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  1. The Old Timers 2019 Rolling Roll Call Frosty - 5175 (8/14/19) Matt - 4704 (08/21/19) Bubba - 5777 (8/21/19)  J5K 5618 (8/2/19) Subby - 5637 (8/6/19) Buff - Day 5,556 (7/29/19) Flav - 5364 (8/13/19) Johned - 5206 (4/6/19) Steve - 5205 (03/19/19) mahum 5131 (05/16/19) Capt Kirk 18 (06/7/19) Nick- 217 (05/30/2019) Any of the BAMFOO group in here, OCT 04 BadRonald - (08/12/2019) Day 5479. 15 years! Thanks quitters!
  2. Stupid Signs Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Aug 21 Matt - MMMMDCCIV - I have to remind myself what day of the week it is.
  3.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/21/2019 Muddler - Matt - Day 3 of the house search. Some good options yesterday too. SC -
  4. Stupid Signs Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Aug 20 STB - MMMMCDIX - Interview has been pushed back to next week, same time same place due to some conflict in scheduling with the admin. No problem, more time to prep. Muddler - MMMMCCCLXXVII - Study hard. Especially for the pee test. I hate it when I flunk that. Slow checking in today. Network issues. All better now. Matt - MMMMDCCIII - Day 2 of the house search. We breezed through the National Monument today. It's as breathtaking as I remember.
  5.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/20/2019 Muddler - Matt - Bought a mouse for my laptop, so copy and paste, yeah! SC - 551 - thats cool Matt - very exciting stuff
  6. Day MMMMDCCII here. We look at the first house at 2PM. It's been my first choice since I started this. We saw it live yesterday for the first time. I'm not saying we won't look at other houses, but it might be nothing else on our list is going to compare.
  7. Day 1 of the house search. I have 17 houses on the list, may not actually see them all. It's possible the first house will do it, and everything else can go suck eggs.
  8. I'm posting from Grand Junction. Start looking at houses tomorrow.
  9. Post roll - I can't figure out how to copy and paste with this laptop... I'm in Grand Junction.
  10. Mudd, thanks for the heads up. I'll be paying attention to that, regarding the sun field, when I'm deciding on a house.
  11. Summer Time and the Living is Easy! Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Aug 16 Freedom is not free STB - MMMMCDVIII - Here the trash is contracted by the town, so far they have been great, it's included in my property tax. Your trash story sounds like the UPS, Fedex, USPS scam. One day I was expecting a registered letter ( dealing with my parents estate ) which required a signature and that lazy fat sob left a notice in my mail box saying she attempted delivery. BS I was home all day and my camera showed she never got out of her car. So I had to go down to the post office to show ID and sign for it. I was pissed Matt - MMMMDCXCIX - Been there, done that. Delivery service strikes me as awfully primitive, and given how people have changed with online services, they're still operating with 20th century processes. Except some Amazon deliveries come in their own trucks, and those things zip in and out like packages are burning holes in their trucks. They'll leave it and be gone before you even hear the engine roar.
  12.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/16/2019 Muddler - Matt - Last day of work. SC -
  13. Colorado National Monument Truly one of the most stunning places on Earth.
  14. Summer Time and the Living is Easy! Roman Numeral Converter Quit Day Counter SUN MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT Aug 15 Freedom is not free STB - MMMMCDVII - Views of the mountains are awesome. Good luck. At the beach, if you can see the ocean add 200 K to the price of the house, if you are ocean front add 500 K to 1 mil. I have neither, but I can hear the surf, that should be worth something. Matt - MMMMDCXCVIII - I recall when out in San Diego, on the island across from the city, these shabby little houses were being listed at prices up toward a cool million. And no, you can't see the water from them. You're close to it, but can't see it. In Grand Junction, the exception is not having a view. There was a house that's off the market now, I loved it, but it would have been impractical, and it was overpriced... but it was on my list. Because it sorta looked down from a hill toward the west, which is where the Colorado National Monument sits.
  15.  Seize her, Augustus! 08/15/2019 Muddler - Matt - And somehow I expect at the end of the world, preferred pronouns will not be a thing people argue over. SC - When its the end of the world its gonna get a lot hotter, a hell of a lot hotter.
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