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Day 1 is tomorrow

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Hello all, hello self. Tomorrow is my quit date. I've chewed consistent since I was in High School. I'm now 34 and still at it. I easily chew a can a day, sometimes more. I have stopped chewing a few times before for few months, now is the time to quit. No more stopping, I want to say days, months, years down the road I quit tobacco September 6 2014.


Since that first dip I've gotten married, fathered 4 beautiful children. I'm choosing to quit tobacco so I can enjoy every second alive with my beautiful wife, children and family. I'm peeing cash down the drain that could be used to better our lives. I'm basically paying to kill myself.


I know this is going to be a rough ride. I am an extremely nervous and anxious person and always throwing that dip in during times of nerves and anxiety.


This blog is as much to keep me focused and to talk myself through daily frustrations with quitting than sharing a story. Until tomorrow. Goodnight.



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