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  1. Testing out the iPad app. Pretty cool. Now I just need the iPhone

  2. KA - You're not 49, you're 29 with 20 years experience.
  3. TPA - that is awesome news about your friend. It's nice when such a negative thing has a positive and happy ending to it. I am 5 days behind you and we will soon be crossing over the 5 year threshold. Thanks to you and the rest of the January '04 guys for leading the way for me and my February brothers. Bubba
  4. I am overdue for a blog on the St Louis game last Thursday, this weekends get together in CO for some of the OT's, and the Rockies game today. But I just drove 600 miles from Denver to KC and I am beat. So I will update tomorrow night or Tuesday morning all the goings on. Need to sleep.
  5. The home team winning streak ended at 6. But this was the game I wanted to see the home team lose. Tim Wakefield pitched a great game, second time on this trip and the bullpen kept the Royals out of it. Kauffman Stadium is a nice place, food lines were a bit long but they are expanding the park and this is supposed to help with that. The water show in the outfield is nice, especially after it gets dark and the colored lights go on. They have a huge HD screen in center, supposed to be the largest in the world for the moment. parking was cheap ($9) and it was easy to get out after the game, of course there were only 24,000 at the game, and at least 10,000 had some sort of Red Sox gear on, almost felt like home away from home. I met bufff and little bufff there. Those of you who have met bufff before know he can talk. I think little bufff is going to make dad proud. Just kidding, he is a great kid that knows more about the Royals then bufff does. Long day driving. Drove from the IA/IL border to KC and then out to Columbia MO which is about half way between KC and St Louis. Didn't check the mileage when I got out of the car but it is probably close to 500 miles. Yikes. heading to the Cardinals game. They are playing the Dodgers and I hope to yell a bit at Manny. Then back to KC with Pitch to pick up bufff and start the journey across Kansas towards CO. I may not be able to post again till next week. I'm thinking dad does not have internet service at the cabin. Miles Driven - Total Miles - Beer Price - $6.50 for a big cup at least 20 oz Ticket Price - bought a $32 seat for $25, should have bought a cheap upper deck seat Parking - $9, best bargain on this trip so far States Traveled Through - IA and MO Total States - 11 Quitters Met - bufff
  6. On my whole trip this was the day I looked forward to the most. I have always wanted to go to Wrigley and have never been. It was on my "bucket list". So it was a dream come true. Add that to going to the Weber Restaurant in downtown Chicago and then seeing the White Sox come back twice and win a game in the 14th with a 2 out HR and it was day I will always remember. Even the 20 minute delay while the Illinois state trooper wrote me a speeding ticket at 2:30AM couldn't damper my spirits. The day started off a little wet. The night before some pretty nasty storms came through Illinois and Indiana and when I got through Indianapolis I could see the storm coming my way so I stopped for the night. I woke up to the sound of loud thunder the next morning. I packed and went down to go to the car and it was pouring so I decided to eat some breakfast in the lobby, when down I looked out the window to see how bad it still was and lightning hit a pole on the other side of the parking lot. So I waited it out for a bit and then left when it calmed down. I made it to Chicago and met penguin and his dad at Murphy's, a bar across the street from the outfield entrance to Wrigley. Had a brat and a couple beers and we made our way into the game. I walked around a bit and took the atmosphere in. Wrigley reminds me of Fenway in the 70's. An old but good feeling. It appears this park has not changed much over the years while Fenway has had new features added to it. I went up to my seat in left field a few rows up and noticed the bleachers were filled a 1/2 hour before game time. I also notice the roofbox seats on the house surrounding Wrigley. Then it hit me, while the new parks are nice, I love these old parks, the atmosphere, the charm. The stands were full before game time. There was a buzz in the air, the anticipation of the game. It was awesome. I could understand why I have so many friends that have never lived in Chicago that are Cubs' fans. The fans here are incredible, they know their stuff, they cheered their home team on every play. Cubs won the game and after the fans stayed and cheered and sang their song "Go Cubs Go". After being herded like cattle I made it down to the main level and sat near the field. I thought about searching for the Bartman seat but needed to meet penguin on the other side of the field. We all packed into the rental and made it downtown for some dinner. Funny not, the GPS started acting funny and then I realized the tall buildings were causing it act strange. Drove by the Sears Tower and acted like a tourist when I stuck my head out while waiting for a light and looked up, way up. We setteled in on the Weber restaurant which cooks all it's food on Weber grills with charcoal. Had ribs, pulled pork and chicken and it was pretty damn good. While penguin and papa penguin went to the airport I traveled down to the Southside for a White Sox game vs the Tigers. This was Griffeys first game as a White Sox in Chicago and apparently everyone wanted to see him. We all got our moneys worth. When I got to the window I asked for something in the lower level they had nothing and then when he was checking something else somebody came over and gave him a ticket. So I got a $36 lower level seat for $20, don't know why but I wasn't asking questions. He said he gave me a deal even though he didn't like my hat. I had a seat by the foul pole in right, a nice seat. Watched the Tigers take a 6-1 lead and then Sox fought back to tie it at 6. In extra innings the Tigers scored 2 in the top of the 14th. The Sox scored 1 in the bottom half and then had two on with two out when Nick Swisher came to bat. He put one out not too far from me in right center and the crowd was nuts. As far as US Cellular goes, a nice park, fans were good but nowhere near what Cubs fans were like. Got to the car and out of the lot by 1ish and drove to Iowa for the night. The statie was nice, he wrote the ticket for 85 so I didn't have to come back for a court date. He then followed me for the next 50 miles till I made it out of the state. Miles Driven - 342 Total Miles - 1752 Beer Price - $5.00 at Murphys Ticket Price - $54 at Wrigley (I think, bought it a few weeks ago) and $20 at US Cellular Parking - $30 at Wrigley and 22 at US Cellular States Traveled Through - IN, IL and IA Total States - 10 Quitters Met - penguin
  7. Started the day by meeting up with KillerAttorney in Huntington WV for some lunch. As we were walking into the Marshall Cafe I couldn't help but notice a 5 Guys on the oposite corner. I thought to myself maybe I would get some fries for the road but I held back. KA is a great guy and we discussed many things over lunch. After lunch I headed through Kentucky towards Lexington and then north to Cincinnati. I met up with WhoDey and we parked the car in the garage at the Great American Ballpark. I went into the machine Room for a couple beers before the gates opened and then went and watched the Reds batting practice. Caught a HR in right field and gave it to the kid next to me. The smile on his face was worth it. Took in the park for a little bit and then headed up to the Riverfront Club. The Riverfront Club overlooks the Ohio River and the ballpark. Had a great dinner and then headed down to my seat. These seats were awesome, behind home a few rows up with a perfect view. Sat next to the Brewers scout who was with the Yankees for 20 years and discussed some of the older Yankee/Red Sox teams. Watched Bronson Arroyo pitch a decent game and the bullpen almost blowing it. Also saw Prince Fielder go after the Brewer's pitcher Para in the dugout. So the Reds won which brought the winning streak for home teams to 4. After the game WD and I went across the river to a German brewhouse and had a couple more. This place looked like it was in Germany, the rows of tables, the guy with the accordian playing, and good German beer. Started the drive up towards Chicago and started to hear stories of the weather in Chicago that night. Stopped a bit north if Indianapolis for the night. Great American Ballpark was a nice newer park , 5 years old I think. Great seats everywhere. Maybe one day they will have a team that everyone can compare to the Reds teams of old. Maybe. Miles Driven - 382 Total Miles - 1410 Ticket Price - Thanks Jason Parking - Included in Ticket States Traveled Through - WV, OH, IN Total States - 10 Quitters Met - KA, WD, and 48
  8. I am looking forward to all the new parks on this trip. If any of them are like Nationals Stadium it should be a great trip. Penguin (he had a slight hangover) and I traveled down to the Metro and met up with WildWildBil and took the subway in. Made it to the stadium about an 1 1/2 before game time and bought tickets in the 2nd level by the right field foul pole. Watched the Reds batting practice eating a good dog (5.50) and drinking another over priced Bud Light (7.50). We walked around and I was amazed by the food choices here. They have anything you can imagine, BBQ from Red Hot Blue, burgers and fries from 5 Guys. I was going to go for the BBQ but then i started overthinking it, how good can BBQ be at a baseball park? But penguin and Bill said the fries and burgers at 5 Guys were good. So we grabbed some food from there. The fries were absolutely incredible and the burger was pretty damn good too. We also found a beer stand that sold Yuengling which made our day as well. There doesn't appear to be a bad seat in the house. This will also probably be the best National Anthem of the