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    This site has obviously taken a plunge - however, flavius is working to fix it. We have a chain email full of suggestions from veteran quitters to get things going in the right direction. The membership will get going again someday - hopefully soon. There are many styles of quitters out there. If quiet and calm works for some people then go for it. They typically have a post count equal to their number of days and then they vanish. I, personally cant sugar coat addiction. People in AA don't do it either. Because if you sugar coat it you are basically giving someone a free pass. If someone is lurking around this site then chances are they have tried to quit on their own multiple times and failed. There is nothing wrong with trying to jumpstart someone posting up a day one by trying to get them to be HONEST about their addiction. So for anyone poking around the site that hasn't joined yet, please do so. There is a nicotine free life out there for you that you can earn. It is worth it. You will be supported, this I can promise.
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    LOLOLOL...that couldn't have been more perfect timing...just went to the bathroom after busting my ass all morning and I thought "holy hell, I need to ring out my boxers" LOLOL
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    Actually, yes. In 04 I was a lurker, I then joined the site and proudly posted that I was planning on quitting on some random date in the future. A gentleman veteran named Hoopity explained to me in no uncertain terms that I was a dumbass and that I need to pull my head out of my ass and the dip out of my mouth right then. I did so and that was the beginning of a 10 year quit. I'm back here now on day 11 because I drifted away from the site and lost the accountability. Reading is fine but accountability is key...some people need a little nudge to begin their journey. Not getting a single new member in a week isn't a glowing testament that all's fine. Having one person in a quit group (such as mine) isn't an indication that all's fine. Time to try something different.
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    It is all in the mind! Coping with nicotine withdrawal is easy; the battle in the mind is not! The truth about nicotine withdrawal is that it is very mild (read this if you wish to find out more) The reason he is feeling cranky is because he still believes that he is 'giving up' on something he thinks is 'enjoyable' and no one likes to deprive himself/herself of something they like. "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." - John Milton
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    Sorry guys, celebrated my 1 month with the mrs. and a close friend...when you get those two together, they get a little dirty.
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    January HOF - sign here: June 2019   bflem-1343- ndt  STS - 932: Always love to hear what is happening down on the farm. Glad to hear that dip is not involved. RWM- 835 what do you call a deer without any eyes? No I-Deer. Gibb-869- no tobacco use today.  Tiger - 2340 a What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? Eliphino!? PMFJ - 684 - Roger deserves a serious rim shot! bada bing, HEY! NMFD! 
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    January HOF - sign here: June 2019   bflem-1343- ndt  STS - RWM- 835 what do you call a deer without any eyes? No I-Deer. Gibb- Tiger -  PMFJ -  
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    06/19/19   FoodBuzz -536 (18)- Water Wednesday With a side of no dip RWM - 834 - pass the no dip. Bonanza - 528 - Give me a double. No dip for me today! PMFJ - 683 - The only dip I like has a lot of avocados in it! Hump Daaaaaaaaaaaaay Quit! NMFD! DWLT - 532 - Back from east coast business travel and kicking back in my easy chair. Yes, my drink does have some water in it as the ice melts. Still dip free though. BOOYAA!
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    I quite often see 6-8-10 Guests looking around the site at any given time. It's great that you all have found the site and are looking around. It's great that you are reading about the experiences of past quitters that have preceeded you. There's one problem though, you are not using the site to its fullest extent, you are not using the site in such a way that increases your chances for a successful quit. It's simple, register to the site...it's fast, simple and free. Once you're registered, quit dipping and find your group. If you're having troubles, just ask and you will be helped. Each day after your quit, come to your group and post a roll-call. If during your quit, you're having unmanageable cravings or some other struggle, come to your group and post about it, you'll be talked through it. The whole premise of the site is accountability and being a Guest doesn't give you that accountability. You have to register, post roll in your group and ask for help if/when you need it. You're here for a reason, you want to quit, you're thinking about quitting. You're a Guest for a reason too, you're afraid to commit to saving your life. You're afraid to possibly start something you might fail at. You know you need to quit but are afraid that you're not strong enough. We have ALL been there. There's a million excuses why not to get your ass in here but there's one reason to...you're killing yourself if you don't. Register now and lets get this quit started.
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    5502 - 18 times! That has to be some sort of record!
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    awesome work Eut! keep it up.
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    Well, I spend part of my work day in my office in front of a computer. I'll be able to use some of that time stirring up the shit around here. People naturally go to places where it's fun, where they can laugh and feel safe. As you know, quitting is hard and scary and stressful...coming to a place where you're surrounded by people going through the same things as you and are having some fun and laughs is bound to bring people out of the shadows. I'll do whatever I can to help...helping others helps me and adds a greater level of accountability to my quit.
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