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    I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the planned closing and possible reprieve. I've had a few people contact me in regards to keeping the site up and wanted to discuss how to do that. I'll be having those discussions starting next week so for now, we will keep the site up and running.
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    Steve - I started my site a couple of months before this place announced its closing - I had no idea that was going to happen. I don't have the $$ to take over this place. I am not a computer guy and am learning as I go. I do have a passion for helping new quitters and after many, many hours of learning I have a site up and going. KillTheCan sucks, quitters need an alternate place to go. Everyone is welcome at www.livingdipfree.com - esp old timers and brand new quitters. BTW - flav has granted permission to migrate articles to my site andI have started doing so. I have all of the front page articles already moved over. If ANYONE wants something moved over, just let me know and I will make that happen. I don't want the history to go away either.
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    My HOF coin arrived today...Thanks Flav
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    Wattles in the house
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    Just had a talk with a coworker buddy (one of the guys I took to AK)...his name is Aaron. He's been dipping 15-20 years and, as a result of breast cancer awareness month, today is his day 1 I wrote his name down below my quit days I have on my dry erase board at work and told him I will keep him accountable. Told him that if he thinks about caving, he'd better call me first.
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    Hell yeah bro. This is the kind of shit that this place is built for. We all went through that phase as well. Once the immediate “worry” goes away, those craves can creep back in. When in reality, we are just nicotine junkies. We can’t do that shit no more. Flipping that switch from “worry” to “mother fucking freedom” is when we really start to fully realize how great it is to not be burdened by that shit any more. Good on ya bro. And you ain’t caving because I ain’t giving you permission.
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    I just wanted to go on record about some feelings I've been having since I got back from AK. Part of the reason I quit was because I was scared. My mouth felt like hamburger and I was worried that I would get cancer if I kept on going. My gums hurt, my cheeks hurt, I was moving my dip around to try to find a place where it didn't hurt...even moving it to my upper lip a few times. Fast forward to today...130 days later and my mouth feels great, my gums don't bleed every time I brush my teeth now and things are a lot better. Anyway, I've been having a few craves lately and the thought flashing through my head that now that my mouth is all better, I can start dipping again. AK was hard, one of my buddies there was a dipper and the other two were smoking cigars (which is what caused my last cave). I didn't dip and I didn't smoke on that trip as promised. I'm not caving...I wouldn't do that to me, and I especially won't do that to you guys. At day 130, the battle isn't over...it continues and I will continue to fight.
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    Dave, Because of you and Matt I am closing in on 16 years quit. Thank you for all you have done to help so many people quit this addiction. Best of luck with the ranch and the grand kids! Jeff
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    If you quit between 9/24/2019 - 10/24/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key September 25, 2019 Quitters- Supporters- Tiger - 2436 - Getting this new group off the ground. Sorry for the delay. I'm gonna ride this train until the end.
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    Angry Quitters - Sick of Slavery  October 10, 2019 Quitters - sign here: STS - 1,044: Let's just say that I am ecstatic with the results of yesterdays's baseball games. It's red October in the National League PMFJ - 796 - Good luck to the Cards! The Nats seem like a team of destiny though. NMFD on TPT! Gibb13 -981- Work with Paul Goldschmidt's cousin. He brought me an autographed ball this year. NDT
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    10/10/19 DWLT 644 - Every once in a while, I stop and think about it and I still can't believe that chew doesn't control me anymore. Awesome feeling. NDT! STS - 1,044: We are very much alike. I had that shit in my mouth almost every waking moment, and all life decisions revolved around feeding my addiction. Glad we don't do that shit any more. NDT ODAAT Bonanza - 641 - Control is right! I lived far too long revolving most aspects of my life around sticking some crud in my lip. Think that getting over this part of it isn't easy either...what am I supposed to do now comes to mind alot. Worked my way off of eating too much, working my way off drinking too much coffee (and cheap scotch). Hard to not insert other bad things instead of the original bad thing. Just takes time. Rambling...sorry. NDT!
