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Day 19-31: A Month Without Dip

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I quit dipping Copenhagen on November 27th, 2016.


Today is December 28th, 2016; I've gone 31 days dip-free.


I have been very busy lately, not much time to write a blog update. I have some time this morning and thought I would catch up.


Overall, I'm doing wonderful without dip. The words "dip" or "Copenhagen" make me mad. They frustrate me because of the hold they had of me; and the long-term lingering of the cravings tobacco, nicotine and smokeless tobacco have on me. I hate it.


I still get cravings once in a while; they are usually predictable. They still irritate the hell out of me though. I know I'm going through a bout with a craving, yet, it makes me mad that the instance even exists. I want dip (for a few tough seconds) and I'm aware enough that I hate that I want it.


I'm still trying to prepare my mind for when I return home from this deployment and I have access to all my normal things and my normal system. (i.e. stop at the convenience store on the way to work to grab a can for the drive) I think if I anticipate it enough here and bash it into my head that in no way, shape or form can that happen, I'll be prepped for it when it happens. Trying to be realistic.


The benefits are great, the best part is not having to constantly work a "dip plan" (I've got enough plans to worry about.)


I've logged some significantly stressful situations while quitting and off of dip, which in turn gives me power. I could have caved a number of times, but I didn't do it, even under high stress. That is why I believe this quit may be my last. I'm happy without it, and I clearly don't need it. I just want it... sometimes.


A month is something to be proud of at this point. I was more excited to log a month dip free than I was for Christmas, and that is God's honest truth. That is the present I gave myself: self-discipline and raw will.


Y'all feel free to comment and/or message me about this stuff, would love to talk to you fellow quitters. I hope my blog entries are doing some good for someone else going through this.




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