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    The Cafe - 2012

    I am glad you are recognizing the lies. Right now the secret is really no secret. Just put your head down and keep going. It gets better. I see you are posting in your group, and that is good. Adds to accountability. Have you started collecting contact numbers? They really work if you use them Today, just keep on quitting.
  2. Muddler

    The Cafe - 2012

    Welcome to quitting. Stick close to the site the next few days. Read, post, read, post, rant, rave. Just keep quitting.
  3. Just gotta say - Congrats on the 1,700. Well done!

  4. Glad you are here, now it is time to make this quit stick. #1 - Get over to the May 2011 group and post roll call. Don't worry about getting the post right. Get your name there. Those of us that have been around look for the new quitters there first. That is the place for support. There are already three new quitters and they would love to share misery with you. #2 - Stick around here and read, post, rant, rave, read, post #3 - Determine in your heart that there is nothing that can compel you to dip. Then make it happen. #4 - Post some more #5 - Congratulate yourself on being quit so long already #6 - Post again #7 - Embrace the Suck. You will never have to go through it again. This is the last time you will ever have to feel this crappy because of your nicotine addiction #8 - Have you posted yet and started to get to know your fellow quitters? #9 - Get involved here. The more involved you are, the more people get to know about you, the more you trust your fellow quitters, the more your fellow quitters trust you - the harder it is to cave. #10 - Keep quitting - no matter what.
  5. This post is for all you nicotine addicts out there right now that are lurking, reading and shopping this site and considering to finally, really and truly quit your Skoal or Cope or Kodiak or whatever. You have several thoughts going through your head. You are thinking you have quit before and always failed, or you are thinking that you just want one more holiday with your dip friend, or you are thinking that one more week of dipping and then you can quit with the New Year. You are thinking those are the perfect times to quit. I call B.S.! Now is the time to quit. There will never, ever be a "perfect" time to quit, but it is ALWAYS a good time to quit. Do it now. Quit now and get an early start on a new life. Next week, when the New Year Resolution quitters start showing up, you will be a week into the quit and the one the others can look to. You can be the one that has survived the week 1 craves. You can be the one that has the most recent and vivid experiences. You can be the one that proves once again that quitting and controlling a nicotine addiction is possible. One week, does it make a difference? You bet it does.
  6. Hey Law, You know what to do. Post up - and I got your back. Mudd
  7. Could I at least get a hug from your avatar?
  8. Hey, congrats man. I will be there myself someday. Reading things like this keeps us all going. Still not gaining on you! Keep it up!
  9. Same here. 16 days quit. I was never a completely sound sleeper but now I am awake 4 or 5 times a night. Also, I have fairly intense chest pains at least once a night. This was not happening BMQ. I have had check ups recently and I was in fine shape. Maybe an over the counter sleep aid. Nothing serious like a prescription but just one of those you can buy at the drug store. Talk to your Dr., if you can. I had trouble sleeping around days 5-12, I don't think it's completely done and imagine I'll still have some restless nights. I took half a dose of tylenol PM to keep me groggy...if I woke up during the night I could fall back to sleep easier. I knew I wasn't going to get a way from it, but believe me it does pass. It's better if you know and accept that you'll miss some sleep over the next few nights. For me the worst part wasn't longer than a week. Good Luck. As a licensed pharmacist working in the mental health field, I see a lot of sleep disorders and treatments. Our MDs strongly promote good sleep hygiene, and discourage the use of controlled substances for sleep (Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril / Temazepam, Benzos). If you feel like you have to take something to help your insomnia, I can reccommend diphenhydramine aka benadryl at bedtime. I would start with 12.5mg and you can take up to 50mg. Benadryl is the "PM" part of Tylenol PM. You really don't need the acetaminophen (tylenol) part of it unless you are in pain. Here is a link to sleep hygiene info I mentioned above: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/display/ar...e/10168/1498214 My sleep has been messed up also, but mine is related to the 5 month old that can't sleep through the night yet! Hope this info helps. If you are using caffeine - Stop! Your old buddy nicotine blunted the effects of caffeine and now that you are nic free, you are experiencing what caffeine is supposed to do. For me the lack of sleep was the single hardest thing to overcome in my early quit. Give yourself some time. Starbucks will still be in business in two weeks. On the other hand, a 10 minute nap works wonders. Just keep quitting.
