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  1. Despite all the up's and down's of life..... I'm still quit.  It ain't easy but it's simple.... "if you don't put it in your mouth, then you won't chew it."  I rant and rave, cuss, hollar and carry on...... but one thing I won't do.... put Copenhagen or any other tobacco or "Faggot Vapor Shit" in my mouth / system / veins or what-have-you.

  2. Staying "QUIT" to serve you better!

    1. Truckerick


      Yep.... 10 years +  "No Brag, Just Fact"


  3. I AM the person your Mother warned you about!


  4. Good Man! I'm pretty much the same asshole I've always been....just not chewing. 10 years+ I now have other people to torment instead of you guys trying to quit. I wish you well.
  5. "Don't Buy It, Don't Bum It...and Don't Put It In Your Mouth!" (by the same token.... don't put your penis in a vagina.... and chances are... you won't impregnate another human being.)
  6. So.... As I sit here basking in 5 years of quit... I don't come to you this evening to brag... On the contrary, I come here to wish you well. I am swirling in a hot-tub full of quit, surrounded by friends who have also discovered the freedom that this site provides. I wish you well. "Come on in, the water's warm!"
  7. It's not "Easy" being "US." It's even harder if you're carrying "Baggage." I just want to thank all the Veterans from every service. I wish you well. If you're fighting the tobacco demon, we're here to help you. We are "truly" a "Band of Brothers!" I wish you well! - Truckerick
  8. It's hard to admit it, but you define your addiction, don't let your addicion define you. Are you an addict? Yes. Are you still using? No. Good, you know what you are then? A recovering addict. There's a big difference when you put the word, "recovering" in front of addict. Here are the other combonations: Are you an Addict? No. Are you still using? Yes. What are you? Naive. Are you an addict? Yes, Are you still using? Yes. What are you? A shithead Congrats on your hundred days, Phil! (obviously celebrating)
  9. Nor do I. It's a decision we make each and every day.
  10. It's not easy being us. You may take offense at what's being said at times. Just roll with it. The important thing is.... If you don't put it in your mouth, then, you won't chew it. "Simple but not Easy."
  11. I'm a "Dick" and I know it. Now that we've gotten that out of the way..... I wish you well on your "Quit Journey." If I happen to stop by your group, rest assured.. I have your best interest in mind. "You may not Like Me... but... the more you HATE me, the More you will Learn!
  12. I can't resist.....Reach down between your legs. Quit being a "victim." If you have balls you'll quit. If not...... you'll keep making excuses. - The World According to Truckerick
  13. Actually, It's quite fun. As your days gather, you can take the opportunity to help others.
  14. Welcome Singlecam! Congrats on nearly 2 months of your quit. I was 10 days into my quit when I found this site. Now, I've got nearly 3 years without nicotine. You are past the roughest spot, but you still have some curves ahead. You may get bored and complacent one day and think that "just one" will be ok. But it will become "just one more" and "just the rest of the can".... we've all been there, Just for some added tools, why not head over to the April 2012 Hall of Fame group and introduce yourself? Lots of solid quitters there that would love to have you walk along side them to help support each other. Accountability is a great tool this site has to offer. Single Cam..... SOHC it to me! You sound like my kind of quitter!
  15. Well, No Shit? What have we got here? Emm, I truly want you to succeed... and "Yes," I DO Care! "Let the encouragement begin!" (check out the "encouragement" I give below)
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