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  4. I have done 6 out of 11 of these. what a shame
  5. I found this wonderful organization in August of 2012.  I stumbled onto it because I was attempting to quit dipping after 42 yrs.   My mind was hazzy and I had difficulty concentrating.  I wondered if I was having normal withdrawal symptoms which led me to consult the internet, and I found this site.  The support on this site definitely enabled me to stay "quit."  I remember dreaming several times that I had a dip in my mouth and was spitting it out and wondering how it got there.  

         I was very envious of those who had reached the 10 day mark of quitting.... then the 20 days, and eventually 100 days.  Staying off the nicotine for 7 years has been one of my favorite life accomplishments. Good luck to all of you who have decided to regain control of your body.  I can remember telling my body that I was in charge now, and there would be no more nicotine.  Good luck to all, especially newbies.


  6. Really, posting in general is a shit ton easier than it used to be. All that deciphering code crap is out the window. Just copy and paste like a mug.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have heard moans and complaints that using the site is difficult, especially while using a phone. Here is the good news: Despite what you've heard, this site is MUCH easier than it used to be, especially on a phone, I promise! I am going to post two YouTube tutorials on how to use the 'copy and paste' function for two types of phones: iPhone and Android. Copy and paste is really all you really need to know! Don't worry about using the Quote tools. You don't need to use them...forget about them for now. Copy and paste is all you need to know on your laptop or desktop too, but I'm assuming you already know how to use those functions (hint: on laptops or desktops use CTRL + C to copy text, and CTRL V to paste). If you are posting roll call on a phone or laptop/desktop: 1) Go to the bottom of the last page of the thread you are posting roll call to; copy all the text (& pics) from the last post. 2) Paste the copied text into the box at the bottom of the page where it says 'Reply to this topic...' 3) Edit the text however you want BEFORE you hit 'Submit Reply' . The videos below show you how to copy and paste with the two main types of phones (it's actually easier than depicted in these videos because you don't have to open or close apps, you just copy the last post and paste in the 'Reply to this topic...' box at the bottom of the page. iPhone Android
  8. nick40142


    Drummz, From one nicotine addict to another, I'm an avid bow hunter and my quit date is Oct 26, just before the best part of the hunting season for my area. I still hunted the rest of the season without dip, believe it or not life without dip is possible, in fact it is so much better. Not making sure you have enough dip to get you through the day, no making sure you have a bottle handy when you want it, not can rubbing a ring in your pants, the list goes on and on. It's a matter of learning to do your favorite activities without a pinch or smoke. Those activities will be just as good, if not better, without that ball and chain weighing you down. I hope you are here to quit for you, I wish you the best and will be looking for you in the June HOF group.
  9. 6string


    That's the addiction talking. Life without nicotine sucks at first, but it gets better. And all the things that are fun with nicotine are fun without it. The addiction wants to stay in control and is trying to create the illusion that it brings all the fun to the table. It's BS, it's only along for the ride, and then only if you let it be.
  10. Drummz


    6 String Thanks for the welcome and sharing your story and experience. I have heard similar stories to yours over the past day. It makes perfect sense - I am sure you are correct. It just sucks...maybe just me but seems like this would be throwing all of the fun away. First the dip, no cigars. Hell, golf won't be any fun without a dip - my as well quit that too. Day 2 now for me - haven't posted promise until I figure this shit out but just getting irritated.
  11. 6string


    Welcome to your quit. The cigar debate was very much a part of my quit too. I wanted to share with you a post from my new quit group that I posted when I first came back. I say new quit group because I use to be a part of the LTQ back in '07, but threw away a quit of over 780 days. The crux of my fail was a cigar. Here's the story... I'm back after a long hiatus. I was originally a member of the LTQ. The last time I posted an actual number of days quit to roll call was on 11/17/08 with 780 days under my belt. I continued to post for another 5 days so I'm guessing I made it to 785 days quit before throwing it away. Two of the last 3 posts I made to the site are very telling. I was craving tobacco/nicotine, and thought that I could smoke a cigar without getting caught back up in the addiction. There were obviously doubts, but I distinctly remember the day I walked into the cigar store and bought a cigar and smoked it in one of the oversized leather chairs. When I left I bought a few more to take home. The rest is history. I smoked more cigars, then was right back on the dip so I could continue to feed my addiction while at work. I spent the next 10 years feeding my nicotine addiction, doing more damage to my body, being enslaved to the drug, and wasting over $15,000 more on my addiction. Please trust me when I say that cigars, at least for me, lead right back to the addiction in full force. No amount of nicotine is ever enough once it's in the system. I've copied and pasted below the 2 posts that I referenced earlier. Posted November 20, 2008 I've been craving cigars as of late. I think it's a combination of the cooler weather, approaching holidays, and the fact that I finish my program in just a couple of weeks. I was picking up some Bourbon at the local package store today and ended up with my nose in the walk in humidor filling my nostrils with the humid smell of aged tobacco leaves and quickly realized that was a stupid move. If I ever fall, it will be a premium hand rolled cigar that takes me down. Posted November 21, 2008 I've encountered the same thing. I went into chat last night looking for a bit of support, something I haven't had to do in well over a year, and when I brought up my issue, I was met with "cigars are no big deal", and a confession that they smoke them. I had to bail out of there as I was on the brink of heading back to the ABC Store's humidor. It still sounds appealing this morning, but the feeling is not as strong as it was yesterday.
  12. Tank27