  10. Actually, this is a serious consideration. One of the reasons I continued to chew for 33 years was because I could "justify" my continued use. When I tried to quit, I ate up all the money I would have saved. When I continued to chew, I would say, "Well, at least I'm not....." (fill in the blank) Try to re-group and not substitute one thing for another. We are human beings. God gave us the power of choice. "Don't Buy It, Don't Bum IT and Don't Put It In Your Mouth!" You will survive and it does get better. - The World According to Truckerick What you are feeling now is not going to be how you are feeling in 60 days. When I first quit, I spent more money on seeds, candy and gum then I did on dip. That lasted about a month then my need for the other stuff started to dwindle. by 60 -75 days I only had the chewing gum and only used it on occasion. Keep the dip out of your mouth and you find the rest will take care of itself. Try big ol' Toostsie Pops. You feel a little silly buying them (in a good way) but stick those suckers in your cheek and just suck on them. They last forever, they are fairly cheap, you can pop them out to have a normal conversation with someone, and you get good luck if you get the indian shooting the star with his bow on the wrapper! Cotton Balls. The worked for me. I simply tore off a dip sized piece of cotton and packed it between my cheek and gum. I didn't find anything that mimicked the feel of a dip as well. Early on I would splash a little mouthwash on for the extra zing, but the truth of the matter was I didn't crave flavor, I craved the feel of something between my cheek and gum. As far as cost . . . a one pound bag of cotton balls is pretty cheap. Over three years later most of that bag is still there. I even have a couple of cotton balls bouncing around my desk at work. I don't need them, but on the occasions when I am digging around looking for something, it is pleasant to have them pop up. It reminds me of how far I have come.
  11. There he goes - flashing his Peterbilt again.
  12. Whether he joins or not, you are correct. It has to be his choice, as the quit must be. Many have said here (and I will agree), if you are quitting for someone else (wife, kids, girlfriend, etc.) *first*, it probably won't work. Gotta be for yourself first. I think that's the main reason why it's working for me THIS time (believe me, this is not the first time I've 'tried' to quit). Please just tell him that there are lots of us here going through the same thing, and it really does help to have brothers and sisters like this (yep, we have a female dipper in our July quit group). If he is willing to chat with me or almost anyone here personally on the phone, I'm willing and just about anyone here would be willing to discuss this experience. Most people out there don't understand - we all do. Send a personal message in here for phone numbers, or if you don't know how just ask in here and I/we will get them to you. If you are his "accountability" then maybe he doesn't need the extra support. My habit was pretty much a secret from my wife so I didn't have that kind of support at home. This site helped a lot. Happy quitting. It is hard to truly grasp what help this site can provide. Most of us will never meet face to face. Most of us will never even talk over the phone. (Although - you will meet and talk to some) BUT we all get what this addiction can do. I joined this site because I was desperate. I had failed quitting more times than I can count, but I wanted it. I wanted to quit. The little extra nudge from people who are only names, avatars and fonts of wisdom make it possible to quit. There will be no thought, emotion or action that is foreign to us here. If I didn't experience what the quitter next to me did, the guy on my other side did. Encourage your husband to join. It doesn't mean that he is weak because he uses this site. It means he is smart enough to use every tool possible to beat an addiction - one of the strongest known.
  13. I am so glad to hear that you are still doing well. Oxy is nasty stuff. Very addictive and none of us here need to be messing with something like that. Our bodies are too receptive. Keeping the quit alive with you.
  14. Well, I wasn't sure what Cinco de Mayo was, but I didn't expect to get a detailed history lesson. Now my brain hurts. Remind me never to ask about Quanza...err...Kwonzuh....I mean...Cwansa...ummm....Earth Day! Well, I'll tell you what. Y'all better not have anything bad to say about International Tuba Day!!! Not that anyone probably cares - but today is No Socks Day.
  15. Hey, this goes out to all of you that are just surfing the net and found us. If you are sick and tired of being controlled by that little can of poison, take the plunge and quit today. We have a new group of quitters in the August 2010 group. They would love to have you join up and beat the addiction with them. This is doable. It really is. You didn't find this site by accident. You want to quit. You need to quit. Do it.
  16. Drooldog, msk & QuitorDie - Get yourselves over to the June HOF Quit Group. Everyone there is less than a month into their quits too. Misery loves company and that is the place to be.
  17. Congrats on surviving the latest crave. I know it isn't easy. Coming here to post certainly helps. Exposing the crave to words absolutely makes it weaker. Have you gotten any contact numbers yet? They can make a huge difference. As far as the day counter, it seems to have left when the holiday decorations showed up. I am guessing that it will be back soon.
  18. I disagree. I think some of the people that know best about how great it is are old timers. Trust me, none of them are about to scoff at your three days. No one, Honestly- well, except maybe Truckerick. But that's him. Keep Plugging away! (No clue what that means but yeah!) Three days is huge. Do not sell yourself short. Three days is the time it takes to get the nicotine processed out of your body. The real healing is about to start. You will crave, but you never need to go back. Each day, each hour, each minute that you stay quit makes you stronger and takes you a step further away from active addiction. Get today done nic-free. That is your job today. The truth is that is all any of us do that are quitting. We all quit one day at a time. It doesn't matter if you are quitting for day 4 or day 820. We are all one dip away from reawakening a full blown active addiction. It is just easier for me.
  19. I'll buy a can of Cope when TR paints a Chinese flag on his truck. Any others out there? I wouldn't buy a can, even if TR tattooed the Chinese flag on his tally-whacker!
