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Day 10 - And all is well - except for the nagging.

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After 10 days, I thought for sure that the nag of dip would be off of my mind, but it is not.


I guess a great deal of determination is required to quit a 30+ year habit.


I truly believe that there is a great deal more to this addiction then just nicotine. I am not sure what else is in Copenhagen, but this addiction can not be nicotine alone.


Just another reason to quit


>>>>>Sgt_Phil really wanting a dip, but not for the nicotine.

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You should try the non-nicotine herbal snuff. I used Smokey Mountain wintergreen and it was a godsend. You might be experiencing the same thing I did with mouth fixation. The simple act of putting in a dip (in this case corn silk and flavoring) got me over the hump. I've been nic free for 67 days now and am gradually getting off the fake stuff too.

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Camelhead and Colin are both correct. What is happening now is mind games being played on you. That part of your brain that used to receive the stimulant from nicotine is going absolutly crazy wanting some more. The rest of your body is beginning to heal from the daily poisoning you had been giving it.


The Good news is that part of your brain is easily distracted. change up your routine, pump out twenty pushups, a quick 50 yard dash, angry sex with a "friend?", anything to get that part of your brain to shut the fuck up. Over time it gets easier and easier to quell the craves.


The rest are just habits that need to be broken or altered. For oral fixations put something in your mouth that you don't like or can't stand... black licorice, peppermint, cyan pepper.


Your on the right track!! Here is a quote that I found somewhere, I don't even remember where it came from..."The journey you are just beginning is going to be long, hard and you are not going to look pretty trying to finish it. And more than likely, it is going to hurt - alot."


Damn good insight to this Quitting stuff!!

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