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dipping and lying

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I am 57 years old and have been dipping snuff for about 35 years. The dipping part is bad enough but the worst part about it was the lies that I told my wife. I would contantly tell her that I was quit but she always found the evidence. I always promised her I would quit but I never did. I hope this last time hasn't pushed her to the point of completely giving up on me, but I couldnt blame her if she did. Im turning to this group for help. I cant do this on my on. I have tried before but the conviction just wasnt there. Right now I have been tobacco free for 5 days. I will do whatever it takes, going to local meetings, seeking out counceling

whatever. I would be very happy to accept any advice you guys can give me




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Hi Jim!


I decided to quit as well. This is day 34 for me after using smokeless tobacco for 25 years (1 can per 2 days). I had to make the quit decision for myself not for anyone else. I have failed in the past when quitting for someone else. Good job on the 5 Days!!! That is awesome! I will say that the first and second week were the hardest.


I was on Nicotine Patch 21mg while using 4mg lozenges for 1 week. I really needed that to get me through. Then went to 14mg patch while using 4mg lozenges for 1 week. Then 7mg patch for just 2 days while on lozenges. Now I am taking 2mg lozenges about 4-5 times per day. This is what has worked for me. Plan is to slowly cut down on the 2mg lozenges...


Still get urges to have a chew, but I have successfully stayed away from it. Another thing I did was use the quit line. I am in Colorado and use the Colorado Quit Line to get help from a Quit Coach. I think the quit line is a nationwide thing, but I could be wrong. They have even sent me Nicotine Lozenges free of charge. The day I quit (March 29, 2015) I went to walmart and bought the patches and lozenges ($86.00 worth) That was before I knew about the Quit Line.


Good Luck to you!!! I know you can quit!

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I am 41 years old and have been dipping since I was 17. Having quit and failed a million times I am fighting the fight once again. I have a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children and am tired of the lies to my wife about my quits. I have disappointed her so many times over our 19 years of marriage in my promises to quit and lies that I have quit. I have been like a Ninja, keeping my addition in the dark to others. I talk to my kids about being honest...how can I continue to be a model for them when I myself lie to my own wife and the ones I love the most? Fears of cancer have been very strong over the last few years, my family needs me to do this. Today is day 1 for me for I cannot go on living this way.



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Jim and Chuck - my situation is similar to yours. I am currently one day quit. My wife hates my dip. I hide it from my family just like you. Noticed an ugly spot on my gums yesterday. Freaked me out. Two friends have cancer too. Perfect storm. I'm not real religious but I hope I can find the strength to see this through.

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