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  1. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. The balance has been donated.
  2. Congrats to Donnie for hitting the 31st floor!!!

  3. Still wandering where other members see this content.

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      I guess I found that you can see it on the "Activity" page.  But how many people are keeping an eye on that page?

  4. Just exploring the new site.  Wandering where the Status Update goes.

  5. April 5, 2010 I have put in over 200 training miles so far and just finished a 10 mile race on Saturday. But now I am dealing with achilles tendonitis. I have been nursing the injury for a couple of weeks and it has got better. Running the 10 miler wasn't the smartest thing in the world but I knew I needed to run the miles just for training anyway. I was fine the first 5 miles, then the pain started and got worse the further I went. I guess I am too stuborn to quit and I finished without ever stopping to walk. I don't have too many training miles left to run before the big race on April 24th. I will go through a bunch of ice and advil in the meantime.
  6. I have never been much of a runner. In my younger days, I hated running laps in gym or football practice. I really was never concerned about physical fitness and only worked out to try to lose weight (and that meant money was invovled). Two years ago, when work started a wellness program, I was the ultimate couch potato. About the only exercise I got was walking 9 holes of golf. So after taking a liking to the fitness bug, I decided to start running in some races (KillerAttorney kinda inspired me). I have been running in at least one race a month since last March. I thought I would just run 5k's to keep me motivated to stay in running shape. But I have run a couple of 10k's as well. A few weeks ago, a trainer at the gym talked me into running in a half-marathon in late April. I must be crazy but I know it would be a big moment for this couch potato if I can finish the race. I started training with a group at the gym. Just hope these old knees can hold up to all the miles they want us to run. We haven't run more than 5 miles yet but it won't be too long before the Saturday runs are 10 miles. So, why run a half-marathon, why now when I'm 45 years old. First, my health, which is also the main reason for that I quit dipping more than 2 years ago. Second, I am trying to set a good example for my kids. My two youngest need to be more active, so hopefully, the example I am setting will eventually rub off on them. My 12 year old son did run one race with me back in the fall, the last three have been in some pretty cold weather, so I hope he will go again when it warms up. So what is my point. Running for me is 95% mental, there is a lot of statisfaction in jogging a 10k race without ever walking. But it is a constant battle of "You can do it" and "You can't do it" in my mind. Luckily, it only last as long as the race. Those first few months of quitting that mental battle is 24 hours a day. It can be done, I am living proof. The good thing is eventually, the battle gets to be much easier. I wouldn't say that you can win the race but as long as you are not dipping you can't lose unless you give up. So don't give up. Keep on Keepin on. Dipstick22
  7. Well, I hit the 6th floor today. Wow, 600 days without a dip. I used to not go 600 seconds without a dip. The little over an hour spent in Church each week was the longest waking time span spent without having to grab the ole can of crappendoodle. One of my quit brothers and fellow Dip Sleigher, Mr. Muddler kinda of spurred a thought today. In the roll call today, he wrote "Muddler - 604 - Congrats,dipstick. Feels good doesn't it!?". Well as a matter of fact it feels just great. I also lost 35 pounds over the last year. I get lots of compliments on my weight loss but if my wife or kids are around they almost always mention that I have quit dipping as well. I absolutely LOVE THAT. It means that they are just as happy as I am with the new tobacco free me. In my 30+ years of dipping, I never truly believed I would ever be able quit. As a matter of fact, I really didn't want to quit until the day I quit. I mean come on why would I quit something that I loved so much, it was part of my personality. As always, I want to keep my guard up, I know there have been many that have made it this far and caved. I don't want to be that guy, so for me it is still ONE DAY AT A TIME. I love the guys in my quit group and enjoy the fellowship with them but the main reason I come back to QSSN everyday is to make the promise that "I will not dip today". We still have five Dip Sleighers that post roll call nearly everyday. Some of the other guys come back occasionally to let us know they are still quit. But for me, for the forseeable future, I will be here because I am still doing this ONE DAY AT A TIME. Dipstick22
  8. Well I can't say I am on my way of meeting my goal of getting my body fat % below 20 percent, but I have made some progress since August. I wanted to be close to 170 pounds by Thanksgiving. Since August 12 I have only lost an additional 5 pounds but I have lowered my body fat % from 25% to 21.8% which is a pretty good drop. Diet has been the main issue, at first I just thought it was the extra birthday parties and football season snacks. A week at Disney World didn't help much either. The a couple of weeks ago I went back to counting calories. I figured out that I was eating too much everyday. Without really paying attention, I had replaced the carrots and fruit snacks with some reduced fat Sun Chips. The chips aren't really bad for you, but only if you keep the portion size down. I was eating 3 or 4 portions a day. Soooooo, I cut out the Sun Chips and I have started dropping a little more weight. I hope to be around 174 by Thanksgiving. That should be a good place to be before the holidays.