    I hear you Drummz, I was also a once a month cigar guy before my quit. It seems like a lot to give up but as I'm guessing RWM pointed out, they're both nicotine and you'll have to give up both to make this work. For me, it was obviously tough the for first few weeks to give up chewing. But once I committed to it and made it past the first month, I really didn't miss the cigars - probably because I put them into the nicotine category with dip and trained myself to despise any form of nicotine. I still get craves once in a while for chew, but as far as the cigars go I find it pretty easy to use the Nancy Regan method and just say no . Good luck in your endeavor and hope to see you posting up day one soon. Tank p.s. I just figured out how to clear out messages from my profile, so I can now accept new personal messages
  13. Drummz


    Hey Tank27, Thanks for reaching out. I have not dipped and have been messaging with rwm3892 about a few things - specifically cigars...maybe 1/month socially. Understand that is not part of the plan here so really need to think it through before making my promise - don't want to waste anyone's time if I'm not going to commit to that.
  14. Tank27


    Hey Drummz, welcome to the site and congrats on your decision to quit dip and make your life better! As Tiger Refuge says above, you need to go to the June 2019 quit group and post your promise not to dip today in roll call. Posting can be a little confusing at first so if you need some help, reach out to me or anyone else here on the site and we'll be happy to help. You can message anyone here just by clicking on their name/icon which takes you to their profile. Your fellow quitter, Tank
  15. Drummz


    Got it- on my way there! Thanks
  16. Tiger Refuge


    Welcome, Drummz! You’ll find a lot of information contained within these pages. Go check out the quitgroups in the “pre hall of Fame” thread. You will be in the June 2019 group. Dont be shy. Read as much as you can. Post up your promise. Keep your word. Interact with the other quitters. DONT DIP! Get ready to embrace the suck.
  17. Drummz


    Hey- First day quitting...have stopped using many times but always go back to cope. Dipped for at least 20 years and know I need to quit. Dont like the sneaky, lying person it has made me become. I hope to get some help/support from many of you who beat this addiction. Thanks!
  18. rwm3892

