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  1. I have 4 years with no nicotine today folks! That's 1,462 days! If I can do it, anyone can!
  2. Everyone have a good, nicotine free weekend! And if you're new to the site drop on in and introduce yourself. 3boysdad - 1,114 days quit. No dip today. Punch the nic bitch in the throat!
  3. Today marks 3 years nicotine free! It's not that hard if you really want it! 3boysdad - day 1,097 3 years no chew today!
  4. Welcome FoodBuzz. Come back to the café if you have anymore questions. 3BD - 1,092
  5. I wonder if more of the vets posted at least once per day in the café if this site wouldn't start seeing more activity from people contemplating quitting? 3BD - day 1,076 - I have now idea where the 1,057 came from yesterday. I must have still been in a jet lag fog.
  6. Good morning! Back from Israel and still experiencing jet lag! Today's a good day to quit! 3boysdad - day 1,057
  7. I won't be around the Café for a couple weeks as we're leaving for Israel tomorrow. I should be back in here around the 18th of December. I hope some of the other guys can help keep this active while I'm gone. 3boysdad - day 1,056
  8. Welcome Chuck! If you really, really want to quit, you'll find it's not all that hard. Anyway, lean on us if you're having a hard time and feel free to ask questions. 3boysdad - 1,055 days quit!
  9. Good morning! It's a great day to start stopping! 3bd - 1054
  10. 3boysdad

    Quit Group

    Hi JJ and welcome! If you've registered as a member I don't think you actually have anything else to do in order to "join" a quit group other than to start posting in the one you belong to. Go to "pre hall of famers" and find the one with the date range in which you have quit - if it's recent I would presume that to be "March 2018" for you - and start posting. I would begin by introducing yourself and then asking for assistance on how to "post roll call". I would also recommend first reading the information in the "information desk". Hope this helps. 3boysdad - 1,054 days quit.
  11. Welcome! Come on in and ask your questions. Quitting is easier than you think! 3BD - day 1,053
  12. Good morning! I bet you didn't know this, and it's a little known fact, (how's that for some clever redundancy?) but Thanksgiving Day holidays is one of the best times of the year to quit tobacco. Don't believe me? Give it a try and see for yourself! Don't be a chicken... er, ah, turkey I mean... you can do it! 3BD - 1048 and feelin' great!
  13. Good morning! Today is a good day to quit the spit! Come on in and sit a spell, have a look around, ask questions. We're here to help. 3BD - 1047
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