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Howdy ya'll, this is my first day of my fifth real attempt at quitting. In the past i have quit for up to 6 months before caving. I am hoping support from this website will help me this time. I have been chewing since i was 16, i am 31 now, I have no problem going through 2 cans a day. In the last 3 years since i met the woman who is now my wife I have been mostly nicotine free. I seem to do fine for the first several weeks or months, then I cave. It is so frustrating, after a few months you think you are done for good then you start thinking just a little wont hurt, you can quit again. Then you get sick because your body is no longer used to the nicotine so you keep doing it until you get that same enjoyment that you miss so much but it is never half as good as you remember it being. By then you are hooked again, wondering why bother quitting, if i can go for months without it but then still have uncontrollable urges. It is very discouraging and it makes quitting seem impossible. Anyway, I am trying again, with some new advice and this site to hopefully help

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I was just thinking, different ways I try to rationalize and come up with excuses for having a dip. I could go to the store anytime and buy a can, I have been doing it for years and my teeth are still good. I have a beautiful wife. I don't have cancer. I know guys who have done it way longer than me who don't have cancer. Here in washington you can pay $6 to $9 per can but you can get cans on the reservation for just $2. Just one more can is not gonna kill me, or one more log, or one more week, month, year.....

My grandfather died when I was 6 because he smoked tobacco. My parents did an excellent job teaching me about the dangers of smoking, I have never smoked.

Then I think about my twin sons who are about to be born. You can be sure they will know the dangers and sorrows that smokeless tobacco can cause. It puts in perspective how the people who love me don't want me using and how hard I will work to teach my boys the dangers of tobacco and discourage them using.... so.... I guess its pretty important I quit for good

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