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Day 99

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Day 87 to 97 were very difficult. Dealt with a lot of depression and anger, including smashing a solid wood chair. Anniversary of my mother's suicide and going to a memorial service for a good friend who hung himself did not help matters.


Daily posing really helped me stay focused on not giving in. Had trouble staying on my diet, but did not cave on my Quit. I suspect it is really good that I made it though this and can use it in the future not to go back to the DIP.


Having other guys text me when I didn't post for a few day's helped too. Knowing that I am not on my own and that other people are rooting for me really helps.


I think I am going to have to start posting weekly on the Diet page of this site too, to help prevent me from just switching one addition for the other. If I don't get the weight under control, I worry that eventually I will use that as an excuse to cave. What ever causes the addition the two are related for me. I can't let my happiness be dependent on chemistry because of nicotine, food or anything else. I must learn to accept life as it comes and just deal with things ONE DAY AT A TIME. Don't make any single event bigger then it really is.


I hope these thoughts help others -- I know reading what other write has helped me!

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