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The Game of My Life

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302-days 3rd floor, Im a slacker for not posting something in the last 100 days, not that anyones success , except maybe mine, hinges on the words I put here. No excuse but I make them up in my head so I can lay mine down at night. 300 days. The last 3-weeks have been murder, capped by many triggers


1. Road Trips

2. Long Work Days

3. Social Obligations (A wedding this morning after working two 14+ hour days)

4. Professional challenges reduction in staff coupled with increasing workload

5. Personal life Im a different person now, and its impacting my wife


All that being said, the list above would have made the old me fold like a cheap lawn chair and reach for the can. No more. Ive struggled too long now, Ive earned the badge of an honorable quitter. Ive suffered at the hands of crave after crave, Ive endured the loneliness that comes with ending my toxic love affair with dip, and Ive chosen the path of personal freedom from that life-stealing nic-bitch. I am a new person, and each single day, no more than that for me still, I gain a little back of what I lost. Money, time, health, esteem, insight, courage, and determination are just a few of pieces of lifes game that I bring back to where they belong. I will treat the next day the same as I treat today. I will wake up and commit to quit. If I am challenged along the way, I will stand firm, I will maintain my accountability, I resolve to not let nicotine, in any form, control my life nor will I let it win the Game of My Life.


Man do I love playing golf!

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