trip, girl had a great voice, was hot and they shot off fireworks during it. Anyway, a a great baseball park. Too bad they have a AAA team playing there. Remeber these Nationals used to be the Montreal Expos, the Expos that traded away every great player they ever had. Almost forgot, there was a game played. Nationals scored 4 in the 1st and the Reds scored a couple runs during the game. 4-2 Nationals. A pretty boring game. Also, penguin sat next to Jesus. The Nationals are going to need him if they want to turn into a great team that can contend. After the game we took the Metro back and I gave penguin a ride home and then headed back down into VA. Stopped in Ashland to say hi to an old friend and then drove west. GPS said it was 369 miles to South Point OH. I figured I would try to get as far as I could. made it about 350 miles. Senator Byrd (I think he is the guy from WV) has done a nice job getting highway money for his state. Had the radio blasting and went cruising up and then down the mountains of VA and WV. Finally decided to quit when I got to Huntington (home of Marshall) around 2:30AM. Meeting KillerAttorney for lunch and then heading to Cincinnati for the Reds game and meet up with WhoDey. Miles Driven - 576 Total Miles - 1028 Beer Price - $7.50 Bud Light $6.50 Yuengling Ticket Price - $33 Parking - Free Thanks Bill States Traveled Through - MD, VA, WV plus DC (I know, not a state) Total States - 8 Quitters Met - penguin, wildwildbil
  9. The house that Ruth built, Yankee Stadium. I had been here for a Red Sox/Yankees playoff game back in 98 or 99. I can understand why they are building a new Yankee Stadium, this place is old and feels old. The new stadium looks nice. Had decent seats just past 3rd base about 1/2 way up the upper level. Got there just in time to catch the Old Timer's ceremony. They introduced 72 "legends" of past Yankees and 5 wives of deceased Yankees. A big deal was made since this was the last one in the old Yankee Stadium. They introduced Bucky F'n Dent and his homerun in the '78 playoff game that sent the Red Sox home that year. David Wells, jim Abbott, and of course fan favorite Yogi Berra. Largest cheer went to Willie Randolph. They love Paul O'neil too. Huge cheers also for the wives of Phil Risuto and Thurman Munson. Then they played a 1 inning Old Timers game. The game itself was uneventful for the most part. Yankees 2nd baseman Wilson Betemit had a throwing error in the second and the Angels scored 2 runs. But Wilson made up for it in the bottom of the second with a 2 run homer. After the 2nd inning Mussina piched brilliantly, I think he got out 17 in a row until he was pulled Abreu Arod and Molina homered in later innings and the Yankees won 8-2. Had a hot dog that was $5.25 and a Budlight out of a can for $8.50, yes $8.50. The drive from Boston to NY was painful. I hit a major rain storm in southern CT that caused me to lose about 1 1/2 hours. Still got to Yankee Stadium by 1:30. I drove down to Baltimore, which was an easy drive except for all the traffic. Can't wait to get to Kansas where I'm sure we will be the only car on the road with 3 miles. I got to penguins house and had a few beers with him and slept on a surprisingly comfortable futon. Miles Driven - 425 Total Miles - 452 Beer Price - $8.50 Parking $30.00 - valet lot across from Stadium States Traveled Through - MA, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD Total States - 6
  10. What a way to start my trip. Red Sox beat the A's in 12 innings. Wakefield pitches great, Oki lets up the homerun in the 8th to tie it, Pap, Lopex and Timlin pitch scoreless 9th-12th innings, and the new guy, Jason Bay, walks twice, strikes out twice, is hit by a pitch, makes a great diving catch in left, hits a 2 out triple in the bottom of the 12th and then scores the winning run 2 batters later. So I figured I would blog about the experience, and not just the game. Fenway is a place I have been to I don't know how many times over the last 30+ years. I've been to a few other places (11 I think, some are gone now) but Fenway is my favorite. Am I biased? Yeah I probably am. But ask anyone from somewhere else that comes to Fenway and they love it. Guy behind me tonight was from Miami and he said it was up there with Wrigley. I can't wait till next Tuesday. So I sat in a place of the park that I have never sat at before, well I take that back. I have sat there before when they were roofbox seats. But I sat in a section called The State Street Pavilion. It was built a couple offseasons ago on the roof of the grandstand seats and they extend down the 1st and 3rd base lines. There is a bar area and a restaurant to get food before the game and watch the pre-game stuff on TV. There is also waitress service to the seats. It was nice to not get up to get a beer, but the service comes at a price 3 Bud Light's and a Fenway Frank for $28.50, 7.50 a beer. And you can't go to the concession stand and bring beer back with you. And the Fenway Franks were grilled. Anyone from Boston knows that Fenway Franks are not supposed to be grilled. But the seats were great, right off home plate. These seats had a face value of $165, way too steep. And no, that does not include any food or beer. I lucked out and got it much cheaper than that. Yes, Fenway is outrageously priced. So a great game in a great park makes for a great night and a great beginning for this trip. Stats - Miles driven - 28 Beer Price - $7.50 Fenway Frank - $6.00 Parking $25.00 (this is a cheap lot too) States Traveled Through - MA Total States - 1
