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  1. Welcome to the site. Former 20+ year user myself; been off the stuff for nearly 15 years now. The only thing stopping you is, well, you. Hope to see you back on the 15th.
  2. TR speaks for himself; we're a perfectly sane an ordinary lot of addicts in denial here....
  3. Stop in and introduce yourself.
  4. As 2017 draws to an end, our eyes are cast forward to 2018 and the challenges it brings. As many of you know, the Quit Smokeless Organization is a tax exempt public charity, and, as such, we reply on donations from our members and partners to fund our existence. It is through your generosity that we can continue operate this site and make a difference in the lives of those we serve. That said, we continue to struggle financially as an organization. For the last few years, our expenses have far exceeded our income from donations. I've worked diligently to try and reduce our operating expenses and this year, I was able to reduce our expenses by 25%. However, year after year, our donations still fall short and I'm forced to make up the difference out of my own pocket. Expenses and Income For the first three quarters of 2017, our expenses have totaled $1411 and we expect another $120 in expenses by the end of the year. The graphic below details our expenses. The next graphic is a representation of our income to expense report. As you can see our Expenses exceed our Income by 42% Donations this year were 50% lower than last year. Much of this I attribute to the stability issues surrounding our website and the most recent software upgrade that left many of you scratching your heads. In an effort to keep this valuable resource up and running, I often open up my own wallet and cover the overages. This last graphic shows the breakdown of our donations. It shows what our members and partners have donated vs. my monetary contributions. What does this mean for you? Today, I wrote another check for $120 to cover our expenses for the remainder of the year but, without your help, we won't have the money to pay our expenses come January 2018. With some changes I've made, I've been able to reduce our expenses for next year by nearly 50% so we'll need roughly $800 to continue operating in 2018. That's not a lot but, we need $140 of that before the end of the year to make sure we can pay our bills in January. Help me keep this site operational another year by donating today. I'm not asking you to write a check for $100 or $200 but what about $20? If every member who logged in this week alone donated $20 today, that would be enough to keep us up and running for another year. Don't forget about your company match. Many companies out there today provide some level of matching donations for it's employees. If your employer does that, just contact me and I'll provide you our Tax Exempt ID (EIN) and a copy of our IRS Determination Letter. Or, they can look us up on the IRS website. How do you donate? There are two ways to donate to the Quit Smokeless Organization. Use PayPal - For those of you who want to use PayPal, we offer a convenient donation button on the website (http://www.quitsmokeless.org/donations.php). Just follow the link and click the button. Check - If you wish to pay by check, you can make it payable to the "Quit Smokeless Organization" and mail it to us at the following address P.O. Box 288, Rowlett Texas, 75030 And remember, your donations are tax deductible. If you manage your own company and need some tax deductions this year to lower your taxable income, please keep us in mind. Thank You, Dave Young (Flav), Quit Smokeless Organization
  5. Flavius Victor

    The Ride

    March 7, 2014 I had just gotten off the phone with a co-worker of mine. He and I had been trying to have lunch together for about a month but it seemed the stars just weren't lining up right; today was different. After agreeing on the spot, we hug up and I finished up on a few things before heading outside to get on the bike. The restaurant was about a 20 minute ride and Justin was working remote from his house about 30 minutes away so, I took my time as I got ready. Armored jacket, gloves, helmet. Admittedly, I don't always wear all my gear but in hindsight, I'm glad I did this time. It happened within a mile of the office. As I rode through the first intersection, I remember thinking how lite traffic was; this was going to be a nice leisurely ride. As i was leaving the first turn, I could see the car making its way through the parking lot. It slowed as it approached the street, as if it were stopping, but it didn't. I remember hitting my breaks and thinking that I needed to lay my motorcycle down and get away from it, then everything went black. When I came to, I was on my back, on the street next to the car. I wasn't feeling a lot of pain but I could tell something was wrong. I remember asking someone to call an ambulance and I remember telling someone to get my phone out of my back pocket and call my wife, I must have been going in and out of consciousness because I only remember bits and pieces. Paramedic asking me where I hurt. "Obvious left humerus fracture" one of them said as another was cutting my jacket off. Now we are in the ambulance; I can hear muffled voices but its dark and I cant see what's going on but, I feel hand down my left side and then the pain as he presses on my rib cage and asks me if it hurts. I remember telling him yes and then telling him i was having a hard time breathing. Suddenly, we're in the ER at the hospital. After a CT scan, they wheel me back to the ER where my wife is waiting. We were able to talk briefly before they said I needed to go into surgery and then it all went black again. Seven days later, they woke me up from my long, drug induced sleep. Damage Assessment: Ruptured Spleen - lost six pints of blood Collapsed Lung Five Broken Ribs Broken Left Humerus Broken Left Thumb Oh, and the motorcycle. My 2012 Harley-Davidson FLSTFBL (Fat Boy-Lo) is still at the repair shop. Not a total loss but repairable; like me I guess.
  6. You know, it sucks. Plain and simple. For 28 years I fed my demon, knowing that any day, she would require of me my life; my family; my future. You know what it takes to stay clean and free my friend and I commend you for that. Keep the faith; stay strong and never forget what you are fighting for. Flav/Dave
  7. All excellent points Phil. Quitting takes strength and commitment while continuing to dip or chew is the easy way out. We were all like your friend not too long ago; knowing we needed to quit but afraid to try it. Good job and keep up the quit.
  8. Your wording there is important, IMO. You didn't quit for your mother -- you quit because you wanted to be able to help her. You have a much better chance of staying quit if you're doing it for yourself. That's not selfish, it's just reality. Because if you quit for someone else, the first time that person makes you mad or disappoints you, etc., well, you'll show them. You mentioned turning to this sight for support. Scroll down a little and read the wisdom of someone who realizes that putting nicotine into your body won't solve any problems (but will create new ones). Dipping won't help your mother. It won't boost your income, it won't freshen your breath, it won't do a damn thing except get you hooked again. The accountability available on this site got me over the hump after many failed quits. Use it. Live here, if that's what it takes. And above all, please, please believe me when I tell you that life without tobacco is far better than life as a practicing addict. Quitting is hard. And it's worth every bit of pain. Listen to SportsDad, he's on of the guys that helped me get through those first few rough weeks. I owe my life to him and those that came before me. Quitting is a personal thing; There's not right or wrong way about it. Just keep doing it until it sticks.
  9. Thank you to everyone who donated this quarter. We have now received enough donations to keep us open until June 2012.