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    Got hit with a couple brief craves today...brushed them off. I expect craves on in the future in diminishing frequency and intensity.
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    That's a HOF speech at day 5. Call me any time if you're struggling. You're a strong man and I know you've got this...the Nic Bitch doesn't let up easily so she just needs to be told "not today" everyday.
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    Was talking with Wattles yesterday and a topic came up that I think deserves to be posted. As most of you know, I threw away a perfectly good 10 year quit because of a fuckin cigar. I have never smoked and I hate smoking. The cigar was puffed to keep the mosquitos away when I was flying fishermen out to the bush. After puffing, I'd put it out and suck on it as I was flying back to my next destination. It was a very short period of time between the puffing/sucking to just buying a tin and jumping into that cave with both feet. We are addicted to nicotine...it doesn't matter what the delivery method is...dip, smokes, vape, injected, patch, gum or a nicotine laced gerbil shoved up ones ass. Nicotine is nicotine and it needs to be avoided at all costs. Our addiction has two facets...the addiction to nicotine and the addiction to the physical process of dipping. The feel of the tin in your pocket, the twisting the lid, the pinching and the feel of it in your lip. The oral gratification. The "I always dipped when doing (pick a topic)". Kicking the physical process can be a very hard thing to beat on it's own, let alone combined with the chemical addiction. I'm more of a "rip the band-aid off" kind of quitter. I go all in. I ate the shit out of Altoids and seeds in the beginning but am now free from the physical desire. I will always be addicted to the chemical but avoiding the chemical is now easier because I have beaten the physical desire. I think fake chew has it's place in the beginning of a quit but it's use should be tapered off after a few weeks. In my opinion, maintaining the physical addiction makes it just a half a step back to Dipville. I'm proud of Wattles, I didn't know he dipped for the longest time...he was pretty good at hiding it.
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    The Nic Bitch stopped by the Dump this morning...I throat punched her, kicked her in the groin and sent her on her way.
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    Almost quittin time.
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    Monday, September 30, 2019 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,779 bflem-1,447- hey Eut. Yes, I have checked out KTC. seems like a good place. I just don't have the relationships like I did at this place. Reckon we'll see what happens with this place.
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    Just wondering why SC would try to start a new site ground up instead of modifying this one to suit whatever he feels needs to be different. All this history, speeches, old time members, Matt's legacy. It's a damn shame to lose it all when SC obviously has the ambition necessary to wake this site up.
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    Perhaps we get a reprieve in the site's closing. That would be fine with me.
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    I'm encouraged by the recent announcement about possibly transferring the site to new ownership. I went through this when Penguin handed the reigns to Flav and there was a bit of transition pain but it worked out. The same will happen this time if a transfer happens again...we can do it.
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    Many owe you the deepest of thanks for saving his or her lives, but your treasures will be collected in the tremendous good you have done in heaven. Where would we be without men like you? Best of luck and thank you for the path to freedom!
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    Dave, Thank you for assisting in saving my life. God bless you! TR1960 - 2409
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    Dave- What can I say that hasn't already been said? Thanks for providing a forum for us to help save our lives! My family and I appreciate it greatly! Thanks PMFJ - 780 - working toward the 8th floor!
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    Dave, Thank you so much for keeping this site alive for so long. It is the main reason that I am tobacco-free today. Just know that what you created (tobacco addicts helping other tobacco addicts will live on - on social media and on other quit sites. God bless you and God speed with your other endeavors in life.
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    I’ve done a horrible job of posting miles here, and for that I’m sorry. With the impending closure of the site, I’ll say that I hate to see it go. I’ve started a new “runners world” over at the new site. Feel free to move your miles over. Me? I’m getting ready to run the St Jude Memphis Marathon again in December. It was such an inspirational race that I had to sign up again.
