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  1. A few years ago I sat down and was going to start working on my draft for the book I wanted to write about addiction and quitting. Well, ............... life happened ... and I wasn't able to start it. However now, I'm starting back to my passion for writing and beginning the work of my manuscript .... anyone interested in being a part of this .. please leave your name and I will get in contact with you. Thanks mls
  2. It's just one day ----- I'll quit tomorrow! That's your addiction talking you. So what's stopping you from quitting right now? Try it! Take quitting minute by minute then hour by hour until you're doing it day by day! This site and these quitters here, including me, will help guide you! No one can make or force you to quit - - - - - - - - - it lies within you! Remember it's just one day ......... why not today? I did, ... 2,471 days ago. If I can do it ...... I believe you can too! -mls
  3. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day. I ask for prayers. Thank you, mls Stay quit!
  4. A special thank you to Penguin for letting me realize there's a method to my madness and a healing process in my writing. Sept 26th would have been my 21st yr wedding anniversary. Now it's just a date. A day that I need to get through and it's fastly approaching. (sigh) Seasons May Change Summer ... Love stretches out and captivates us; bringing with it warmth, happiness and strength. Warmth from our love, happiness from our heart and strength from our newfound relationship. - Seasons Change - Fall ... Love searches for a reason; bringing with it anxiety, longing and mistrust. Anxiety from alienating my friends, longing from missing what we had and mistrust from the love that we once felt. - Seasons Change - Winter ... Love breaks away from what was; bringing with it heartache, lies and anger. Heartache from our breakup, lies from which you have told and anger from what you perceived yourself and our love to be. - Seasons Change - Spring ... Love that was lost is renewed by old friendships; bringing with it comfort, happiness and life. Comfort from knowing that I am not alone, happiness from letting myself enjoy what I have and life from knowing I have friends I can lend on .. .. even though seasons may change. Nicole Lynch Let me know what your colleagues think, Pen! Time to rest my head and let my mind wander. Stay quit! -mylilsecret
  5. I had a dip dream last night. I think it's from all the stress from medical w/ kids and divorce. I feel extremely lonely, worthless and wondering why my (ex) husband would do the things he has done. Unanswered questions .......... and it will always be just that ....... unanswered. Something I can't dwell on. My mind wanders. The evil of addiction takes control -telling me- c'mon, .. it'll help you cope. (I encounter this for a few seconds) and then I'm back to reality. Copenhagen will do absolutely NOTHING for me but take me back to Day 1. I believe in this site. I believe I'm strong .... it's just when you need help ......................... you reach out !! I believe in you ................... will you take my hand? -mls
  6. I'm so humbled at the encouragement each one of you has given to me. I know I should be strong. But at this moment I am l-o-s-t ... thank you from the bottom of my heart. If someone of you don't mind I need numbers again. I would be greatly appreciated from anyone .. new or old quitters. You all mean the absolute world to me! With much love- mls 6 1/2 yrs & I have no intention of going back to day 1 ....
  7. Why does life not make sense at all? I wish I had a purpose!
  8. Boo! I know it's not Halloween! I just wanted to scare ya. I've missed you guys .... you might catch me around from time to time .... Life sucks ........................... umm, really sucks so much has happened since we've last spoken ...... so you might see me rambling on here like I used to. I hope that's ok. oh and by the way ........................... after being at my lowest point this year ................ I'm still quit. Love you all, mls Day 2408
  9. 14 years old ... I did it as a dare .. my best friend and I chewed her Uncle's Redman and then went to Copenhagen. I dipped for 22 years.
  10. Miss seeing you around. Hope your doing well Stop by some time!!

  11. Hey everyone ... I hope this msg finds you all well. I'm using dial-up so I can't talk long. We are staying with my nephew right now. Matthew is taking some different meds. We're not sure if these will be the ones that help him get some relief. (fingers crossed) As for me? Hmm, well ................. I'm dip-free and that's all that matters right now! (huge hugs) Miss you, Nickie 1,352
  12. I have been quit for 3 years years today. Thank you for being such an inspiration

  13. Just a little something I wrote tonight ... Why? Why did it take so long for me to understand; better yet for me to believe that I was an addict? Why did I allow this foreign substance to consume my well-being, my thought process .. hell why did I let it consume my life? Why didn’t my actions speak louder than words during the those crucial years? Those years when others needed me but I was too blinded by my addiction to see. And those were the ones who stood by me during my moments of despair, anguish and selfishness. I thought after quitting, I’d have all the answers yet I’m left with more questions. Why? mls
  14. It's been awhile since I've traveled here. And on many levels I have missed helping, talking and at times even laughing with most of you. As some of you know back in January I had a slip and fall and hurt my back. The Dr. that I went to see prescribed me Oxycontin. At first I couldn't take it since it made me very sleepy so he changed it to Lortab but yet this still didn't help with my back pain. He asked if I want to go back to the Oxycontin and I said yes. Then my son was admitted to the hospital with kidney problems and I stayed there the whole time, doing everything for him since they had to put IV's in each of his arms. I was stressed and my pain had increased since I wasn't able to baby my back like I had been since Jan. I increased my medication. Doing this sent my body out of control and left me feeling different when I returned home and didn't need to take as much since I was able to rest and not be up and down. I cut myself off and went through the worst withdraws. I was cold then hot, sweaty, nausea, throwing up and on and on. At the time, I believe I had some kind of flu though but when I was still feeling this way after 48 grueling hours I felt it was something else. I decided to get a second opinion with a Dr. who had done my neck surgury after my accident. He couldn't believe I was on 30 mg and that I was popping two at a time. He said I was lucky that it didn't kill me. I gave him the rest of my meds and he prescribed me something lower yet I still can't come to take anything then though my back hurts. I guess I'm scard. I don't want to ever have to feel that way again. The Dr. hadn't told me about how addictive this drug can be. Today is the first actual day I've felt like myself. I just wanted to let you all know I'm still dip free, tobacco free and drug free. Wow! Life can really throw you some amazing curve balls but I just keep on hitting them out of the ball park. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If I can quit so can you. Nickie
  15. Hi Katey ... my name is Nickie! I'd really like to call you and chat if that's ok. It's easier than typing plus I would love to listen and answer any questions you may have. I pmed you already but I'll send you my number too. Use it anytime. I'm proud of you, Katey!
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