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DAY 41-50: Halfway to the Hall of Fame

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I quit dipping Copenhagen on November 27th, 2016.


Today is January 16th, 2017.


I've been dip-free for 50 days.


All is well here gents (and the few and proud worm-dirt pinching gals out there).


Lots going on, haven't thought about dip much at all within the last several days. At this point, its becoming a faded memory.


I ran a half marathon and my fitness is skyrocketing. I'm slowly but surely replacing the time I would spend dipping with exercise. The dopamine release I get from intense exercise is replacing the hole tobacco filled during my dipping days.


I have overpowered dip completely at this point and have all but forgotten about it. I do not want for it, I do not think about it, YET - I am still very cautious about how I will handle things when I return home and am in my own element (as I've mentioned before in my blog). Some of the things I have on my side that will serve as my sword and shield as I face the dip temptation alone when I return are as follows:


1.) I have quit in one of the most prolonged stressful environments I've ever been in.

2.) Since I've quit, my life, health, sleep, relationships, energy, patience, and time management have improved significantly.

3.) I've broken all physical and mental ties to tobacco completely at this point.

4.) I will return home with a quit day count exponentially longer than ever before.

5.) There is absolutely no reason why I could not continue to not use tobacco the rest of my life.


These are my rounds of ammunition if or when any cravings return if I find myself in a weak spot or with my guard down.


What weapon will you reach for when your back is against the wall?


Looking forward to the legendary 100 day club and my Hall of Fame Speech.




"Just keep the stuff out of your mouth."



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