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the characteristics of university students' tourist market

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Since the education system since the reform, the university enrollment in successive years, the number of college students increasing, a huge contains huge business opportunities in the university www.michaelmichaelkorsoutletsale.com students' tourist consumption market gradually formed, university students' tourist market is gradually becoming China's tourism market new luminescent spot, therefore in the full investigation of the present situation of the university students' tourist market on the basis of analyzing the maneuverability, university students' tourist market and the problems that exist, then establish university students' tourist market development strategy.


College students are still belongs to the consumption gens, their Michael Kors Outlet daily living expenses mainly comes from family, college students in the economy's dependence on their parents is very big. So tourism consumption as for undergraduates at present is still belongs to the luxury consumption. They are eager to go out tourism, but due to the economic source of restriction, consumption capacity is not high, therefore, they generally on the condition of tourism demand is not high.


College students' main task is to finish Michael Kors Outlet Online school, therefore can only use their spare time travel. And their leisure time main is weekend, legal holiday, winter and summer vacation, about 170 days holiday, accounts for about 47% of all the year round. Actually not only in the college students' time, someone through statistical analysis of the university four years time to read 3.3 degree, college students' leisure time more visible.


Now university campus through the network looking for travel together students has become a kind of trend, some young people to travel together, selection of AA system, not only can expand Michael Kors Outlet Monogram Satchels their interpersonal, on the choice and have greater autonomy. Another holiday solo expedition, couple Tours and other tourist way also more and more get the welcome of college students. Way to travel the diversity of the reaction on college students' individualized trend obvious.

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