuel


step one - set the trap: set the trap per the instructions. For bait I used dog food, two reasons for this....it won't catch cats and that is what they where eating in the shed. I also cracked a fresh egg over the top of the dog food. I used an old tuna can for bait food.


step two - lay one piece of the blue tarp on the ground and place the baited trap on top of the tarp. Use rocks, sticks, firewood etc to create a funnel into the trap entrance. You will want to have a good idea as to the travel path of the skunk so you can place the trap in that path. For me it was obvious.


step three-wait. skunks are nocturnal so set the trap before bed, I suggest doing this on a night before you don't have anything to do the next morning.


step four-check the trap the next morning, if trap is full proceed to step five, if not repeat step three, and maybe re analyze trap placement


step five-grab the bed sheet and walk slowly toward the trap/skunk. My trap has solid doors on each end so it makes it easy to approach without being seen. Even so approach slow and talk real nice and calm to the skunk. cover the trap with the bed sheet. Have a cup of coffee for about 15 minutes, just in case the skunk got a little anxious with the bed sheet maneuver.Now remove all the wood etc from the top of the tarp. Still wanna move slow and be as calm/quiet as possible. Now take the other half of the tarp and place it over the trap and bed sheet. Now slide the shop vac hose between the two tarps, if your are feeling lucky you can try to get it under the bed sheet. Now duct tape both tarps together. you want a good seal but it doesn't have to be perfect. Now slide the other end of the shop vac hose over the tailpipe on your vehicle. Start your vehicle, and grab another cup of coffee. The skunk will probably die within 2-3 minutes but I let it run for 10 minutes just to be sure. The skunk will also relieve itself as it expires so there will be a faint smell when it dies. I then just separate the two tarps open the trap and dump the skunk in the middle of the tarp, roll it all up and toss into a garbage bag.....to the dump. Now all that is left is to clean the trap for the next time (hopefully there isn't a next time)


I hope this helps some people out, it sure works pretty good for me and doesn't require shooting (which would be my preferred method, except I'm in town) Pictures to follow.

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