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Struggles with Work and no Dip

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For 11 years I have sat at a desk typing on a PC and answering phones with dip in my mouth.


I find that work and late at night are causing me the most difficulty. I thought it would be the morning and always putting dip in my mouth first thing, but that has not been a problem.


God is greater then I am and I give this up to God - God is greater than my addiction and my desire to put dip in my mouth. With God at my side I will not fail.


It is amazing how much that helps....deep breath and time to move on.

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I do a lot of my work on the computer too and that's the been the trigger for my past failed attempts. If you're on the phone frequently like I am, candy/suckers/seeds are more frustrating than helpful. I saw a recommendation on here recently that I'm going to try tomorrow...cotton swabs. Put a few drops of mouthwash on it if you need a little burn/mint. I wouldn't think that would be as difficult to work with as seeds or candy. Keep up the good work!



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I have found that tea bags (green tea in particular) work really well and stay out of the way when you are talking on the phone - give you much of the same feeling a dip without the same dangers - not that I plan on being addicted to tea in my mouth, but tea is better then dip. One day at a time.

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