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  1. Yeah, she told me the same thing... But I'm confused. Are you saying that, when it comes to "secks", you're the catcher? Hahaha you're a dirty dirty old man. Sigh. You either misunderstood the reference or completely ignored it. Jerk.
  2. Axiom: In traditional logic, an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not proved or demonstrated but considered to be either self-evident, or subject to necessary decision. