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  1. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but Guests on the forum include automated bots that search websites for keywords. Those include bots for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This forum's software cannot distinguish from a human lurker and a bot.
  2. I quit in 2006 when I decided to quit and I'm on day 4,660 because I would rather be free than a slave to nicotine, even if someone could give me an ironclad guarantee that I'd never have any health-related problems from dip and that I could have a lifetime supply of dip and to always be free to put a fat one in my mouth any time I wanted one. I also know that it would only take one dip to put me back into that trap. If someone doesn't want to quit, no amount of badgering or pleading will keep them quit. I have to want to quit in order to remain free, not for someone else or to live up to their expectations. Accountability to a group helps enormously, but in the final analysis, I have to want freedom more than just one more dip. Euty ~ day 4,660, nearly 14 years, nicotine-free
  3. Let me guess, people badgering you made you throw away every can of dip you owned and immediately quit. I guess I'm weird, I had to reach the point I truly wanted to be free from the slavery of dip and be willing to do whatever it took to get there before I threw away dip and embraced the suck. Maybe others like to be talked to like children by a sarcastic old man. To those like me, I invite the lurkers to look around and read as much as you can from those who broke the bonds of the nicotine-slave master. Euty ~ day 4,657, nearly 14 years, nicotine-free
  4. It always saddens me to see a delayed promise to quick without a follow-up day 1 post or other confirmation that the long journey back to freedom has begun. Euty ~ day 4,555 nicotine-Free following a 30 -year surrender to the Nicotine Slave Master.
  5. Eutychus

    HEY, Y'all!

    Good to see you again, SerenityMan! Twelve Years here and still posting, hopefully as an encouragement to newbies on the Freedom Train.
  6. Eutychus


    Read a lot, Post a lot. Avoid places where you used to buy nicotine delivery devices. Find safe substitutes to help with craves including, but not limited to toothpicks, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, Altoids, sugar free gum.
  7. KA, it's great to see you post again and still quit. We both know that caving never solves anything, it just feeds the nicotine slave-master. Euty, day 4,408 nicotine-FREE!
  8. I'm nicotine-FREE Twelve Years today. I only continue to post to encourage others and to remind myself that I once could not make it through a day without constantly - or as often as possible - having dip in my mouth. Since taking the plunge, I've encountered many, many issues and problems such as are common to humans, but not a single one would have been better with a dip in my mouth. Nicotine does not make anything better, it only feeds the addiction and keeps you enslaved. If you are on the fence, be assured that you can face and enjoy life without nicotine - and also eliminate the worry about its consequences. One hour, one crave, one day at a time with a commitment to do anything necessary to stay nicotine-free will pay off with huge dividends. Plus, you have strong support from this band of brothers & sisters. ~Euty, day 4,384 nicotine free.
  9. Nicotine itself should clear from your system by 5 days. However, withdrawal includes the mental aspect, where our minds have come to associate a number of places and activities with dipping. So you will continue to experience craves, but they will decrease over time. When I found this forum, I was at day 44 of being nicotine free and was wondering the same as you. You can kick the nicotine slave master on hour, one crave, one day at a time. Just determine that you will do whatever it takes to keep the victory that you have achieved so far. Remember that it took a period of time to become strongly addicted, so to will take a period of time to regain your freedom from its pull. Numerous of us can assure you that you can regain your freedom from nicotine. Your desire to be free is key, as well as the accountability of posting daily with your quit group. ~Euty, day 4,373 nicotine free.
  10. Eutychus

    2067 Days

    What you say is very important. Even though I've been free for almost 12 years, I must never deny that I am an addict. I will always be only one dip away from falling in to the dark abyss again. Stay free, my friend.
  11. Eutychus

    2067 Days

    4,369 days as of today. Until I quit in 2006 at age 54 and after more than 30 years of constant & active addiction, I had been a slave to nicotine so long that I had almost accepted I would die a slave to dip. But I'm still free. One hour, one crave, & one day at a time, I took back control of my life. It was very hard at times, especially the first 5 days, but I determined that I would do whatever it took and endure whatever it took to be free again. It was worth every bit of it.
  12. 12 years ago I went tobacco-free. While I used nicotine gum for another 3 months, this is still an important milestone for me, especially since I was nicotine-free for 44 days before finding this forum.
  13. Work pressure is just an excuse. Every man & woman on this forum faced pressures when quitting. There is not a perfect or even a good time to quit. When you make up your mind to quit no matter what it costs you, then you will quit = just like every woman and man on this forum that have quit has done. Euty ~ day 4,255 nicotine-FREE.
  14. I finally realized that chewing only feeds the nicotine slave-master, nothing else. There's only false joy in being a slave. Euty ~ 4,244 days nicotine FREE!
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