    Quitters Wanted

    March 3, 2019 This is not a dead site. We are an active community of people who have quit smokeless tobacco. Our mission is to provide a support network for those who want to quit. Anybody who wants to quit is welcome. If you are thinking about quitting, you can register, read, ask questions, look around as much as you like. You can remain anonymous. If you know you want to quit, I would suggest you jump in today. You can quit this instant. Why wait? Do not give your addict-self a chance to talk you out of it. It's simple and works like this: 1. Find your quit group (the newest one is currently http://forum.qssn.org/index.php?/forum/259-june-2019/). 2. Type in your name (handle), and promise not to use today. We add our days quit just to keep track, but we are all equally getting through one day without using. 3. Do the same thing the next day. 4. Repeat. Simple, but not easy. If you have questions, you can ask in the space below. Or you can send any member a message. I would be happy to meet you on the boards. -rwm3892 - 726 days quit and I promise no nicotine today.
  19. You're probably a dip addict if: You've deferred sex for nicotine You've been broke and paid for it with a credit card (you financed your addiction you idiot, you actually paid interest on it!) You've looked for the faded round ring on strangers pockets in a crowd so you could bum a dip You've lied about using You've stashed cans to ensure your next fix was never out of reach You've driven across town because your regular c-store was out You've fallen asleep with a dip in You've recycled a dip because you were running low You've put a dip in and experienced pain because your lip is shredded You've stolen from your kids piggy bank to finance your addiction You've not only eaten with a dip in, you've actually gotten proficient at it Aren't you tired of being its bitch? That can end right now!
  20. Welcome! You're here because you need to quit. We know it. You know it. However, we know what runs your life right now. It's not you. You cannot run your life until you spit that crap out of your mouth and flush the contents of your can down the toilet. Rinse the can out while you're there. Flush and rinse any extra stash you might have. I used to go digging through my trash bin just to find my proverbial last can and scrape the bottom corners for any remaining flakes of nicotine-enhanced sawdust. Now, make a promise...No more. How does that make you feel? Below is something I wrote in the newcomer's group a couple days ago. I wrote it for you, but you haven't spit, flushed, and rinsed yet. You should do that in the next few minutes rather than waiting until some special date. Here's why... 2/16/19 When we first get here, very much have the mind of a full-blown addict. When we are using, an addict mind convinces us that we can not live without dip, so we desperately make excuses, and exist on our own rules of logic to keep on using. However, somewhere along the line, we suspect we are living a lie. That suspicion hangs around in the shadows most of the time, but sometimes we are confronted with it, often by other people. We usually get combative and hostile. We isolate ourselves. We usually then double-down on our addiction. It is our only friend, we say. Then, sometimes, further along the line, we get a moment of clarity, where we know we are living a lie, and our addiction has something to do with it. Then sometimes we get around to deciding to do something about it. We know what it is: Quitting. The word strikes terror in our hearts. We have built a world of complete dependence on dip. Deciding to do something about it is NOT doing something about it. Usually, the deciding to decide process hovers around us like a kettle of vultures for months or years. Those are some funky days, not matter how long they last. We feel pathetic each time we put a dip in, knowing we are playing a game of Russian Roulette for something that isn't really working for us. But, if we're lucky, we do do something about it. Spitting out a dip and tossing the contents of the can in the toilet and flushing it is doing something. It's absolutely terrifying. We wonder if it's the right decision to make right now because we can feel ourselves instantly falling apart. We know that as much as dip sucks, it's at least keeping us in one piece for another day. We'll dip to hopefully live another day, we say, and on it goes. Well, you're damn lucky you found us. Why, you ask, is it lucky to find a bunch of crotchety ex-dippers? The answer is because these crotchety ex-dippers have been there and we know there is a much better life on the other side. We wrote the book on excuses and bullshit. It's all old hat for us. We know that the the mind of an addict has its own jacked up program running and we know you can't tell the difference between the jacked up program and some sane version 1.0. We don't fault you for it either. Everybody who comes in here should be crazy as a bat, or we would wonder what's up. We want, and want you, to keep quitting, no matter how you feel, or what your crazy head is telling you to do, and mainly it's telling you to just go buy a can of dip, or maybe some other substitute, so you'll stay on the hook. When we are addicts, we are just as dependent on jacked up thinking as we are on dip. We're here to tell you that your mind, and your body will heal in time, and all the suckiness you're going to go through will be worth it. But you have to stick with it long enough for the miracle (or series of miracles) to happen. -RWM Discussion, and any other point of view, is welcome. But please, dump and flush first. Promise no more, and we go from there. If you think you can't do that now, tell us why. In that case, do stick around for feedback.
  21. It's never too late to quit tobacco, even if time ran out on lots of other things. You can reclaim your dignity.
  22. It always saddens me to see a delayed promise to quick without a follow-up day 1 post or other confirmation that the long journey back to freedom has begun. Euty ~ day 4,555 nicotine-Free following a 30 -year surrender to the Nicotine Slave Master.
  23. There is no being ready. Jump as soon as possible. Thinking about it gives you a chance to talk yourself out of it. I thought my way out of it 10,000 times. Now I can only say "Why did I wait so long?" A better life awaits. Why would you wait one minute longer for that? Yes, the water is freezing cold and a shock to the system, but in a few days the shock wears off and you start learning to live without your longtime crutch. 708 tough days quit and I cherish each and every one.
  24. Welcome to the site. Former 20+ year user myself; been off the stuff for nearly 15 years now. The only thing stopping you is, well, you. Hope to see you back on the 15th.
  25. Hello all. New here. I’ve selected the 15 as my quit date. Been chewing red man for 20+ years and to say I’m nervous is an understatement. Anyway. I’m ready. Tired of this crap. I may decide to jump in early but want to be sure. Any advice? I could use it.
  26. Congrats on the 3500! Gives us something to shoot for. NDT

    1. jonny


      Thanks. Going on ten years. It can be done.

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