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DAY 12-18 Out of the Dip Game

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I quit dipping Copenhagen on November 27th, 2016.


Today is December 15th, 2016.


I've been quit for 18 days.


When I quit 18 days ago, I anticipated this being extremely hard - and it was. But every single day I log, it gets easier. The further I distance myself from the can, the less and less I remember it. I feel more powerful having a grip on my addiction. I overpowered one of the strongest addictions known to man, and all I have to do is not put it in my mouth. For those listening and so that I can talk through this process, this is what would happen if I went back to dip:


1.) I would have to shamelessly go buy a can.

2.) I would have to put my first dip in in a while. It would burn because my mouth is completely healed and un-calloused at this point.

3.) I would feel no sensation or buzz and it would be a true let down (I've been here before).

4.) I would have to face the music of being a failure to myself after turning back to it.

5.) I would have to make the decision to keep dipping or start a quit counter all over again at that point.

6.) I would have subconsciously let down all whom I've told about my quit (which is a large list at this point).

7.) All my mental strength I've gained from this quit would be dumped and ruined with one pinch of tobacco.


That doesn't sound like a process I'd like to go through anytime soon. When you get into the tax of it all, the pros of quitting outweigh the cons tenfold. Its extremely hard to see that until you quit. Now, I'm honest, and I've been honest throughout writing this blog. I get a cravings still after 18 days; 2-3 times a day. One pronounced craving after dinner, like clockwork. I still have to fight it every night. It lasts about 30 seconds and its fairly strong. I won't ever let it beat me though. A can of Copenhagen, or even a deeply rooted addiction vehicle such as nicotine will not keep me from my quit. This quit is mine and I am in control of my life.


One day I didn't want to dip anymore.


So I stopped.


And I'm never starting again.


It takes 21 days to make a habit. I'm on day 18. Talk to y'all in 3 days when I've got one of the best habits known to mankind; non-tobacco user.



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