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Day 8 (TFS 2-13-14)

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So this is my Quit Blog. I'm on day 8 so I guess I should fill in the blanks here a bit. Like the title sais ive been tobacco free since (TFS) 2-13-14. My story isn't that important and after the way it was thrown in my face yesterday I don't care to type it out again. Abbreviated version: My wife found my can in my backpack while looking for my keys and that started day 1. I was pretty sucessful in keeping my craving at bay last time i tried to quit so I felt well prepared this time.


Day 1-6 all I had was 4mg Nicotine losenges which worked very well, they taste like crap but they kept me from freaking out on people. FYI walmart has them, I like the losenges more than gum, never tried a patch because im an instant gratification kind of guy so popping a losenge in my cheek was alright.


Day 7(yesterday) I got my Jakes Mint Chew order in and I like it a lot. If anyone if interested I could do a review just let me know. Ive only tried Smokey Mountain Chew and Bacc off (pouches) in the past. Quick overview, Bacc off Pouches were terrible just nasty. SMC is super convienient since it is sold at walmart, but i never knew if they would have my flavor in stock and the texture wasnt the best but it did help me out alot. JMC is the winner now though.


Joined this site yesterday, in an effort to "do it right" this time. Had a bad experience getting trolled by a member and it really made me want to use but thankfully this site has enough redeeming qualities (I hope the ignore function works properly) to keep me around and my wife is very supportive and is trying to be more invloved in my quit this time around.


Day 8 (Today) Waking up this morning I still felt drawn to come back here regardless of the inexcusable conduct demonstrated by one member in particular. I understand that if he is really trying to help and thats his "method" ok i respect him for helping in his way but that doesnt work for everyone and its very disrespectful. I said some things I regret in response to him but I don't feel I own him an appology. Ok im done ranting about "that guy" for real now.


Today I decided to start this blog/journal to just get my thoughts out there and help keep me focused on my quit. So I will do my best to make a daily post and just talk about what I'm struggling with and how im coping (pun not intended) day to day. My goal is to open myself up and own this addiction not hide it. I registered on this site with FB so I plan to be an open book when it comes to quitting and use this daily blog as a way to track progress, vent, and reflect.


I am really regretting getting baited by that troll yesterday, I had just came from class and really needed to be studying for my clinicals today and the upcoming exam we have next week. That said, I've got my blog set up now and I plan to make today a good day.


If anyone does end up reading this let me know what you think. I will make a new post daily and be active in other places on the site as well.

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