  20. Most don't use it too long, but I did. I used it for 3-4 months, then quit for a few weeks, then went back to it when I had some tough cravings, stopped again, used again for a while (when I was eating too much and wanted something other than snacks for the oral fixation), then stopped. I don't recall the last time I used it (Smokey Mountain snuff), but it's probably been almost 2 years. I just recently hit the 3 year quit mark. I know at least one guy with more days that still uses the fake snuff occasionally. I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you. But for me, even the fake snuff was causing my gums to recede and my teeth to stay an off-white color. Plus, I don't feel like a hick with a dip in my lip and a cup on my desk, even if it's just the fake crap. The important thing is to keep tobacco and/or nicotine products out of your mouth. Congrats on 3 weeks without tobacco! I started back up on SMC last week. Bought 2 cans - 1 classic, 1 wintergreen and mixed them. I have gone through half a can worth in the past week I actually didn't use the fake stuff. My substitute was cotton balls. They mimicked the feel of a dip better than anything else. I don't know how long I used them. It seemed like a long time but my need and the use just gradually faded away. Like killer said, don't worry about how long you use a substitute, just stay away from the nicotine.
  21. I think you will find that Ohioman has given you some good advice, direction and links. Now get yourself quit!
  22. The key is, Never Dip Again. Easy to say, not so easy to do. So instead of quitting forever, just quit for the day. Join and post up in the January 2010 group. Make yourself accountable, make yourself known. Post, rant, read, encourage, post, rage against the hold nicotine has on your life. All of us still quit one day at a time. Just one isn't a possibility. Time to post up and begin the fight. It can be done.
  23. I am not sure I fully understand the question, but that doesn't seem to be stopping me form answering. Boredom? From what exactly? Quitting? I think I might say - "Good for you." I didn't feel the talons of boredom until around day 80. That can be a scary time. It is starting to get too easy perhaps. You need to remember that the Nic bitch is not through with you (or me for that matter). One dip is not OK. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Every day is a quit day. Quit for today. As far as boredom. It is never too early to get your name and avatar out there. Go visit EVERYONE. You are a member of Dec. 2009, but we all like visitors. If you get to every group and offer support or wise-ass comments - you will be remembered - you will add to your accountability. It helps you stay quit. Now as far as anxiety - I get that. I failed at quitting more times than I will ever know. I truly believed that being able to quit was an impossibility for me. This site made the difference. By posting, ranting, being a smartass, and offering support, I was able to make failure such an "uncomfortable" proposition that I am still quit. Use this site. Post. Become visible. In fact become selfish. Make your quit the most important part of your day. If you do that, you will not only be making yourself stronger, you will be helping others in ways you can't see. The secret? Just quit. One day at a time.
  24. WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS ON 14 DAYS of FREEDOM! Yes, you can do this. Close the door on dip and look only forward. One hour, one crave, one day at a time and you will get FREE of the nicotine slave master. Lots of living proof on this forum. Euty ~ Day 1,083 Nicotine-FREE Ditto to Euty... For me, the best of the multitude of tools on this site, is posting roll every day. It is the accountability. When you post roll, you are giving a promise not to dip today. Not tomorrow, not next week, just today. Since you have come this far, go another step and go to your quit group, the November 2009 Hall of Fame group. Go in and introduce yourself, then post roll call. There, you will meet others that are about the same time into their quits as you are. You will hit your hall of fame (100 days without a dip) sometime in November. You can vent, yell, rant, ask questions, exchange phone numbers, and all sorts of things to help. You can encourage others, and get encouragement when you need it. Again, for me, the accountability is the best of all the tools. I know that if I stop posting roll call, there are a few guys in there that will be calling me and asking why. I would do the same for them. Head on over there and say hi. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just stay quit today. When tomorrow comes, it comes. BINGO! Serenity Man has hit it exactly. Quitting is easier - not easy - when you can share the experience. Come on over and make yourself a member of the November group.
  25. It's a crutch and it's a scam. We're all looking for "an easier softer way" but the fact is.. nicotine is a task master. When you decide to break the bonds.. it doesn't matter how you do it. When you decide to burn the bridge, (boats or whatever) it becomes a daily, personal commitment to us. Get up, suit up and show up. Don't buy it, don't bum it and don't put it in your mouth. Simple but not easy. If you want more... just send me a PM. Don't know what that is? Take time to figure it out. I ain't your momma. If it is working - good. Here is the problem though. You are addicted to nicotine, the patch is providing you with your fix, although at a reduced level. Even if you follow the directions perfectly, sooner or later you will need to kick nicotine out of your life and face withdrawals. You will find most, but not all of us here, have gone cold turkey. It was painful, frustrating and even a little scary, but it is totally doable. So, if you plan to continue with the patch - follow the directions. If you want quicker results - rip off the band-aid in one quick motion. Which ever you pick - stay quit and keep the dip out of your lip.
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