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  1. I'll tell you what, get her a screen name, invite her in here to chat and your group, let her get to know your fellow quitters and once she gets more of an understanding I'm sure she would appreciate it more. Maybe it is an addiction, but it's a pretty damn good addiction. Would she rather have you type a few words here every day or would she rather have you stuff a nasty smelly cancer causing substance in your lip?
  2. Hey Arthur, good to see you here? How long have you been quit?? I recommend that you browse these boards and when you are ready find your quit group and introduce yourself to your fellow quitters. You will find alot of help and support here and also receive help and support from these fellows (and gals). Good luck to you and if you have any questions feel free to post those here, or you can drop me a private message or go to chat and someone there should be able to help you. Congratulations on your quit Mike
  3. Jason, I'm glad that you posted here. You are here. You are on the right track. This web site works. I'm living proof of that. I had the same thought, same anxieties as you 164 days ago. Congratulations on getting through Day 1. Tomorrow is Day 2. Your job is to stay focused on getting thru day 2 now. You have the plan. Seeds, fake chew, gum, dog crap, and LOTS of water. Water is the main thing that got me through that first week. I drunk ungodly amounts of that. You stated that you have been unsuccessful in other attempts at quitting. Remember that failure is in the past. Dont focus on that anymore focus on quitting today and then focus on tomorrow tomorrow. That is how this works. One quit day at a time. You will belong to the June 2007 group. Go there, introduce yourself, you'll learn how to post roll. This is a daily promise that you will make to your peers that you will stay quit for that day. I advise that you do this first thing every morning right after you wake up. Read past posts in your groups. Get to know your fellow June quitters, you will form relationships with these guys that you never would have thought possible. These guys will help you stay quit. You will help them stay quit. Most of the quitters here will recommend that you quit cold turkey. Others will recommend NRT's or something similar. It's whatever works for you. Just don't put any of that shit in your mouth ever again. Okay? Ever again. I am going to send you a private message and I'm going to include my email address and phone number in there. If you ever have any questions or need someone to talk to feel free to contact me any time. Mike
  4. Not really sure how this part of the program works. When it comes to computers and how websites work- I am a littel slow. As some of you know, I have been a little down and out from the flu and a recent trip to Japan has not helped. I have been sitting and resting since Thursday, when I returned from Japan. I would have to say that this week has been a rough one- I came down with the flu an hour and half into my flight to Kansai Airport- If you do the math, that left 8 hours of puking and having the runs on an international flight with no way of turning the bus around cause you don't feel good. Once I got to Japan, I walked directly accross the street to the Hotel Nikko, checked in, and cried to myself about my situation and condition. I cried cause I wanted to be home and I felt like shit. I was talking to my five year old son (who gave me the flu from last week) and he was so sad and apologetic for giving me for the flu. That made me feel worse as I tried to explain to him that HE did not give me the flu. I guess a couple of things to get to the point. I found solice in talking to my family when I was stuck over there for 2.5 days. I also found confort in gettting online chatting with you guys here at Quitsmokeless. TACMAN, 7Iron and Dude stayed on line pretty late chatting with me. TACMAN stayed online till about 3am his time. I just sat and chatted with you people for hours and it made the time go by much faster and gave me a little comfort when I needed it most. A tin did not give me that comfort- However, 75 days ago, I would have told you the only thing that got me through that experience was my can of cope. I chewed for 20+ years and never really got it till I came here. While I am on a roll. I was watching a fishing/hunting show this morning on Outdoor Channel. The guy was an ex ball player. He had a ranch that he owned in Oregon- 10,000 acres or so. Point is, he was fishing this little stream on his property. I just thought to myself, man, this guy has got it all. Carved out a real peice of heavan for himself. Then I saw the tin in his back pocket. First impulse was to salvate and say, "Hey, I used to chew and fish all the time- I bet he only does when he fishes or hunts". Then, this site came into play on the rational side of my brain- the shit is going to take his lip and maybe still my lip. I got mad that I even had the thought to cave or even to have the crave. I am not going to cave. I come in here every day and sign my life that I will not. Well, first time for doing this. Sorry if I rambled or did not post the appropriate material. Have a good day my friends, Jimjenkins1 That was a good post Jim. Sometimes it really does help to just get those things of your chest and that is what this forum is for. I like your attitude Jim , stay strong brother.
