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New territory for me

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I feel like I need to put this out there so that it can maybe help someone else on their path to freedom. I have been trying to quit for many years now, all ending in failure. I recently looked back on my life and realized that I was about to hit the 20th anniversary of my addiction. I had to quit, so on 5/8/12 I took my last dip. The following day I was hurting, but I could control it. I just kept telling myself "that's not me anymore, I don't do that". That worked for a few days, but my will power was fading fast. I couldn't log into here yet beause I had forgotten the password, and to make matters worse my wife and I were really getting into some horrible fights. I needed an outlet fast! I finally snapped one weekend after a huge fight. I jumped in the truck and took my rage out on the road while heading to the store. As I pulled into the store's parking lot, the 1 mile walking/running track across the street caught my eyes. It was at that moment that I had found my outlet. I bought a large bottle of water and hit that track. I walked a mile, then ran a mile, and alternated for a total of 7 miles that day. When I got back to the truck, all of my anger and desire to cave were gone. Since then I have tried to run everyday. The best way I can explain it is that the running helps to build my will power. On that 1st mile I'm hurting and ready to quit, on the 2nd the pain is gone but I'm getting tired, and by the 3rd I am exhausted. Running teaches me how to shut all of that out of my mind and focus on my goal, running 3 miles. Will power is what I was missing all the other times. The downside to my method is there is no plateau, I will constantly have to keep pushing myself in exercise just to keep the positive reinforcement it provides. I'm hoping that is can help someone on their path to freedom.

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