  11. I am heading west the beginning of August to Colorado and back. It has always been a dream to take a trip and go to a whole bunch of MLB parks. So I am combining the two trips. I would also like to meet as many quitters along the way and see a game or have a couple beers or break some bread. Below is my schedule, post here or send me a message if you think you can meet up along the way. August 1st 7:05 - my hometeam Red Sox vs A's August 2nd 3:55 - Yankees vs Angels August 3rd 1:35 - Nationals vs Reds August 4th 7:10 - Reds vs Brewers August 5th 1:20 - Cubs vs Astros August 5th 7:11 - White Sox vs Tigers August 6th 7:10 - Royals vs Red Sox August 7th 1:15 - Cardinals vs Dodgers August 10th 1:05 - Rockies vs Padres August 11th 1:05 - Brewers vs Nationals (this game might not happen, long drive and way out of the way) August 12th 7:05 - Tigers vs Blue Jays August 13th 7:05 - Indians vs Orioles Plan on taking some pictures and writing about the trip as well. Will post here in this blog.
  12. Congrats on 600 days Euty!!!! If guys like Euty and me can go 600 and 1638 days without tobacco, so can you! The feeling at this point in our quit is incredible. Never ever again will I wonder if one of my kids found my tin or spitter. Never again will I be in the convenience store with a hot blond behind me asking for a tin. Never again will I take a swig of my spitter instead of my beer. Never again will I dip! Quit now, you will be so thankful that you did.
  13. Let's all add an item or two to this list. I know something like this has been done before, but let's see what we can come up with. Just keep building on the list the same way we might add our names to roll call, but instead add reasons why you are thankful to be quit. REASONS WHY I AM GLAD I NO LONGER CHEW TOBACCO: 1) No more spit bottles rolling out from underneath my car seat 2) No more freaking out when people visit my house, wondering if I left a nasty spit bottle in plain view 3) No more throwing parties, leaving my spit "beer bottle" next my friends almost empty bottle, and him drinking my spit 4) Freedom to plan trips without giving consideration to having enough or using dip. 5) No more speeding home to beat my wife there because I think I left a can on the counter. 6) No more swallowing juice when someone unexpectedly calls or stops by the office. 7) 4 year-old son doesn't have to ask "is this yuck?" before taking a drink from a soda can. 8) $2051.00 Not spent on dip so far. 9) Being able to play with my son in the spur of the moment, instead of waiting until I'm done with my dip. 10) Being able to go to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up late just to have some alone time to dip. 11) Clean cup holders and door pockets in my truck. 12) Chicks dig guys that don't dip (and the $10,000 I saved is a good thing too)
  14. Killer, fit, and bufff - great posts!! Bottom line of this website - it is here to help you break the chains of addiction to smokeless tobacco. If you are putting the crap in your mouth, whether it is American Cope or Sweedish Snus, you are not quitting. Weening yourself down may be an acceptable way for Marv but you are still putting the crap in your mouth and in my eyes you are not quit. In able to have a successful quit you have to first make a commitment to yourself that you want to stop. If you don't want to quit you will never be successful. But if you are reading this, chances are you want to quit. Sign up for the site, go to July HOF group and put yourself on Roll Call. Roll Call is your daily commitment to the people in your HOF group that you will not use dip today. This site is incredibly powerful. I found it October 27th, 2003 and have not had 1 single dip since then. Before that I had dipped Copenhagan for 16 years and had tried to quit numerous times. I tried the patch, I tried the gum, I tried weening myself down, I tried cold turkey, nothing worked. This website was the one thing that helped me break my addiction to dip and for that I will be forever thankful. 1,623 days and still going strong.
  15. Welcome. I saw you over in the Helpful Hints thread so I know you've begun looking. Thanks, I have tried many times before, but this time i am determined to make it work! Tim - you've come to the right place. 1,577 days ago I stopped here and read for a bit and quit on the spot. Best decision I have ever made. read, post and get to know those that are quitting the same time as you. They know exactly what you are going through.
