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  1. Yeah, she told me the same thing... But I'm confused. Are you saying that, when it comes to "secks", you're the catcher? Hahaha you're a dirty dirty old man. Sigh. You either misunderstood the reference or completely ignored it. Jerk.
  2. Girlfriend says if I ever dip again no more secks..... OH and I like that now my experience and my mistakes can be used to help ward other people away from the same mistakes- I'm a catcher in the rye!
  3. Wow that's a lot. You're making the right choice. Message one of us if you feel a moment of weakness and be sure to post up. good luck.
  4. I see lots of posts, but no roll call?

  5. Piggybacking off of what Penguin said..... When I first came to QSSN, before I was SURE that I wanted to quit and SURE that I could do it and SURE I had the will to do so, I remember going through the makings of my account... When the site asked me when I wanted to make my quit date, I thought, "Oh, New Year's sounds good, I'll just enjoy myself and quit as a resolution then. Maybe I can use this site to prepare for my eventual cold turkey leap-off." It is easy to see how unbelievably deep and manipulated I was by Nicotine when I first came to QSSN. I made my first timid post in the cafe, sometime in May or June, asking what tips people could give me for my upcoming not-so-soon quit. There was a resounding boom through the Cafe- Quit NOW, don't wait! It woke me up, and gave me the courage and fire to keep quitting. Even after I failed once. As I look back on the second half of the year (a good portion of it spent quitting and freeing myself from the nic bitch,) I shudder to think what my life would be like right now if I hadn't gone through with it and decided to wait until New Years. I made a list of some key differences I thought up between what could of happened and what DID: -I would have gotten 0 girls my first semester [8 the first six weeks ] -I never would have had the opportunity to get sick of freelancing girls and try and get serious. [4 month relationship, for better or worse] -I would have lost so many friends due to my disgusting habit. As the amount of Tobacco I would need to get "that feeling" increased, so would its visibility. Ninja dipping is impossible to do forever. [friends still here, they're great!] -I would likely have ruined my gums and teeth even more than they are now, shredded by constant dipping. [just the damage that'd been done up to may, imagine another 6 months worth!] -I could have cancer. Before I hit 20. [Cancer free!] -I would lose the support of my close family and friends. [still here.] -I could have gotten an MIP for tobacco, ruining my chances of getting into many schools that I aspire to. [still have hope.] -I would not be able to eat full lunches, since a lot of my money would be swallowed up paying for dip. -When people talk about dipping tobbaco- whether using it themselves, joking about it, talking about how disgusting it is or how fun it is, whatever- I would not be able to hold my head up and say "I QUIT IT!" -I would have no moral ground to try and keep other kids my own age from trying or making a habit out of tobacco. I suppose the last two are most important to me. To be able to say I quit is such an important source of pride and sense of accomplishment. And the best way I can make up for all the wasted time is to keep other kids from making the same mistakes. So much has changed. But if I could pinpoint one of the best choices I made all year, Quitting dip would be one of the best. Even of my life, perhaps. There may be some quitters here who did what I was going to do. Hold it off until now. Regardless of what you chose to do then, this is now. Hold to your quit, because quite frankly it is tantamount to holding on for dear life. For other lurkers, who may set their quits to weeks, months, or maybe never from now, don't hesitate. get quit. You have no idea how those days you waste time making excuses on why not to start will affect your life in the future. Looking back, you can either be proud of yourself, or ashamed and humiliated. It's quite honestly your choice. This site has the tools... You can take a dipper to QSSN, but you can't make him quit. -Chris, 150 days off the tin.
  6. Hey man I know exactly what you're going through. It's hard to admit a cave after bonding with your group over the promise that you would never dip again. Get on the horse, and you should be proud that you're not giving up. You made a mistake, recognized it, fessed up, and now hopefully are gonna go right back to quitting again. The hardest part is done. Now you just have to do again what you had already done for 240 some days. One day at a time. I on behalf of QSSN forgive you and lend whatever support you need to keep your quit going. Good luck!
  7. Still here. B ball fool don't you know it's finals week? Jeez I hardly have time to breath! Dig all the new quitters though, we have some wordsmiths up in here. see if they can walk the walk too.
  8. Mar 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

    Mar 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

    Saw this and thought of you!

  9. Best of luck man. I'll pray for you, and if that doesn't work, me and Truckerick will sacrifice a goat.
  10. T, it's great that you're quitting but this quit NEEDS to be for you. Chances are it won't work if you do it for someone else. You're gonna be going through some pain here pretty quick and it's all gonna be DK's fault unless you take ownership of this quit. The "...I guess" comment also has me a bit concerned. It's almost like you're not sure that this is what you want to do. This quit needs to be for YOU and it needs to be something that YOU'RE ready to do. A quit isn't based on "luck"...it's based on hard work, dedication and comitment. Luck isn't going to keep dip out of your mouth...a conscious effort from you is. It's gonna be a rough road for you but I guarantee that it's well worth the struggle...you will be free from the thing that has you by the balls. Welcome to the site...you'll do fine. Go easy on him christ! I can kick his ass in real life anyway don't need to cybershut him down!
  11. I disagree. I think some of the people that know best about how great it is are old timers. Trust me, none of them are about to scoff at your three days. No one, Honestly- well, except maybe Truckerick. But that's him. Keep Plugging away! (No clue what that means but yeah!) Hey! I resemble that comment! Just be warned, the full line of Truckerick's Quitting Products awaits those who cave. The "new" self-loathing beat down CD is now on the market. Narrated by Truckerick with a special berating by SteveTheBuilder! (also available on cassette) Hahahaha! But seriously new quitters, watch out if you cave. He'll find you. When I caved, 3 business days after I told QSSN I got in the mail a bulk sized bottle of Truckerick's Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. Needless to say It made me never want to cave again.
  12. Dumbass. Anyway yeah he's my little bro and I'm making him quit! So be nice and help him like you helped me. I'll play my part too Way to quit little bro.
  13. I disagree. I think some of the people that know best about how great it is are old timers. Trust me, none of them are about to scoff at your three days. No one, Honestly- well, except maybe Truckerick. But that's him. Keep Plugging away! (No clue what that means but yeah!)
  14. Jump back in on that. ASAP. I have no clue why anyone would be pissed at you for caving, admitting it and coming back. If they did, they're shitty quit brothers. Because in all honesty the people that make me the most angry are the ones that never came back. So hop on the horse and rejoin the group. If you get any shit from people I'll make them cry. =]
  15. I just don't know how to condense my thoughts into a single, one word, phrase like you can SM... Same exact message, 2 different ways...and that is why we are successful! We differentiate the message for everyone to understand! Penguin you are quite loquacious. In a good way.
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