  9. The Ryder Cup is certainly an international event. I was surprise at the number of Europeans that traveled to Kentucky for the event. Who would have thought that two country boys like Kenny Perry and J.B. Holmes would take to the stage so well. Boo Weekly stole the show from everyone. He was the crowd favorite with "Booooooooooos" heard all over the golf course. I have been to 10 other golf tournaments (the Masters will be someday) but this one was by far the most enjoyable for me. The format of the Ryder Cup matches really change your mentality. Cheering for a team is more fun than just cheering for two or three golfers as individuals. Some of the things I was able to witness first hand: * Sergio hitting a ball into the water on #7 on Sunday to the cheers of the crowd. When he dropped another ball, one fan yelled "Hit in the water again!". Bad form, I agree, but effective because Sergio did it again then conceded the hole to Anthony Kim. * 5 Yorkshiremen (Englishman) telling me about their expliots at a local strip club. I laughed for 2 hours with those guys. * J.B. Holmes hitting multiple 375+ yard drives. All I can say is WOW! * Watched 3 US singles match wins (Kim, Perry, Weekly) * I saw Elvis. I didn't know he was from Europe. * I gave George H Bush a handshake. I can't talked today my voicebox is worn out from cheering yesterday. Go USA!!! That was a blast.
  10. WOW!!!!! What a day!!! Europe got off to a fast start during the morning and afternoon rounds. But the USA team fought back to take a Day 1 lead, 5 1/2 to 2 1/2. Justin Leonard and Hunter Mayhan were a fantastic team. Boo Weekley was the entertainment for the whole crowd with some great birdies on the back nine int he afternoon round. JB Holmes was hitting 370+ drives all day. I was surprised at the size of the European crowd. The have great representation, including, 15 guys dressed as Leprechan's running all over the course. It was a pretty long day, so I going to nod off now. More tomorrow.
  11. My son and I had a great day at the golf course today. My son was able to get autographs from most of the USA team. I would say that the only uptight golfer seemed to be Mickleson. Everyone else was playing the crowd at some level. The two Kentucky home boys put on a show. I saw J.B. Holmes blast a drive about 360 on the 2nd hole. Kenny Perry was sticking shots close on all of his approaches into greens. The USA team played an alternate shot format today which was interesting to watch. It was a beautiful day at Valhalla. This event should be really exciting. The rough is cut pretty low so most golfer should be too worried about getting into trouble by hitting the ball long. The risk isn't as bad as it was back at the PGA Championship in 2000. Unfortunately, I won't make it tomorrow, so I am sending my son back as a proxy for me.
  12. The official practice starts today for both teams in the wake of the Ike wind storm on Sunday. Although, I realize that many more are suffering in TX, the Louisville area had 70+ MPH winds on Sunday and damage is wide spread. The biggest problem is getting power. 48 hours after the storm and 200,000+ have no power, including me (I am at a customers site today). No worries though at Vahalla. They have big generators. Surprisingly they only had minor damage at the golf course. A TV camera tower fell on the 12th green, but was repaired right away. I couldn't believe the tents they have set up survived the wind storm. Kenny Perry has practiced multiple days over the last week so he should be ready. A few other players from the USA team practiced on Saturday. Boo Weekly and John Holmes (or JB) were see around town over the weekend. My friend Batman is using our tickets today to take his son to the practice round. I will take my son tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. Just praying for electricity at home and the office.
