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day one

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I quit again today. But I've quit before. I've sort of lost count since 2004 how many times when I first tried to stop my 40 year habit split equally between cigarettes and the last 20 years with Skoal. I think this is shot number 6? They say it takes an average of 7 times to come clean so maybe this is my time? Pick your cancer I used to laughingly say to smokers' who would chastise me! Lung or Lip?. The lesser of two evils! Smart guy I am I switched to the much "safer" chew about 20 years ago. And In all honestly my real motivation beginning with my first quit was the money my drug addiction was costing me, not really the reality of possibly ending up one day with the big "C". In the "Great White North that can that costs you 5 bucks a day costs me 20 here. And I've been a can a day man for along time. Thats a lot of money. A lot of motivation to quit. Never Really thought too much about the big "C" really, it lurked there, I knew it was possible but it probably wouldn;t happen to me.That is till this morning. I woke up with a small red sore inside my limp. It's probably nothing. Any of you that have dipped know all about sores in your mouth. They always seems to go away, don;t they? Goes with the territory after all. But they've always made me nervous you know. And today as I looked at this one in the mirror, I thought to myself? Maybe this is the one that doesn;t go away?


So even though I've quit before and failed. I quit again today.

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