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  1. The Old Timers 2019 Rolling Roll Call Frosty - 14 years (6/14/19) Matt - 4669 (07/17/19) Bubba - 5742 (7/17/19)   J5K 5601 (7/16/19)  Subby - 5589 (6/19/19) Buff - Day 5,545 (7/18/19) Flav - 5331 (7/11/19) Johned - 5206 (4/6/19) Steve - 5205 (03/19/19) mahum 5131 (05/16/19) Capt Kirk 18 (06/7/19) Nick- 217 (05/30/2019) Any of the BAMFOO group in here, OCT 04?
  2. The Old Timers 2019 Rolling Roll Call Frosty - 14 years (6/14/19) Matt - 4662 (07/10/19) Bubba - 5734 (7/9/19)  J5K 5589 (7/4/19) Subby - 5589 (6/19/19) Buff - Day 5,538 (7/11/19) Flav - 5331 (7/11/19) Johned - 5206 (4/6/19) Steve - 5205 (03/19/19) mahum 5131 (05/16/19) Capt Kirk 18 (06/7/19) Nick- 217 (05/30/2019) Any of the BAMFOO group in here, OCT 04? Good to see you all. I think I calculated right. One day minus the QT, to be 198 behind Bubba...yeah, its complicated, but so am I...at least everything about me but my mind. :). Hope all of you fookers are well. Got a lot on my mind to talk about, but need to compose my thoughts so as not to make something too epic and piss you all off.
  3. Now that is some serious shit talking there. I need to get back here and interact more with that, ha ha.
  4. Long time away, and again, I apologize. Some day I will issue a traditional Buff rant to explain myself. In the meantime, I echo Matt's words. You (and all quitters) are welcome here. The only difference between us is the one time slipping, and all of us are one slip away from being back to the beginning. So welcome, and as I try and read and catch up, I hope you are doing well.
  5. It pays to listen to the Bird. Penguin is a wise one, even though he is younger than me. One of the reasons I am at Day 3,717 is because I had Penguin as a mentor. As a member of the August 2004 class, I looked up to the guys that went before me, and Penguin's May 2004 class was very helpful to us. I also got to know Penguin and consider him a friend, and he is a wise old bird. We conquered the mountain together, but he went first and helped guide me.
  6. I used to jog/run/lurch along regularly. It was a great companion to quitting. Running helped clear the head and the body. Even though I passed the 10 year quit mark last month, and have ZERO troubles with my quit, I basically got lazy and stopped running in 2009-10. I plan on taking some free time in the evenings and reading what you all have been doing in here in hopes to get me off my butt and back out there. Hopefully I will get motivated enough by the actions of my quitbrothers that I will get off my butt and back to running. I completed 4 half marathons, and one 20.66 mile trail race (2/3 of a 50K) back when I was running. So I know I can do it. I always had a goal to complete a marathon, and I am not going to get that accomplished by sitting on my butt. Anyway, thanks for keeping this thread alive-I need the motivation!
  7. Stay strong guys and gals. I hardly ever come here anymore, but I remember what it was like. It is perhaps the hardest thing many of you will ever do. But it can be done. And it starts with every hour at a time, then every day at a time, then eventually things get easier. How do I know? Because today for me is Day 3,675. Yes, over 10 years clean. And I will confess that the first year was tough-actually, the first month or two was the toughest, and then it got easier. Just remember, do not think too far ahead. Just stay quit today! Keep up the good work! Remember to use the resources here, and do not hesitate to reach out to your quit brothers for help. That is what they are all here for. This place rocks, and it (and my quit brothers) are the reason why I am successful. Good luck with your quit.
  8. Hey, are you ever coming back to the politics thread? I miss you, but not in a Broke Back Mountain way.

  9. Rose, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. You know that you will not receive any lectures from me. The only thing I ever ask is this: Next time, when things get bad, make sure you exhaust every QS line of help you know of. Call everyone on your list. If at that point you still cannot fight it, then so be it. I will offer you some advice. If you get successful again, stay active on here. If you cannot access this site due to work or some other restriction, keep an offline email list of your friends, in addition to their phone numbers. That way you can call. I have not been that close to you, but if you would have called me, I would have done my best to help you. I really believe that this site is my lifeline. I have not been quit for 6 1/2 years because I am awesome or smart. Far from it-I am a dumbass ex-dipper that is one slip up from total one+ can a day addiction. I know this to be true. But what I am is faithful to QS, and the friends I made here. I don't really have any issues any more, but if I did, I have a very lengthy list of folks that have my back. I can run down the list, calling number after number, and I will get someone to help me. I have known these folks since 2004. Most of them I have met. And they will kick my ass if I do something stupid. They also will drop what they are doing and help me in any way they can if I am on a ledge and feel like I am about to fall. They will talk me down or come get me and take me down. And I will do the same for them. It is a promise we made to each other. I sincerely wish that when you get back up on that horse, you work on relationships in here and use them FOREVER. This place is not just for the first 100 days. It is meant as a beacon in the night, a place where those of us with chemically altered brains, dumbasses that we are, can seek out and find redemption. And like the game of tag, this place is always "safe". I am not trying to be judgemental, but I believe in my heart that if you would have stayed active here, or active with your quit brothers and sisters, that you would not be in this situation. The reason I am still quit is because a team of us help each other stay quit. I know it is not that big of a deal now as it was then, but I am still just one dip away-one bad decision made during a day where I may be under duress or intense stress. But even that will not happen, because I have a support army that has my back. The good news: You have done this before. Come back and get it done, one day at a time. I look forward to seeing you back here. Buff
  10. Happy Birthday, you old fart! Hope life is treating you well!