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    I'm not sure how long Penguin had the site but Flav had it for about 15 years and there's a ton of HOF speeches that will get lost if he doesn't allow the transfer of those. The HOF speeches are the life-blood of success here. They're the experiences of those that succeeded and the stories provide the roadmap and encouragement to those that are ready to follow. The HOF speeches are one of the goals that we aim for when we're on day one. When I quit again this time, I looked for my first HOF speech to find some inspiration and, in doing so, I found a ton of inspirational speeches along the way. I hope that's not lost...I will PM Flav to see if those decades of speeches can be saved and transferred.
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    Cheers brother Dave - thank you for helping me get to nearly 10 years quit. What a great service to host all of us young quitters. We're all going to miss the opportunity to help each other. Cheers brothers ! Jimmy V
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    It appears that your lady friend is ready to give as well as receive. Have fun Captain.
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    That would make you April 07 the Quittin Spittin Crew. the largest quit group ever formed, 126 total I think. there are still about six of us still Quit including Coach, MLS, and PitHull. go check it out before the site shuts down it might jog your memory
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    Thank you Flav for 15 years of service to this site. I can only guess how much work and effort went into maintaining it. I certainly would not of stayed Quit without it, so therefore owe you and Matt and all those before and after both Quitters and cavers a huge debt. Good luck in future endeavors!!!!
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    09/21/19 FoodBuzz -630- NDT with you all. Site or no site the quit lives on. Very grateful for the support from this group and many other gents here. Feels good to know people have the same objectives against dip and improving life.
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    No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough. 09/19/19 FoodBuzz -110- I started here, but moved to KTC a bit after 100. Warm welcome, solid structure, great group. I’m going to move there full time. Gave my 2 cents about spinning up a new place...not for me. Time is rough as it is. I can’t be the guy who blast some post for a few days then ghost when work gets crazy. Think I’d create issues by doing that. Great group of peeps here though. Will miss. Still going to check in on you x boozers though PMFJ - 45 - There's a reason why we came here instead of KTC in the first place, right? So I'm going with the boys over to the new site. It will show on google eventually. Congrats to steve on 100 + days dry!! NAT! steve50-101 days dry AF- I'll be honest, I admire the individual effort SC is making to fire up a new site, but why? Is there a problem with KTC? Like it or not, KTC is a well oiled machine rolling in membership and participation. I'm not sure how livingdipfree.com can get off the ground when it doesn't appear in a Google search. What is the strategy for attracting members and how long do you suppose it will take to get a critical mass of quitters to make this more than a few well intended veteran quitters showing up to support it?
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    The difference you have made in the lives of some many people is beyond measure. Warmest thanks to you and best wishes. #SteadyOn Dan Flowers aka hoytraptor
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    36 years a hopeless nicotine using addict. 8 years, 9 months and 30 days free of nicotine and I can say that your efforts, this site and the dozens of friends I've made was my only way out. I don't know how to thank you. God bless you Dave.
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    No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough. 09/18/19 FoodBuzz -10x PMFJ - 44 - I'm gonna go to livingdipfree.com. I think we can create a page there. NAT!! steve50-100 days dry- This site was my only hope and I would not be quit 3,226 days if not for the love and support of my forever friends i met through QSSN. It's a sad day my friends.
