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Trip to the Dentist... How it went...

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Well 22 years of not going to the dentist ended yesterday. By the grace of God I do not have any bone loss, cancer signs or excessive gum loss. In the past this news would have been an invitation to go out and buy a can.


Today it is different, I am committed this time. I have my first dental cleaning in a week, actually looking forward to it!

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Thanks, just got the bottom teeth cleaned getting the top done next week. They tell me I can keep these choppers for life as I stay quit. I'm floored, I thought for sure I'd done permanent damage but I am extremely lucky and grateful!


Best wishes to you as well!

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Thanks for blogging this. I know I've gone to the dentist once every 2-3 years (after quitting for 2 weeks or so each time) - then "clean bill" and I proceed to drive directly to buy another tin in "celebration."

Thank you for sharing - it's encouraging and inspiring!

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I've thought about doing the same thing bpre but I'm done this time. The nic tries to tell us "see everything is fine now go get more of me, you can do this for another 22 years!". He doesn't tell you he really wants to kill you...

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My gums suck. Not to the point of surgery or dentures but they suck. Blisters. Recession. Dentist told me to switch where I hold chew - move it around. Afraid of going. Done with all that, I hope. 3 days free.

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