  5. good post Seven. Congratulations on 350. That's awesome
  6. Recently, when I was in the chat room, someone asked me when I was going to write my Hall of Fame speech. I thought that was funny. I replied by saying, "are you kidding? I almost caved yesterday. I have no business writing a hall of fame speech!" I thought about that for a while and then changed my mind. This would be a good time to write my HOF speech because the key word here is "almost". I almost caved and the only reason I didn't was because of this site and more importantly, the people who make up this site. If there is anything that I have learned during my quit, is that I always need to be aware that I am going to have craves and to always be prepared to deal with them. This is also advice I had given to many new quitters, but it was advice I failed to listen to on this night in particular. It was a normal night at work. Not a stressful night, just a normal night which is what was weird to me. I had a few craves earlier in my shift but nothing bad, but by the time I got off work I had convinced myself that I needed a dip and I was going to the store to buy a can. On the way there I thought about this site and my quit brothers and the disappointment they would have in me and the disappointment I would have in myself. I remembered SplinterCell telling me that seeing my name on the roll call has kept him from caving. How could I let him down? How could I let myself down? So, I didn't cave. I bought a can of SMC and immediately went home and to the chat room where 7 Iron and the dude were there to remind me how stupid I was. Accountability is what makes this site work and without this site I know I would be dipping today. During our quits we all have moments of weakness. Some of us will have more than others of course. This whole thing is a constant learning process and it does get better as time goes on. We just have to be aware that we will have moments of weakness and we have to be prepared to deal with them. And then we CONQUER them. This is something that 7 Iron posted for me the day after my "near cave" Another thing Mikey, I know you may feel a bit discouraged ... perhaps a lot. Don't be dismayed my friend. It really doesn't matter in the end whether today was a good day or a bad day, whether you went along with the quit willingly or kicking and screaming. The point is that you stayed quit. And that my friend is cause for celebration! Yes it is! Every single minute without a dip in my mouth is a victory and some of these victories may not be pretty but it's like Ozzie Guillen said, "Hey, it might have been ugly but it still goes in the win column" So now I am a "Hall of Famer". Sometimes that doesn't sound right. I fell like a lifetime .220 hitter that somehow ended up in Cooperstown. What the hell am I doing here? I suck! But you know what? I don't suck. I belong here. I fought for every damned victory I could get on the way here and I am still dip free, tobacco free and nicotine free. Around 60 or 70 days into our quit someone asked our group questions about closing the door and about when I thought my craves would go away. I responded by saying that I am sure that I will have craves up until the day I die and even a few days after. That is true I am sure. But those craves don't matter. It is how I deal with them. How I stay aware of them and how I prepare myself to deal with them. That is how I will score those victories every single day. Those first 100 days were tough. Stress at work, several eight hours drives, the stress of the holidays, a change in jobs and, on Day 20 I lost my grandma. My last conversation with her I told her I was trying to quit. She told me she was proud of me and that she loved me. I sure do miss her. I dedicate this quit to April and Alexander. You two are the reason I want to live on this earth longer. Thank you for your support and inspiration. I love you more than you will ever know. Thanks to the founders of quitsmokeless.org and those who keep it going. Without this site I could have never accomplished what I did. Thank you to all the quitters who have come before me, and offered advice, guidance and wisdom. Thanks Chewie, 7 Iron, Quitting Time, Rodeo Timer, GMS,ODT,Loot and FranPro and everyone else for helping to keep me focused and to stay dipfree. Thanks to the January 2007 LTQers. I couldn't have picked a better group of guys to quit with. All you guys are awesome. Thanks to Splinter for being my best buddy on this site and for listening to all my crap. You'll never know how much you helped me. Thanks to GUnit for getting me throught that first week. I know you are no longer with our group and I have seen you post up in other groups. I just wanted to let you know how much your really helped me that first week and if you ever read this I want you to know that I am looking forward to celebrating the day that you make the Hall of Fame. Also thanks to Sir DIpnomore and NavinRJohnson and the other squatters from 1-2. Thanks to Bill, The dude, JayJayCee, Hank and all the others who have just made the Hall of Fame or are about to. Thanks for the chats and conversations. Like I said, this is all about accountability and you all have kept me dip free, tobacco free and nicotine free. Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post here and is my second day to be tobacco free. Those withdrawal symptoms are really kicking in right now, so i've been trying to keep my mind occupied and found this site. I agree with arbcubed. The weekend is a good time to quit. I'm a govt employee so I also have Monday off. So hopefully i can get thru the worst of the withdrawals before i have to go back to work. I'm already grouchy enough at work without having withdrawals haha. Anyway, thanks for all the help. I'll be checking back on this board this weekend. Any encouragement will sure be helpful. Thanks alot. Mike
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