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    Dave, Thank you so much for continuing Matt's work for SO LONG. I am quit today, 5,608 days later, because of the original site and this site, and Matt, and YOU, and everybody on here, but most importantly those guys from 2004 right before me and up to and including the August BOSS group and those after, I met some great people online that all quit in 2004, and many of us have met in real life and I consider many of you friends, even if we do not gather or see each other much. I honestly believe I might still be chewing had I not found this site. But things came together at the right time, and I found this place, and with this place and the people in it, found the strength I needed to slap that nicotine bitch into submission. All of us that have been helped by this place can never thank you or Matt enough, but the least we can do is thank you publicly for keeping it going as long as you did. You are a rock star for doing that, and if the Big Guy is keeping score, you are going to get brownie points in the next place for helping your fellow man. Now, onto the pressing business. Ranch. Gathering. Tractor out of hiding. BBQ. Old Timers. Fellowship. I know I am full of it, but at least think about it. Again, Flav, thanks for EVERYTHING. Sincerely, Buff
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    9/18 SC - 580 - Great chat with STS last night - you see, that's why this is so much more than quitting snuff - we make friends on this journey - like you jackwagons. STS - 1,022: Nice speaking with you sir. Thank you for your work on getting LDF of the ground and running PMFJ - 77 RWM 92
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    Flav, I remember the first time I logged into the site some 11 years ago, you were one of the first people to greet us by posting in my then quit group (under a different name). Thank you for all that you have done for myself, and for everyone else who has found this site and also found freedom from tobacco. I am grateful for all that you have done. Sincerely, Phil
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    Fucking crazy dude - I've been coming here off and on for 12 years - I gonna hate to see her go. Would not have quit if wasn't for QS. And the new site up and running for just a couple of weeks and now this - that timing seems more than coincidental If it wasn't for you guys I may have not made it a second time and that is not lip service - I think we are going to have some good times in the future growing the new site
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    Friday, September 13, 2019 St Nic-O-Frees Euty ~ 4,762 bflem-1,432
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    Freedom Day,  September 16, 2019                         Team SBAQ sign in: The Comma Club JB - 2400 - 24th Floor...yippiee!!  World Renowned Honorary SBAQ: ipoppa33- day 2043- NDT!
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    Bonanza - 617 - How 'bout them Bears! They won, but it sure doesn't look like they will be as good as promised...be lucky to get to 8-8. Won't bury my sorrows in nicotine! NDT! DWLT - 620 - Hey Bonanza, I was at the game. Congrats to your Bears, but that last "roughing" the QB call was absolutely ridiculous. I admin the one they called on the Bears against Flacco was bad too. Anyway, looks to be a long season for the Broncos right now. Chewing poison leaves isn't going to help though. NDT! STS - 1,020: NDT
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    No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough. 09/16/19 FoodBuzz -107- Life would be worse with it, better to stay without it. NAT PMFJ - 42 - ^^^^^ I agree! NAT!! steve50-98 days dry as a popcorn fart- Passed the dreaded multi-challenge weekend. Three days at the cabin with a bunch of drunks, then a tailgate at the SU-Clemson game with a bunch of drunks. It really wasn't that bad. Next stop 100 days. Do I get a metal for this?
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    I have recently had several members ask me to write down sort of a "what to expect" post. Something that would kind of let everyone know what to expect. I have to admit, I used to do this in individual groups, however, it is really difficult to look back to those early days and remember exactly what I went though and what days I was on when I encountered those things. I will do my best to give you a bit of a "when to look out for this" play by play. And remember, everyone's quit is different. If you don't hit a crave or a FUNK during a time period that is listed, my belief is that it is better to be prepared for nothing than to not be prepared for something. I was at the very end of my group, reaching the HOF a day or 2 before the last day of my month. I had the opportunity to read and see that most members of my group struggled with this, struggled with that around certain days in their quit. I also got to see when things seemed to clear up for them, and see when the journey seemed to level out a bit. I would definitely urge everyone to share their difficult days and their successful days with their individual groups, as that gives others the chance to see that goo things might be around the corner, or that they need to buckle down and prepare for another fight. And also remember, life throws us curve balls from time to time. Stress, for most of us, is a huge trigger, and when something traumatic in our lives happens, often times a major crave accompanies that stress or trigger. The final thing to remember...we have triggers that we associate with dipping. Driving, working out, hunting, yard work, watching sports, etc. We have a year's worth of triggers to fight through. Fall triggers for new quitters will be something you will have to face for the first time, well after you reach 100 days and the Hall Of Fame. The Hall of Fame is not a cure, just a nice milestone to achieve. 