  13. I traveled to Gulf Shores Alabama on Thursday night with my wife and another couple. We knew going in that there was a good chance that Hurricane Gustav was going to play the spoiler. The trip down was pretty uneventful until we tried to get into our condo. The code we were given to open the door would not work. After a few phone calls, the security company called the owner of the real estate company at 3AM. He got the code worked out and we finally got into the condo at 4:30AM. At last, I got to sleep in a bed. The Friday and Saturday were two great days at the beach. The weather, beach, and beer were all good. Early Sunday morning, I woke up the sound of high winds and surf. When I looked out to the beach the waves were getting bigger and the winds was blowing pretty good. The beach service was out packing up all the chairs. So we knew at that point we would be leaving a day early. We went out to breakfast and on our way back we heard that the Governor of Alabama called for mandatory evacuation of the coastal areas. I had become an evacuee for the very first time. Not a big deal, we packed up and were on the road in an hour. Traffic wasn’t too bad driving up I-65. They were getting everything ready to make the south bound lanes go north. Much to my wife’s disappointment we never got to drive on the wrong side of the road. We made it just over 300 miles, or half way back to Kentucky when the real fun started. The left rear tire blew out on the car. We made it safely to the emergency lane. I changed the tire and then we realized that the rear suspension was totally messed up and the other rear tire was about to go too. After a couple of hours of trying to find tires and a place to mount them, we gave up and went to a closed GM dealership. Surprisingly, no tire stores in Cullman Alabama are open on Sundays J. So our next option was to get a rental car. The closest rental car company was in Huntsville. Give up to Enterprise for driving 50 miles one-way to pick us up. We finally made it back to my cousin’s house in Kentucky about 3AM Monday morning. Not exactly the weekend I had planned but we made it back home in one piece. I really hoped to make a big deal about my 1 year Quit anniversary. I got the best present of all. My wife remembered and told me how proud of me for making it a whole year. That was all the celebration I needed. I guess I get to ride back down to Cullman Wednesday or Thursday after they fix the car. No dip for me today.
  14. The week prior to the Ryder Cup there is another international golf event being held in Kentucky, just down the road from Valhalla. The Fightmaster Cup is a Ryder Cup style event for golfers who only have one arm. The Fightmaster Cup is played just like the Ryder Cup. There are 12 players from North America and 12 from Europe. You can read more about the particulars by clicking on the link. I know a couple of players from the North American team. I played in a scramble during the NAOAGA Championship a few years ago. One of my brothers best friends was the National Champion a few years ago. These golfers are all pretty amazing and not just on the golf course. Most of them score in the high 70's or low 80's. But the thing that amazed me the most is how they work with the kids that come to their events. They are trying to show them that they can accomplish pretty much anything in life by using golf as an example. My brother's friend is Scott Lusk. He doesn't let anything slow him down and I have never seen him complain about his condition (well, he did complain when he fell off his roof while making roof repair and broke both of his legs). Many people will ask Scott about his golf handicap. His answer is always, "Hell, I only have one arm". Funny guy. You think the PGA guys are good, tie one hand behind their back and see what happens. I just may have more fun watching this tourney. I will be up close because I will be on the course as a volunteer.
  15. The 2008 Ryder Cup will be held just a few miles from my house in September. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to get tickets. A college buddy of mine, Batman, and I had over 30 entries in the lottery draw and only 1 got selected. The good news is we got week long passes and we get to see a great event. One thing to is going to bite about the whole thing is we have to drive 26 miles to get to the parking area. Only to take a 20 mile bus ride back over to Valhalla (the golf club). Like I said I only live a few miles from the golf course. I am currently exploring other options, namely, trying to meet someone who lives closer than me so we can walk on to the course. I am pretty excited about the event. Especially, since fellow Kentuckian Kenny Perry is going to be on the USA Team. If anybody is going to be in town for the Ryder Cup, give me a shout. I would love to spend a dipless day with you cheering on the USA Team. I will post some more detail as the event gets closer. And for those Golf fans, I will try to post daily to give you an inside view of what is happening on the golf course. Dipstick
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