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  1. I caved after about five years. Dipped for a couple a years after I caved. Now, throwing away the can again. Can’t ever dip once or back to a can a day. Trust me on this.
  2. I have not been around for a while, but it is time to check in. 1047 days quit!!
  3. Yes, I got it, so bad that I had a sore throat that made it hard to swallow for years on end. I went to the doc and he gave me antibiotic to clear up the infection and told me to take zyrtec daily, which helps with the acid. All those things worked well, now that I have not dipped in over 2 years I do not get acid reflux much. Maybe once a year, then I use acid reducers to manage. Good luck! My acid reflux went pretty much away. I was on prescription medication to control it and now I am not. I get heartburn when you would expect, greasy burger, french fries and a few beers. Tums takes care of that! I am glad to no longer need the prescriptions!!!
  4. Keeping real, real dip free!

  5. My advice is to quit right now. During nomal life. Not on a "special" date, not because the wife is bitching at you. Now. Normal everyday life hides those triggers for chewing. You have to defeat those one day at a time. You can do anything for five minutes. Thats how long a crave is generally. Just dont dip for the next five and you will be ok. Dont worry about the five minutes or the even the next day. Just these five minutes.
  6. Totally agree with Phil. Help others quit. It keeps you on the strait and narrow. There is no "Just one" ever!!! Remember that.
  7. I totally had dreams like that the first couple of months of quitting. Use them for strength.
  8. Read that post. Great stuff to keep up the quit in there. Basically that is how I started, free snuff at shows when I was fourteen.
  9. Past a year without chew. Never thought I could do it but here I am!

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      Von, Proud of you.....keep it going!!!

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      chuck m

      nice job VON Nanega



    4. Donnie
  10. Working, making a living. Staying dip free.

  11. Von Nanega-302- Too much overtime. Not spending a dime of it on chew!

  12. I was browsing around and found an older post from a fellow quitter. It is as follows, We are all One Dip Away, From A Can A Day! Get that posion out of your system! Not even one. Get that posion out, one day at a time! Don't worry about how you will do this, or how you manage that- what you do is quit and manage that quit, one day at a time. Life will not leave you behind,in fact you will really start to experience life. The SUCK is temporary! KickThatCan I think we all should keep that in mind always. New quitters, remember how you got hooked, and stay quit. We are all addicts for ever. ODA FACAD is a simple truth. Thanks to kickthatcan for putting it out there.
  13. 300 days!!! I feel great!! Better than 100!

  14. Three Hundred DAYS Quit!!! 300 I feel better than at 100. I AM SPARTA
  15. You did it before, do it again. 'Nuff said.
  16. Staying quit and enjoying conversations with other quitters!

  17. Staying quit and enjoying conversations with other quitters!

  18. Remodeling the bathroom on this past long weekend. Realized a day into it that I was not worried about knocking over a can of spit all day. Just could cruise right on through tile setting and painting no problem! 297 days quit ang I aint going back!
  19. It will work with embracing the suck of withdrawels and posting up on this site. We will support you. Quitting is easy, I've done it thousands of times. It's staying quit thats killing me at the moment. Am I stronger than this stuff.. Yes you are. Just have to not cave. You have in the past not dipped because it was innapropriate, or out whatnot. Craves I say last about five minutes. You can do anything for five minutes. Even not cave.
  20. It will work with embracing the suck of withdrawels and posting up on this site. We will support you.
  21. Some of the costs of many years dipping came up the other day. At about 280 days into my quit I was at work. My wife was cleaning stuff up at home. She found in an old ash pile a burned up cope can lid, (The only thing that survived the flames) and was furious. I have no idea how long ago I tossed that ol' can into a fire, but it sure wasn't lately. I have not quit my quit! But the cost of years of lying about quitting makes my wife not trust me on this topic. I deserve that I guess, but chew cropped up to bite me in the ass again nearly a year into being dip free. Think about that. That product, (and the lies that go with it) is so pervasive that its like a landmine later. Take it from me, it's bad stuff. Now my wife talked to me, looked at my teeth and decided I was telling the truth abour not picking up the can of cope again. Be ready quitters for your special people in your life to not believe you have quit. It will take time for them to trust again. You earned the mistrust, now earn the trust.
  22. Enjoying months of freedom.

  23. I too was a "ninja" dipper for a very long time. My advise is, tell your wife, ride that piss off that gonna happened. You did it. You brought it on. Suck it up. It will help you in the long run to stay quit.
  24. You are starting 20 years younger than me on you quit. Keep it up!
  25. Got through a "staycation" without a chew. I feel pretty good about that. 222 days saying NDT for real. Now I am chillen' and not chewen' and enjoyen' it!
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