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  1. Nice to have another Buckeye here. I see there's at least 3 Middletowns in Ohio (plus a couple of Middletons). I'm about a couple of hours south of Columbus. You said you have caved a few times since you first quit. Is this the first time you've registered on this site, or have you been here before under a different screen name? Never been on any site like this before. I am 30 minutes north of Cinci on 75. The biggest Middletown in Ohio. And for any other Buckeyes in here, O-H !! I - O!!!
  2. Today is just a normal day for some people.. Today is special for others. For me it marks my 1 year of being quit. And that my friend makes this a very special day. You can do this too!!! Steve Steve, Congrats on 1 year! Keep it up!
  3. Yeah I think that Jenny Kern's letter is one of the most emotional letter and could really help a lot of people if they have a family or kids and read it often, especially in the earlier days of their quit. Big Red Waited in Live Chat for you
  4. As I said in my PM Red, honesty is the only way. I have nothing against you, I only want you to be honest with the people that you are dealing with...
  5. One is too many and a thousand is never enough! Yeah, I got one of those allergies to alcohol that causes me to not be able to stop once I start. I have found it makes life a lot easier to just not start at all! As one old-timer told me once: "I have an allergic reaction to alcohol, every time I drink it I break out in handcuffs." Stick around and don't drink today Big Red! Just like the chew thing, you only have to do it one day at a time bro! Member Group: Members Posts: 425 Joined: 9-June 08 From: Texas Member No.: 3,821 Quit Date:06-25-2008 QUOTE (GeoMan @ Jun 24 2008, 05:07 PM) Any brewers in here? I brew my own beer with a buddy of mine. The next batch is going to be an octoberfest! I am going to enjoy it in october to celebrate my HOF! Big Red
  6. We are not here to stress anyone, we are all under stress. Quitting is a choice. Why not quit. To not is not right.
  7. Oh no, there are plenty of us I think. We all know it's incredibly gross, so you hide it from those you may want affection from. Thing is, I think my wife knew, but also knew it was something I had to defeat and that bringing it up would be counter-productive. Hopefully it remains part of the forgotten lore of our first month together and is buried forever. All I know is, I hated hiding it, and being dishonest, worrying about getting caught with flecks in my mouth, ring-on-the-ankle from carrying it in my sock, etc. Feels pretty dumb, in retrospect, to let it rule your life that way. And as to the welder, I'm not sure which model yet, although I'm nostalgic for an old Lincoln arc-welder like I grew up on. I already have a mental list of projects. There are many ninja's, you never know who might be one, I was for 25 miserable years
  8. No experience with Zyban. The only question I have is why not quit today, right now? There is no time like the present. By quitting now, you will avoid some of the mind games that will undoubtedly be played leading up to your quit date. If not, well, I hope we all see you back here posting roll on the 30th. Good luck to you my friend. I am waiting a few days so that my wife and daughter will be gone on a vacation for ten days. I quit the day they leave, so that as the anger and frustration builds, they won't have to deal with the SOB I can become. In the past, I've caved because of this. During the days leading up, I am disrupting my patterns of use, making sure I don't take a dip at my regular times, and am spending quite a bit of time reading posts here, writing in a journal, and doing my best to prepare. The last time I quit, I went through a process like this and it really helped. I quit for over three years and then blew it all. We all need to remember that quit or not, we will always be addicts! Thanks for your reply. ccw I used chantix for a little while and it helped get past those first few weeks. You have to take it for a week and then quit. Good luck and come on in for some help if you want it! If you are sincere and are ready to quit you will do it now
  9. http://quitsmokeless.org/products/hofcoin.php
  10. QSSN Roll Call May 21, 2008 Temporary Roll Call For EVERYONE Until The IPS Driver Error Gets Fixed! No order...no supporter section....just everyone feel free to post their days here Killerattorney (Jan 2007 quit group) - day 599 Copper (May 2008 quit group) - Day 118. Good thinking, Killer HatTrick (May 2008 quit group) - day 119 Rodeo Timer (Dec 2007 quit group) - day 614 Truckerick - (Jan. 08) - Day 220 BackHome (June 2008 quit group) - Day 89. Berf-(Nov2007 quit group) Day 294 arbcubed (Feb '05 group tobaccofree) Day 1298 (April '05 group nicfree) Day 1228 HeyWadsworth (June 2008) - day 80 medic103--day 132 Jonah- day 10 Moses - Day 45 JJ1- (November 2007)252 John Mc - (November 2007) 279 Yo JJ, Thanks KA STB- CCXC 290 (November 2007) Yo JJ, Berf, and John Mc.... conzach June 08 day 73
  11. 5 posts, are you for real or a tool of the.....
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