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  1. Friday,  Aug 23, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 244 - Keeping far away from any nicotine on this beautiful Friday.  Supporters:
  2. Thursday,  Aug 22, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 243 - Staying quit with you all today.  Supporters:
  3. Aug 21 Nick- 300- Before we kick off this third floor party I have bad news. Yesterday I texted my quit brother, Bam. As he was a day ahead of me I wanted to congratulate him, but he admitted to going back to his old ways back in June. He knows he needs to quit and get back on here and will. He has some boys weekend planned for Labor Day weekend and says he'll be back that Monday. He knows the NB is lying that he needs to wait but he's buying into that lie. He's a grown man, he knows what he needs to do. When he returns I'll be there to greet and support him, but in the mean time I will not be feeding my addiction today. I will be enjoying this third floor party. STS - 994: Huge congrats to you Nick. You are a badass quitter and a hell of a supporter as well. Sorry to hear about Bam, but it's good to know that he knows he's gonna have to bite the bullet and get off that poison shit again real soon. Enjoy the first day on the third floor and looking forward to your one-year anniversary coming up next. ODAAT of course. 6String - 242 - Congratulations on 300! Quit with you all day long.
  4. Wednesday,  Aug 21, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 242 - Keeping it dip free on hump day.  Supporters:
  5. Tuesday,  Aug 20, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 241 - None for me today, thanks.  Supporters:
  6. Monday,  Aug 19, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 240 - Starting the week nicotine free.  Supporters:
  7. Friday,  Aug 16, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 237 - No nicotine in any form for me on this Friday. Have an amazing weekend, guys.  Supporters:
  8. Thursday,  Aug 15, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 236 - Staying quit with all of you today.  Supporters:
  9. It seems like something punny is going on around here, but I can't put my finger on it.
  10. Thursday,  Aug 14, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 235 - What has 2 thumbs and doesn't use nicotine on hump day? This guy!  Supporters:
  11. Tuesday,  Aug 13, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 234 - No nicotine for me, thanks.  Supporters: 
  12. Monday,  Aug 12, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 233 - I'll stay quit today.  Supporters: 
  13. Friday,  Aug 09, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 230 - Keeping my quit on a Friday. Have a great weekend, folks.  Supporters: 
  14. Thursday,  Aug 08, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 229 - I'll stay quit again today.  Supporters: 
  15. Wednesday,  Aug 07, 2019  Quitter:  6string - 228 - Dodging the nic on another huuuuump daaaaaay.  Supporters: 
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