1 year is not a cure, again, it is just a nice milestone to achieve. I always focused on any day I could possibly celebrate. Days of 5 or 10, each week, any holiday that may fall, the more days I could celebrate as a milestone, the better. Obviously, each day is a day to celebrate, but day 5, 7, 10, 14, 15, 20, 21, etc...It gave me a short term goal to look forward to, something other than just the next day. And day 100 is just too far away to focus on early on in the quit. Day 1-3 to 5...This is the physical withdrawl period. All sorts of different symptoms. It's the chemical dependency leaving your body. We put years and decades of poison into our bodies. Our body is going to need a few day to get used to this healthy body again, and it needs time to adjust. I looked at it from a standpoint that I poisoned myself for 7 years. I can go 5 or 6 days through "payback". I hurt my body for all that time, I deserved to let my body punish me for my bad decisions for a few days. Physical could be headaches, very bad craves (mental), shakes, sleeplessness, emotional moments, etc. Day10-15...is when you will possibly start to see the "FOG" lift. One of the things I heard many quitters say when the caved was that they needed the dip to concentrate. The chemical didn't help us concentrate any more than a "sober" person would concentrate...going through the chemical withdrawl, our brain is rewiring itself and it needs time to reconnect some things. So some very easy tasks might seem to be Calculus IV level problems to solve. 2 to 3 weeks and that FOG is finally lifted. Day 20-30...You will actually finally hit a stretch where you now understand why the fight was worth it. You will feel great! The craves have subsided, you feel like a million bucks, your confidence is there...it's a very rewarding day to say the least. Shortly after, the craves will come back. This has now become a mental battle with the addiction. 7 years of training my body to ingest the chemical, it's going to take my brain more than just a month to "forget" about it. Dipping, for most of us, was a part of us. We have eliminated that part of us, and it will take a very long time to get over losing that part of us. I look at it like a person who loses a limb. The phantom pain is something they deal with for a VERY long time from what I understand. Our mind doesn't forget too quickly, and the addiction uses that as a weapon in this battle. Days 30-70. A continuation of the great days and the craves. The good news is that the days that you feel great begin to grow in consecutive numbers...at first it might must be a day..then a day and a half, then 2 days, then 4 days...etc. And the crave period in between the good days begins to shrink. A good day, then maybe 5-7 days of craves then a good day and 4-5 days of crave, and so on. Days 75-90...The FUNK arrives, as I referred to it. The FUNK is almost like going back to week 1. The craves seem to get a lot more intense. Sort of like the last ditch effort the addiction tries to use to get us to go back. The FUNK, over time, will dilute in intensity, but it seems to stick around a lot longer than the recent crave sessions (at least it did for me). Some in my group had the FUNK for just a few days. I believe mine hit around day 85 and lasted through 120 or 130. After a few days of the FUNK, it really turned into a minor crave that just would not go away. It was like that gnat or fly that keeps pestering you. You swat at it, you wave your arms, you spin around, you do everything you can to get it to go away, and it just laughs at you and buzzes by your face yet again. IT DOES GO AWAY, but I have seen members just give in to the annoyance and head back to the tin. The next 100 days after the HOF are hit and miss with more sporadic craves or funks, but you have confidence behind you, and experience. You will start to recognize the pattern. The next 100 days, same deal...so on and so on. I really can't tell you when you will hit that day that you don't think about it any more, or when you go weeks or months without a crave...but it eventually comes. I do warn you about a difficult time that I went through between days 500-600. This was stress related to me, as I was purchasing my first house. It was a big and stressful event. Obviously, the addition wanted me to solve the stress with nicotine. I also noticed that several others went through similar stresses during that time frame. We always shared when things were difficult for us, so that we could help each other out. PRIDE tends to get in the way. Some people are embarrassed that if they mention they are struggling or having a difficult time, that they may be perceived as weak. I would rather be called weak and still have my