  10. I can't believe it's already 2012. Happy quitting to you.
  11. I'm ok with you being a cop (I'm retired PD as well) but being from K*@!s is unforgivable. We don't mention that here.
  12. Every man, whether religious or not, has it, within himself, the ability to quit. Whether you draw your strength from God or from within, you can do this and you can make it permanent. I believe that God wants us to be in control of our lives and that he wants us to take responsibility for the outcome. Be strong and be committed. You have but one possible outcome; and that is to be quit! choose you this day whom you will follow.
  13. It's all up to you Chip. You're the addict, not your wife. You have to decide if you are willing to sacrifice and fight for this.You are responsible, not her. It's all up to you.
  14. 2500 days today.

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      Congrats Flav! and Thankyou for leading the way!

  15. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.
  16. So, you decided to quit because you don't have enough $$$ in your pocket to buy more? Fellas, is it just me or does this sound destined to fail. Do yourself a favor dude, Find a REAL reason to quit. When you do that, come back and quit for REAL!
  17. Mike, congratulations and welcome to the site. The more we interact with each other here the more we realize that we're all the same. I too started when I was 12, by the time I turned 40, I was killing two cans a day. What a pathetic fool I was. In December, I'll celebrate 7 years of being off that crap. I don't say that to boast but rather, to let you know that it is possible. Many of us have half-heatedly tried to quit on more than one occasion; always citing tomorrow as the day, or, after this last dip or, after my fishing trip this weekend. We can always come up with excuses but it's not until we finally decide that enough is enough; that we've lived as a slave for too long, that we can have any hopes of freedom. Welcome to the site and we look forward to seeing you posting those days quit in your group.
  18. Nice job Fletch. Way to deal with those craves. I couldn't help but think when you talked about the days dragging, that, you should still take those breaks. Instead of using the dip/chew, go for a short walk around the building or something. That should help break the monotony of the day and, as a bonus, you get a little healthier in the process. Keep up the good work and we look forward to your 30 day report.
  19. Timbo, depression is a common withdrawl system for stimulants, such as nicotine, so, no surprises there. Other withdrawl symptoms include irritability, fatigue, and wierd dreams. Just all part of the body's way of dealing with not getting it's drug of choice. Hang in there and keep quitting one day at a time.
  20. And we're damn proud to have you here. There are lots of folks here who have tried more than once. Just keep coming back and keep working the plan. You'll get there.
  21. Excellent choice my friend. There are two types of addiction we have to deal with when getting off any psychoactive drug (yes, nicotine is a psychoactive drug). There's the physiological dependency, where the body needs the substance in order to function; and then there's the psychological dependency, where WE think we need the substance in order to get through the day. There's no getting around it, it's gonna be tough. As a general rule, it takes 48 hours for the body to overcome the physiological dependency. After that point, it's literally, all in your head. You are now dealing with the psychological aspect of addiction and that's where the support here comes into play. Start interacting with folks in your quit group and draw on the support of family and friends. Together, we'll all help you through this.
  22. Sorry to hear about the relapse but glad you are back here giving it another go.

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      I'm proud of my son, but that's one of those messages that floats around facebook without validity.


  24. Welcome to the site brother. We're all in the same boat. Keep coming back and seeking support.
  25. Clay Lacey - thinking of you buddy.

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