  11. For 26 years I chose to chew tobacco. For 5 years I have chosen not to. It has always been my choice. Of course things are a bit more complicated than that, but to whittle it down to the core, that is the truth. I hit bottom and decided to quit (for the umpteenth time). I was a few weeks into my quit and ready to cave when I found this site (the first version). What I found changed my life. So I see both sides of the coin, as presented here. Ultimately, though, I must side with Killerattorney. But to me it has nothing to do with being weak or being strong. I hit bottom, and despartately needed and wanted to quit. Even with that motivation, I was still struggling. I found my salvation at QS.org. So it was my choice, coupled with the fine folks that had my back, so to speak. These folks are still my friends today. I had made the choice to not be dip's bitch anymore. But sometimes, despite how strong you think you are, you can always use the help of a friend. And that is where this site comes in. I know there are some souls that quit on their own, without any outside help. I am proud of them. I know, however, that is the exception. Most of us struggle with our quits, as we fight the chemical dependency that has enslaved us. And many of us would still be dipping without this site. I am one of those folks. So yes, I choose not to dip. It is a conscious choice that I made. And now, many years later, I know I will never dip again. But I have a layer of friends in place that will remind me of my choices, and they are wonderful reinforcements, shall I say, in case my nicotine damaged brain ever tries to pull a fast one on me. It just won't happen. I have a guaranteed promise of a Casey Casem long distance dedication and bitch slap should I ever forget who I am and what my mission is. That is why this site is so special. That is the ultimate awesomeness of this place. That is why I stick around. If a new quitter would happen to stumble upon any of my ramblings, and if it helped them stay focused and quit for a little bit longer, than my time has been well spent. So my fellow quitters. Do not argue over semantics. Choose not to dip today, and jump up on that horse. As the members of my year, 2004 used to say, "Embrace the suck". Sometimes pain is good. It can help you see just what your potential is. And we as men and women have unlimited potential. After you get some dip-free time under your belt, the skies really clear and that understanding comes into laser-like focus. It is all good. For those of you that know me, my rant is nothing new. For you newbs out there, your future is a grand one if you make the right choice. Take the red pill and live in the real world with us. Sacrifice now for nirvana later. We are living the dream. Buff, from Kansas, 1,832 Days after choosing to shit can Copenhagen.
  12. I think it is a great idea, if only because it works so well for us. My original quit group, August 2004, was here when the Big Guy (FV) put up the new QS. And my quit group had 27 or 28 make the HOF. But a lot of folks drifted away, so there were only a few of us from my month posting regularly. In addition, many of us from different months of 2004 (and earlier) became friends online and offline over the years. We have had several gatherings together, and most of us are still in touch. So when we got to this new site, there were maybe 3 or 4 guys posting in my month, 3 somewhere else, etc. And that was on a busy day when everyone would check in. Sometimes it was just one or two folks. So we asked FV to close out our month and put us in a group called "Old Timers". The group has grown and anyone is welcome, but it worked well for us because it gave us our own "retirement home away from home" , so to speak. I do not know what will work for you guys, but it has been very nice for us. And again, you are always welcome in our group. We won't bite and we don't have cooties, although we are grumpy old farts... Edit: Forgot to comment on the comma club. Sounds great to me, and perhaps it could supplement and reinvigorate the Hall of Fame as a gathering place. When I was a young quitter, the HOF Hangout was THE place. Today it does not seem very active-more as another place to post RC. Thanks for asking!
  13. It let me keep typing so I assumed I had not amassed 400 c yet. Anyway, I was saying: I normally get all the humor I need from the political thread. Thanks. And here is something for you:


  14. Do you have any spare first aid supplies? I stumbled upon your comments and the replies in the religulous thread, and after banging my head violently several times against my desk, I seem to be bleeding moderately. I assume that this is a situation that you find recurring for yourself-any advice on how to limit the pain in the future? I usually only go in there for a quick update. I get all th

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