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  1. Your still making me laugh my ass off. Thanks Bro.

  2. Holly crap, your still here?

  3. WTG! You might have a THOUSAND dyas under your belt, but your still DNM's bitch!

    Congratulations Friend!

  4. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Thanks for all the support and the endless laughs these last two years. Cheers

  6. Peeg,

    Congrats on the 2 years. I appreciate you for always being a good sport for all the shit I throw your way.

    Your a keeper! Stay golden Ponyboy

  7. I got them American Idol Tickets you wanted. 3rd row center. Call me and I'll transfer then to you via pay pal

  8. Just because Rick's boyfriend is queer doesn't mean he ...



    Where is the delete button...

  9. Hope you are doing well. Summer is almost on us. Which lake do you drop your line in? If I go I'm usually on the Hudson

  10. They just don't get much hotter then that. Looking good Jen! Hope you and Mike are doing well!

  11. Nice rant in the cafe the other day. It is good you know your resources and use them. Weaker men and women would rather put a did in then come here and express their true feelings. Keep up the good quit and always be sure to come here and vent. You are an inspiration to others.


  12. My company just paid me 1 hour for hangin out at mfwolick.com.

    My best hour this week. I know little about art, but I know I like what I saw. Thank you for the experience.


  13. Hey Asshole!

    You buckin for a promotion or do you just like being spanked by Killer?

    Either way I approve. "Keep it interesting or go away" is my motto. Carry on Fuctard!


  14. Congrats on the 600. Your gonna make someone a fine wife someday. Just remember how I like my bacon and all will be well. See you at 700

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