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  1. 284 Million seconds, 4.7 Million minutes, 781Thousand hours, 3,288 days, 470 Weeks, 108 Months, Nine years!. All of that is the some of my Quit today, but it doesn't tell you about my Quit. For that I would need to list Tears, pain, confusion, despair, hunger, need, defeat (almost), resolve, strength, giving, taking, understanding, perseverance, Freedom, and now most of all JOY. Joy of no longer being a slave. Joy of not worrying about every little sore in my mouth. Joy of being FREE! The hardest/bestest thing I have ever done for myself for my family is Quit tobacco. You can too! Stay Strong Stay Quit
  2. Nine years and still in Love with my Quit!!

  3. Down with the flu yesterday and missed an anniversary. So today makes 3,001 days Quit. Thats a whole lot of days, hours, and minutes of Freedom. It damn sure wasn't easy, but it is sooooo worth all the Pain and misery of that first year. So if that is where you are now, Keep fighting it gets better, everyday you stay Quit is another day closer to freedom. It's nice to not wake up in the morning and go looking for a can of snuff even before you get dressed, cause you have to have it RIGHT NOW. It's good being able to have a conversation after a meal without sneaking off to slip one in and the wife and company know it, but are just too polite to say anything It's great to no longer have the Nic-Bitch riding my shoulder whispering in my ear that another dip won't matter It's wonderful thinking back that I have not had a dip dream in about two years. These are just a few of the things that staying Quit has made my life better for Stay Strong Stay Quit, John AKA Wyoming4life
  4. Eight Years Quit this month and It's still the hardest, bestest, most rewardingest trial I ever put myself through.

    1. chuck m

      chuck m

      Congrats to my brother from another mother

    2. Ohioman1972
    3. chill


      # bestest, most rewardingest

  5. Seven years Quit today!! Was it hard to stay Quit early on? hell yes. Was it worth Staying Quit? HELL YES!!! Keep fighting your worth it. The life you save may be your own!

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    2. Veera


      Salute to Wy. Keep up the good work Boss.

    3. geffdiv


      Thanks!! What an inspiration!!! Seven years!!! Big congrats

    4. jethro


      A leader by example!! Nice job old timer!!!!! Lol

  6. I can think of no one who could do a better job. Your journey through being an addict to being free with all the ups and downs and downs and downs that you fought through give you an incredible insight. I have always been in awe of your writing ability, I'm sure that it will be a must read for anyone trying to be free. Best of luck to you, I'm sure it won't be easy, but you certainly have the strength with in you to do it. your friend John
  7. MLS - no BS at all, your purpose to me was to help me quit. I read lots of your stuff, found it inspirational, and it helped me. I am thinking I am not the only one. I bet you have many purposes to many different people, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. Chuck We're here for you Nikki, You have given so much of yourself to us and been such an inspiration, we hate to see you hurting. For everything you have been through I wish I could say there is a clear purpose and somewhere down the road it will be come around, but in the mean time you have to keep the faith and keep striving for the answer. I know that will not be easy, in fact giving what little I do know of your history it will probably be harder than hell, but I also know that if anyone can get through it you can. Your the toughest person I have ever known, for all you have been through, then still be able to come here, share your thoughts and and pain with us. I admire you more than I can put into words and any time my life has taken a bad turn or the craves for a dip started weighing on me. I thought of you and your trials. I always come away winning because I feel like I have drawn on some of your strength. Stay strong Your friend John
  8. Your always welcome Nikki, you have been greatly missed. We are here for, you have given a lot of support and motivation to a lot us on this site and now it's your turn. Stay strong were all here for you!
  9. 6 Years Quit today and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Keep fighting Stay Strong Stat Quit and everyday you beat back the craves is another day closer to your freedom

  10. Tiggers are tough to deal with, either you avoid them all together or confront them head on. Avoiding them will save your Quit, but in the end give that trigger more power over you when you finally do meet up with it. However taking on your triggers too early in your Quit may lead to failure too. I would suggest avoiding them until you are secure in your Quit. Learn what will kill the craves, build some confidence, then when you do encounter an old trigger at least you have a fighting chance. One of the worst things you may have to endure is peer pressure, your old buddies who still chew may try to drag you back down with them. being able to tell them to get stuffed may be harder than you think, but it may also be the deciding factor if you stay Quit or cave. Good luck Stay strong Stay Quit
  11. It's the hardest thing you may ever do, but it's also the best and most fullfilling thing you will ever do!... Regain your freedom, Stand up on your hind legs and walk like a man, Stop putting that crap in your mouth and you WILL be Quit... it's up to you... What's it going to be?
  12. Thanks to QSSN and a hell of a lot of great Quitters for 2,000 days of pure Quit! I never could have done it by myself and the the good news for all of you new Quitters is you don't have to do it alone either!!

    1. Ohioman1972


      Congrats bro! Now go mix some water and dirt.


    2. ILYMLG61112


      that is awesome man!

    3. TheTimekeeper
  13. Summer is a Great time to Quit!! Plenty of activities out there to keep your mind off the craves... Jump on in... The water is FINE!!

  14. T-Rick... The meanest Quitter on the western seaboard. The man who made Mount Saint Helens blow her top back in the day.... So if your going to Quit, then Quit. Just remember you need this mans permission before you cave. So Stay strong, Stay Quit
  15. I quit over 5.5 years ago (day 2,060) at age 54 with more than 30 years on Cope. I enjoyed most of my 50s dip-FREE. It can be done by anyone, one crave, one hour, one day at a time. Euty is 110% correct, don't let your age deter from staying Quit. After the first few days most of the withdrawls should be gone. After that it will be all mind over matter, replacing bad habits with good ones, and staying Strong one day at a time. We went down and around and around and down till we run out of ground at the edge of town. Down town Pagosa Springs
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