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  1. 6string


    That's the addiction talking. Life without nicotine sucks at first, but it gets better. And all the things that are fun with nicotine are fun without it. The addiction wants to stay in control and is trying to create the illusion that it brings all the fun to the table. It's BS, it's only along for the ride, and then only if you let it be.
  2. 6string


    Welcome to your quit. The cigar debate was very much a part of my quit too. I wanted to share with you a post from my new quit group that I posted when I first came back. I say new quit group because I use to be a part of the LTQ back in '07, but threw away a quit of over 780 days. The crux of my fail was a cigar. Here's the story... I'm back after a long hiatus. I was originally a member of the LTQ. The last time I posted an actual number of days quit to roll call was on 11/17/08 with 780 days under my belt. I continued to post for another 5 days so I'm guessing I made it to 785 days quit before throwing it away. Two of the last 3 posts I made to the site are very telling. I was craving tobacco/nicotine, and thought that I could smoke a cigar without getting caught back up in the addiction. There were obviously doubts, but I distinctly remember the day I walked into the cigar store and bought a cigar and smoked it in one of the oversized leather chairs. When I left I bought a few more to take home. The rest is history. I smoked more cigars, then was right back on the dip so I could continue to feed my addiction while at work. I spent the next 10 years feeding my nicotine addiction, doing more damage to my body, being enslaved to the drug, and wasting over $15,000 more on my addiction. Please trust me when I say that cigars, at least for me, lead right back to the addiction in full force. No amount of nicotine is ever enough once it's in the system. I've copied and pasted below the 2 posts that I referenced earlier. Posted November 20, 2008 I've been craving cigars as of late. I think it's a combination of the cooler weather, approaching holidays, and the fact that I finish my program in just a couple of weeks. I was picking up some Bourbon at the local package store today and ended up with my nose in the walk in humidor filling my nostrils with the humid smell of aged tobacco leaves and quickly realized that was a stupid move. If I ever fall, it will be a premium hand rolled cigar that takes me down. Posted November 21, 2008 I've encountered the same thing. I went into chat last night looking for a bit of support, something I haven't had to do in well over a year, and when I brought up my issue, I was met with "cigars are no big deal", and a confession that they smoke them. I had to bail out of there as I was on the brink of heading back to the ABC Store's humidor. It still sounds appealing this morning, but the feeling is not as strong as it was yesterday.
  3. You joined when you posted roll in the Jan 08 group. That's it...you're in.
  4. Now look into the amount of free nicotine in the various brands...that's the amount that can be readily absorbed into the blood stream. It changes the order a bit. Copenhagen and Kodiak make a leap to the top.
  5. Breen77... It's a worthwhile thing that you're doing. I watched my grandfather slowly die of ALS...it's a horrible disease. Enjoy HI, I miss that place.
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