  16. Eb- if I didn't give a shit about your quit I would not have taken the time to write the PM I did and the responses back to you. Everyone here cares about people quitting. We have all gone through the pain that every new quitter goes through, we know what is going on, of course we care, we went through it ourselves. Maybe if you used this web site the way it was intended to be used and accepted the support that is here and dropped the "poor little me" attitude you might actually accomplish the fantastic goal of quitting dip. You don't have to open up and let us know your darkest secrets, just try to be friendly with the quitters that are going through the exact same thing you are. Make a daily promise that you will not dip today when you post Roll Call. I've been quit for almost 4 1/2 years and I still post my quit day daily with about 10 other guys that quit in 2004. When you have a crave come here and post that you need some help. You might be pleasantly surprised. I think after months of 3-6 caves a month you would accept the fact that your way is not working and maybe change things up a bit. Just a thought.
  17. yes, your breasts have never looked so big and round

  18. It's great seeing some of thje old old timers coming in here today celebrating some huge milestones. 3 years ago today on a Monday morning I decided to quit my 1 - 1 1/2 tin a day Copenhagen habit. It sucked, but with the help of people here I was able to finally quit. Today the freedom from dip is incredible, no more sneaking around trying to get a dip in, no lying to others about whether I had quit or not, no more spending 5 - 10 bucks a day. It is a great feeling being quit. So if you're out there thinking you can't do quit, you can. Throw the tin away and come in here and get the help you need to quit. It's not easy, but the reward in the end is so worth it. Bubba
  19. Penguin, Your post in October '06 was very eloquently put. You made your point, which I think the majority of people here would agree with. You have been a great asset to both QS sites since you came here early in '04. Elric, I will try to say what I have to say without being blunt like I normally am. I have been a member of QS.org since 10/27/03, almost 3 years now. I have spoken to people that quit before me. There never used to be the petty BS that happens on a regular basis on these boards. So when you see one of us "Old Timers" saying something positive and trying to spread the love, it was the way we used these boards. I've have had my differences with a few people here about the subject, I personally don't like seeing it, I think we should respect each other. Does a tough love way work? I think sometimes it does, but I do believe we scare more people away with it than we help. I don't have any scientific data to support myself on this, just from reading and seeing hundreds and hundreds of people disappear over the years. So it is more of an opinion than anything at all, but one that many people have agreed with over time. I think penguin has earned his stripes here, he has dedicated countless hours over the last 2 1/2 years here to helping people. I have broken bread and drank yellow drinks with him on many occasions. Please take some of this into consideration next time before spewing your opinion and "dissing" a respected person here.
  20. To all of you out there reading this and thinking about quitting: I was where you are 1,000 days ago. I was scared s##tless even at the thought of quitting. But here at this site were hundreds of others that knew what I was going through. I had tried weaning down, the patch, the gum. None of them worked. But this site, this site has helped me quit for good. On October 27th, 2003 I quit and I haven't looked back. And let me tell you, the freedom that I experience at 1,000 days is incredible. No longer do I have to plan my day around when I can and can't dip, make up stories of why I had to run to the store, stay up late after everyone went to bed so I can get my one last fix, take the long way home so I can enjoy my fix a little longer. All that is gone, I can do what I want when I want. And that is f'n awesome. So if you're thinking about quitting, throw the can away. Yes it is hard, but you'll love the end result - your life not being a slave to the can. It's priceless.
  21. SG How was the trip to the dentist today? I hope all went well.
  22. Somebody had a double expresso this morning!!!
  23. Before I quit I used to smoke a cigar every week or two with my dad, or on the golf course, or with a friend on his boat. I used to enjoy it. The summer after my quit, probably around 250 days, I smoked a cigar on 2 occasions. I hated it and haven't had one since and have no urge to. You'll probably be surprised down the road when you don't like it, I was. It's our own quit, we set up our own rules and guidelines. What works for one person may not work for another. Is it stupid to smoke a cigarette or cigar, especially early in a quit? Hell yeah. Is it a cave? That's up to our own individual minds. Just my .02
  24. it was only a matter of time before the rink got cleaned up, I'll find my goalie pads and then fire away. I mean how fast can a penguin shoot anyw........ hey at least let me put my helmet on first.
  25. ahhh shit!!! Who let you in? j/k Good to see ya Capt.
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