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  1. 1. I have had that happen before - fuck'em they aint your friend my man 2. - Re Register and try to log in again - new layout
  2. 08/21/19 SC - QLAMF RWM  - 89x PMFJ - 746 - Somebody cut me off at the knees yesterday. NMFD on Hump day! Yo SC! I can't login at livingdipfree. The home page has changed and for some reason, it forgot who I am. STS - 99x
  3. 08/20/19 SC - First day of kindergarten yesterday - very cool RWM  - PMFJ - STS -
  4. Day 1 of the house search. I have 17 houses on the list, may not actually see them all. It's possible the first house will do it, and everything else can go suck eggs. SC - 551 - thats cool Matt - very exciting stuff
  5. 08/15/19 SC - Making headway without dip RWM  - PMFJ - STS -
  6. If you quit between 7/25/2019 - 08/23/2019 this is your quit group. To join this group all you have to do is quit dipping and post Roll Call How to post roll call. (updated!) Get the Contract to Give Up Print it out and carry it in your wallet Click Here for a room to exchange phone numbers. Accountability is key August 15, 2019 Quitters- NewEnd78 - Day 19 - Busy and stressful time at work. The nic bitch is trying to persuade me into using again. Good that I know now that nicotine doesn’t make the day any better or the stress go away. This is why I won‘t use any nicotine today! Palmer, Day 11 NDT. Supporters- Gibb13-925- well said NewEnd. She's a crafty one and we always have to be on the defensive. Nice work. Nick- 294- great attitude NewEnd. Dip never solves any problems, it can only create more problems. RWM -891- Quitting is about having the will power to continuously say no to our cravings. This process here gives us different tools to use. The bigger the toolbox and the more skill you gain along the way will help you succeed during the darkest of days. STS - 988: When the nic bitch starts to whisper, I find that giving her a good throat punch helps to shut her ass up for a while. SC - keep it up boys - totally worth it when you get through the first rough patches
  7.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/15/2019 Muddler - Matt - SC - When its the end of the world its gonna get a lot hotter, a hell of a lot hotter.
  8. 08/14/19 SC - 546 - No dip for me today - not a fucking chance. Kindergarten orientation tonight #milestones RWM  - PMFJ - STS -
  9.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/13/2019 Muddler - Matt - It sure was obvious on the roads today that it's the first day of school SC - Brutal ass heat wave right now - heat index of 107 yesterday - 2 more weeks and we should catch a break. My AC thinks it is a red headed step child
  10. 08/13/19 SC - Quit like a MF and focused - you boys have a great day kickin ass RWM  - PMFJ - 73 STS - 98
  11. 08/12/19 SC - Set em up, knock em down RWM  - PMFJ - STS -
  12. No Booze Crew     ...where 1 is too many and 1000 isn't enough.  08/12/19 FoodBuzz - Dillhole - 7+yrs. You must stay busy. When I quit I was 208 Lbs. Within the first 2 months I went down to 176lbs. Went as light as 165lbs. Now settled at 178lbs the past few years. You can eat sweets, but stay active. Don't just sit around and eat because you lost a buddy. Life is much much better sober!. Stay with it!!!! steve50 - SplinterCell - none today RWM 2729 - PMFJ -
  13. The Dump   Aug 11, 2019 Turd Pitchers:  Capt Kirk……….Day 82(via text)    Turd Catchers: Tiger - 2392 - Capt said Mrs Capt won’t allow any worm dirt in his lip today. So, he’s obeying orders and staying quit. RWM 887 - Quitting with Capt Kirk. SC - none for me
  14. Sunday August 11, 2019         New Quitters sign here: Unchained - 69 - not dipping today!  Supporters: Gibb13-921- joining your quit RWM 887 - I'm in with no dipping. SC - not dipping with Unchained
  15. took me 7 years to wise up and get back on track when I fell off - good job wising up, lets post up day 5 and get going today
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