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    Cpt Steve, If you don't already have the capacity to understand and appreciate at least a few dozen reasons why you want to be nicotine free, by all means my recommendation would be to continue taking the same selfish easy addiction filled route you've been on for 37 years. You know, the one that begs you to “party hard” so you can be someone imaginary your sober self can't. Continue enabling yourself and feeding your addiction. US Tobacco is counting on a few 10’s of millions or so Idiots like us to assist them in reaching adequate profit margins and return on equity. Only thing better is if they also sold coffins. A little cash coming in on both ends is just good business, but I digress. Your Blog suggests you are not actually ready to Quit as you have the out’s lined up already. No sense in enjoying the freedom of life without nicotine chains. You could just continue fighting and feeding hourly withdrawals as you have been doing until the nicotine has your BP and resting heart rate amped up enough to kill you while you sit enjoying a cup of coffee in a few years. (Already seen that happen and make no mistake, it will without question in time.) However, as long as you are not leaving anyone behind or not planning to assist in making any others lives better, who really cares what completely stupid decisions you elect to continue to do? You should wait, get sick and die as you suggest. And if you know anyone that gives a rat’s ass about you, they could publish your story and everyone could read it and maybe someone would flippin weep. You really want an honest friend? Us late '70 grads don't pull punches, so man up, post roll daily in your July 2013 Quit group and help yourself by helping others and put this addiction in its place which is out of your blood stream and tucked in a corner of your brain that you manage while enjoying a full Life without Nic chains. Your choice Captain Crutch, choose wisely. Regards TR
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    I was just thinking, different ways I try to rationalize and come up with excuses for having a dip. I could go to the store anytime and buy a can, I have been doing it for years and my teeth are still good. I have a beautiful wife. I don't have cancer. I know guys who have done it way longer than me who don't have cancer. Here in washington you can pay $6 to $9 per can but you can get cans on the reservation for just $2. Just one more can is not gonna kill me, or one more log, or one more week, month, year..... My grandfather died when I was 6 because he smoked tobacco. My parents did an excellent job teaching me about the dangers of smoking, I have never smoked. Then I think about my twin sons who are about to be born. You can be sure they will know the dangers and sorrows that smokeless tobacco can cause. It puts in perspective how the people who love me don't want me using and how hard I will work to teach my boys the dangers of tobacco and discourage them using.... so.... I guess its pretty important I quit for good
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    If you really want to be free you are going to need to get serious about quitting, stop making excuses for failure, and make a plan how to succeed. I know it's tough, I know it's hard, but you have to man up and accept the misery as punishment for 19 years of letting that crap rule your life. Make a plan how to Quit, how to beat down the craves, and how to stay Quit. Herbal chew, seeds, gum, tea bags, cotten swabs, push-ups, whatever it takes to keep your fingers from putting that stuff in your mouth. With-in the first week your body is free of nicotine. The next phase is to train your mind that you don't need it. At that point it is just a bad habit and all it takes is will power, resolve, and a plan to beat it down. Sitting around stewing about it or feeling sorry for yourself will not get it done. be proactive if you feel craves coming on stop what you are doing and do something different to jolt your mind out of that rut. then go back to your original task. Do that enough times and your mind and body will become accustomed to that and not the fix it was hoping for. This web site is full of great information about how to beat this addiction. Get in here, read the articles, read the HOF speeches, post up in the newest Quit group, and promise them and yourself not to use any nicotine for one day. What about tomorrow? Next week? next month? OMG I can't stay quit forever. You only have to stay Quit for one day, one hour, one minute. Beat down this crave right now and you'll be a little stronger each time. Use each experience to get you through the next one. Most importantly don't yell and take it out on your family. It's not their fault your in this fix. They can be your best support, but not if are an ass. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. Find what works for you. Get Quit and Stay Quit
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    Donation on the way. Thank you for what you do!
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    I have no doubt this site saved my life. Thanks Dave. (and Matt)
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    Donated 20 to ya. STS and the forum helped me quit again.
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    Donation has been sent. Thank you for giving us this forum to help quit the habit. Much appreciated.
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    I agree, no excuse for me not to think about donating more often to this life saving forum. Appreciate all you do and be sure to post requests for donations at least a couple times a year to remind me. Quit is Good.
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    Dave, QSSN has been an integral part in helping me quit. I feel the donation I just submitted does not begin to pay for the positive impact this site has brought to my life. Thanks for everything you and the staff have done over the years. Hopefully others will step up and donate what they can.
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    I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The balance has been donated.
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    I think it's been a while, and there's no excuse for that. Consider it rectified (which it will be after I hit send here).
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    Check written. Will drop in mail. ASAP
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    Jim and Chuck - my situation is similar to yours. I am currently one day quit. My wife hates my dip. I hide it from my family just like you. Noticed an ugly spot on my gums yesterday. Freaked me out. Two friends have cancer too. Perfect storm. I'm not real religious but I hope I can find the strength to see this through.
