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  1. tm - ten years as of tomorrow 08.31.2019 - when I started this journey you all were the inspiration that it can be done. Never thought I would make it past the first couple days, kept coming here to log days. have not been posting regularly for a good while, but I am still quit.
  2. tm - 3652 - one day out from 10 years quit. been awhile since I posted, do not want to mess it all up so just trying this box at the bottom. still quit. ODAAT.
  3. one day out from 10 years - still quit
  4. one day out from 10 years - still quit
  5. I will take a stab at answering your questions from my point of view. Brief summary of my story: started dipping around 17 or 18 in HS. went on and off (mostly on) for about 21 or 22 years. ninja dipped (or i thought I was) once i got married in 96. set quit dates for graduate college, graduate law school, take bar exam, pass bar exam, birth of all three of my kids. hit rock bottom 08.30.2009 (wife caught me with dip on fingers and in teeth, again). much drama. ended up having to call my parents and my siblings (both doctors, one an ENT) at wife's insistence cause she could not help me and she needed help dealing with it from them. if I did not call, she would. came back to QSSN after failing earlier in 2009. 2056 days later I still try to post most days to quit for today. What drove you to quit? See above. my rock bottom was truly when my wife said to me I trust you in everything implicitly except when it comes to tobacco. How did you start your quit, cold turkey or cutting down? Cold Turkey. It sucks ass. the first few days are hell. you can get through it. lots of articles on here about the stages of the quit journey in the first 100 days. How did you choose a quit date? just did it. no taper. my advice to you is if you really want to quit. no time like the present. there are always going to be stressors in your life to put off quitting. that is mere justification and your addiction to nicotine speaking. I can't do it now because of X. those never go away. just do it. How did you receive help from your friends? I came here. this place is unique in that you go through the first stages with your group and are supported by men and women who have gone through exactly what you are/will go through. they know what its like. they understand the craves, the rage, the fog cause they have done or are doing exactly what you are doing. plus I had told people so many times I was quitting it had become a joke. How did you deal with the side effects of quitting and still be able to perform at work or school? you suck it up and do it. there are ways to deal with the withdrawal. for me it was a lot of exercise, a lot of water, stuffing my face with crappy food, etc. one thing I did a lot of was put a green tea bag where dip used to go. it satisfied the oral fixation for me long after the nicotine is actually out of your system. that's the thing, the physical side is over quickly (relatively speaking), its the mental side that can F you up. I really just want to know how to start because it is my time to end this habit and I am terrified of the side effects but I need the final result. for me it was just hitting that rock bottom moment of my wife saying she did not trust me. that did it. the big thing that that forced me to do was to admit to myself that I was completely and utterly addicted to nicotine. that was hard. don't let pride get in the way of that step. I think it was necessary for me to do that. Also, do not quit for someone else, quit for yourself. that way when the shit hits the fan you won't have what like to call the Fuck It/You Dip (i.e. getting pissed off or in an argument and you say, well F you, I did this for you, so I'll show you, I will start dipping again since i never really wanted to quit in the first place). There is no time like today to quit. Quit for today only. Wake up tomorrow. Decide then if you quit for today as well. tm - 2056
  6. your goal is not to quit for life, it is to quit for today and today only, then decide to do it again the next day. the result could be being quit for life, but each and every day you need to decide to be quit for one 24 hour period (and if you sleep 6-8 hours a night it's actually only consciously quitting for 16-18 hours). Re hiding from your wife, I speak from hard experience here, she knows. you may think you have been ninja, so did I, but they know. tm - 2035
  7. "...The gist is that caving is not a single act. It is a series of little actions leading to the full cave. After each action we have the choice of saying "Screw You Nic Bitch!" So it isn't as simple as "caving" it is a complicated series of mistakes, at least 11: 1. Deciding to get dip 2. Getting into the car 3. Driving to the store 4. Parking at the store 5. Getting out of car 6. Walking into the store 7. Purchasing dip 8. Exit store 9. Open can 10. Grab a pinch 11. Putting pinch into mouth. So, "caving" is no simple act. It actually is a complicated series of actions strung together like beads on a string. Before or during any one of these acts, we have the power to say NOT THIS TIME...."
  8. Yes!!! I am so happy that this happened!! Congrats on your 2nd novel! Awesome CWC. Looking forward to reading the published product.
  9. Phone Number Exchange We at QSSN believe that accountability is a key factor to a successful quit. Many caves have been averted just by calling a fellow quitter when a crave is strong. If you would like to be available to exchange phone numbers, please add your name and HOF group using the ROLL CALL method. This is a closed forum, but we would encourage you not to post your phone number here, but exchange phone numbers using a PM. I am available to exchange phone numbers: Alaska1995-msg me for number to text no ones gunna be a pus and cave in this group Ohioman1972 - June 2009 No Cavemen 5-STAR - February 2012 (I know I'll make it) chuckm - May 2011, MOFO BROS Flav - March 2005 - Scan my QR Code for contact information Kacz11 - Dec 2011 Mad Quitters Phil-- December 2011 Mad Quitters (shoot me a PM with you're name and number, I'll add it, and give you a text so you can add mine Adam you send me a picture and i can send you a picture RI Quitter- December 2011 MadQuitters. Betteroff - December 2011 MadQuitters. Bazza - Feb 2012 (although I don't know what PM is or how to use it ) Scottwithoutchew- January 2012- I'll text- shoot me a PM. steve50- Feb2010 The Quit Locker Badger-Feb 2012 BLG - Feb 2012 - AIM: nodiptoday BigRed - Dec 2011 - Look at all of the MadQuitters in here. Snif, makes me proud. NSG - add me to your messenger ( hollywood100ng@gmail.com ). Copequitter - Dec 2011 Madquitters - No dipping for this group Oscar - Jan 2012 BuckyBadger - March 2012 donewithit - March 2012 stockchart 399 Feb 2010 The Quit Locker Bazza - Feb 2012 - PM = Private Message. Click on my name and then click on the "Send me a message" button. I don't a magical power to make the crave stop, but we can get through it together. ILikeMyJawButDislikeCancer - March 2012 HOF Class. shoot me a PM to exchange numbers. we'll support eachother - god knows i'll need it (only at the 24-hr mark) Y2Jimi - March 2012 - PM me to exchange Flash35-July 2011-You can contact me, plus I am the Savior of the Universe!!! Ahahhhhhhhhhhh! Clay - April 2011 PJG - April 2011 SerenityMan - Feb 2009 Beyotch Slappers. I have magical powers. PM me for a phone number. (Why does that sound dirty?) RHack13 - May 2012 ToddM -May 2012 Bearhater - Feb 2012 TheTimekeeper - May 2011, MOFO BROs TBluck- May 2012 Sic of Nic-May 2012 Rodeo Timer ~ Dec 2006 ST Nic O Frees RajunRick - Nov 2012 - Anytime, I'll listen and help. pdonohue01 - Aug 2012 - same deal - I will listen and help anyway I can Gr8ful x dipper. Oct 2012. Txt or calls, pm me for info. Wastepanel-October 2011-I'll always help anybody that gives 100% FarmChick34- September 2012-i'll always help day and night, text or call..I'm a bad ass chick quitter, willin to help anyone out! tm - Dec 2009
  10. At the moment, I have faith in its progress and prospects, but I may need your help a bit more when we have a chance to talk. No problem. Let me know what you need me to do.
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