quit than to not ask for help and fail. Over time, I started to notice that others were struggling between500-600 and they were not going through any stressful moments in their life...so that time period may just be another FUNK that most people go through. Since the house, I have dealt with a car accident that nearly took my life, a separation and divorce (that was approximately a 500 day FUNK in itself...and I was quick to have friends here keep tabs on me and checkin on me). And a misdiagnosis for a pretty nasty disease. So, even though I have hit a number of "floors" or 100 day groupings, I have still had my challenges. And I know that there will be more to come. This is an addiction that has no cure, just our ability to maintain it. The moment we get too "cocky" and think we can never fail...that is usually the moment that we take unnecessary and dangerous risks. A final piece of advice. Avoid triggers early on in the quit and throughout the first year. I always dipped when I golfed. I quit during February. I hit HOF in May. I had all summer to golf. I did not golf once that summer...I didn't feel that it was something I wanted to challenge myself with. I wanted to make sure my quit was extremely strong...I could pass up one year of golf. It was better than getting out there, having someone offer me a dip, and losing all those days I had quit. Alcohol was something that I avoided for well over 100 days. I was not about to let alcohol cloud my judgment, even if it was drinking at home...alcohol causes us to make poor choices. No need for me to take that risk. Do what YOU need to do to keep your quit going forward. Some days it feels like we move an inch, other days a mile...but we keep moving forward. That is the key. Progress in a positive direction. Progress to a better life. Progress towards a better YOU!!!! Remember, this is the best recollection that I have of the early days of my quit. And I do know that everyone's quit is different, yet you will see a lot of similarities in quits with others and similar days that you encompass the same symptoms. In the process, focus on the positives...focus on the things you missed out on because you had to have your dip. Amazing sunrises and sunsets. Amazing days I spent with my (now ex) wife...so much of life that I was missing because I was so focused on a tin. Live life now that you have regained it back from the addiction! -Penguin
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    It's hard to believe I've been at this for nearly 15 years! I remember the day I signed up at the original site that Matt Van Wyk setup and ran. I was working in a new job and had finally sailed a can of Copenhagen out my truck window for the very last time. I made a lot of friends that year, friends that I am proud to say that we are still friends to this day. I also remember being shaken, to the core, when Matt announced that he was shutting the site down. In that instance, I knew I had to do something. I had to keep it up and running; not just for me, but for all of those new friends who were walking this walk with me. It wasn't easy. I had to pull together $3000.00 to buy the domains and collateral from Matt. The wife wasn't too thrilled about that but she understood. We made it work. It's been a real joy and at times, a real challenge keeping this up and running. Eventually, all things must come to an end. Over the past couple of years there have been a lot of changes in my life. New responsibilities at work, new grand kids and most recently, buying and moving out to our own little ranch. Working the ranch has been one of the most challenging and yet, rewarding opportunities of my life thus far. Cows, calfs, fences, goats, goats getting out of the fences, chickens, guineas and all sorts of little critters to deal with. Maintaining two residences, two mortgages, working full time then driving the hour to the ranch and working another 4 hours, then driving home to collapse and start all over again. It's been an amazing blessing but, it leaves me with no time to tend to this place. This site, the forums, they are like a pepper plant you buy at the Ag show with every intention of planting and growing your own peppers. But, due to other priorities, you don't have time to feed and water it and, eventually, it dies. That's exactly what has happened here. I haven't had time to care for and nurture this site and, as a result, it's dying; withering like my non-hypothetical pepper plant. This place deserves more; YOU deserve more. I've agonized over this decision for quite some time but I'm convinced it's the right thing for me to do. So, this is it! I'll be shutting everything down at the end of this month (or soon thereafter). If someone wants to take over, I'll gladly relinquish the reins over to you. However, count the cost! It will cost you time, it will cost you money and, it will cost you missed sleep (when it goes down and you're the only one who can save it). Hosting account, database backups, software updates, ssh and firewall rules and php development. So, if you're up for the challenge and want to take over, reach out to me via IM, on Facebook or call my cell phone (if you have my number). * EDIT * I wanted to let everyone know that we will keep the Facebook group up and running.
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