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    I am 41 years old and have been dipping since I was 17. Having quit and failed a million times I am fighting the fight once again. I have a beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children and am tired of the lies to my wife about my quits. I have disappointed her so many times over our 19 years of marriage in my promises to quit and lies that I have quit. I have been like a Ninja, keeping my addition in the dark to others. I talk to my kids about being honest...how can I continue to be a model for them when I myself lie to my own wife and the ones I love the most? Fears of cancer have been very strong over the last few years, my family needs me to do this. Today is day 1 for me for I cannot go on living this way. Chuck
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    Hi Jim! I decided to quit as well. This is day 34 for me after using smokeless tobacco for 25 years (1 can per 2 days). I had to make the quit decision for myself not for anyone else. I have failed in the past when quitting for someone else. Good job on the 5 Days!!! That is awesome! I will say that the first and second week were the hardest. I was on Nicotine Patch 21mg while using 4mg lozenges for 1 week. I really needed that to get me through. Then went to 14mg patch while using 4mg lozenges for 1 week. Then 7mg patch for just 2 days while on lozenges. Now I am taking 2mg lozenges about 4-5 times per day. This is what has worked for me. Plan is to slowly cut down on the 2mg lozenges... Still get urges to have a chew, but I have successfully stayed away from it. Another thing I did was use the quit line. I am in Colorado and use the Colorado Quit Line to get help from a Quit Coach. I think the quit line is a nationwide thing, but I could be wrong. They have even sent me Nicotine Lozenges free of charge. The day I quit (March 29, 2015) I went to walmart and bought the patches and lozenges ($86.00 worth) That was before I knew about the Quit Line. Good Luck to you!!! I know you can quit!
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    I'm new here too. I've been quit for a week now and I have to say it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I never thought I was so severely addicted. I thought I could quit any time I wanted. I just "wanted" to chew... Like yourself, all of my buddies dipped and it was just a normal part of life. Some buddies quit along the way and I never even gave it a thought... until my best friend from childhood gave me a call that changed everything. I hadn't talked to him in about 8 years and told me that he was given 30 days by his doctors. I was speechless. This was the guy that I had looked up to all of my life. My role model. My best frend. Needless to say my quit day was the day of that phone call just one week ago. I've kept in touch daily with my friend since that day. The doctors can't do much more than extend his time a little bit. He's opted not to accept treatment since it would just make him sicker for a longer period of time. His choice was to live his last days to the fullest. Why does it often take some really bad news for us to realize just how stupid we are? I even have family members that have gone in to the doctors scared to death that they might have cancer and went right back to their bad habits as soon as they got the lucky news that they were OK. Stay strong. I know it's hard. We may be here for different reasons, but we're all here with you hoping for the same end result.... to finally quit... to be free... ... to live....
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    Great entry. You help me every time you help yourself. Hang in there! I'm looking at you and know I can do it!
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    Thanks, just got the bottom teeth cleaned getting the top done next week. They tell me I can keep these choppers for life as I stay quit. I'm floored, I thought for sure I'd done permanent damage but I am extremely lucky and grateful! Best wishes to you as well!
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    Circumstances are what you make them man. Life ain't a bowl of cherries, chewing will NOT make it any better - you know that as well as I do. You have to quit for yourself, quitting for anyone else does not work. I don't have a lot of time quit from chew but I have 7 months clean from drugs and alcohol - the same principles apply. Life will always have "problems" but they will become manageable and they will no longer baffle us once we remove the ideas and things that stand in our way, chew being one of them. This website is awesome, I've never seen anything like it and it offers accountability and support which is key in any addiction recovery. I would suggest checking out a 12-step program of your choice in addition if you continue to have problems like you are describing in this post. Best of luck to you, to borrow a line from my 12-step program of choice "few have failed who have thoroughly followed our path"... you won't either.
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    You are doing this all for yourself..because you deserve it! You're a good man and I know it's gonna be rough for awhile but I'm gonna the first to tell you I support you in every way i can. I will also be the first to kick your ass if you cave...but you won't and believe me, you'll thank us someday We are in this together, one day at a time!
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    Camelhead and Colin are both correct. What is happening now is mind games being played on you. That part of your brain that used to receive the stimulant from nicotine is going absolutly crazy wanting some more. The rest of your body is beginning to heal from the daily poisoning you had been giving it. The Good news is that part of your brain is easily distracted. change up your routine, pump out twenty pushups, a quick 50 yard dash, angry sex with a "friend?", anything to get that part of your brain to shut the fuck up. Over time it gets easier and easier to quell the craves. The rest are just habits that need to be broken or altered. For oral fixations put something in your mouth that you don't like or can't stand... black licorice, peppermint, cyan pepper. Your on the right track!! Here is a quote that I found somewhere, I don't even remember where it came from..."The journey you are just beginning is going to be long, hard and you are not going to look pretty trying to finish it. And more than likely, it is going to hurt - alot." Damn good insight to this Quitting stuff!!
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    That's great Colin. Keep it up. I think that you and I stopped the same day. It is getting easier, but I realize how much of a crutch I had let it become. Rather than deal with something, I would throw in a dip and walk away. Can't do that now.....
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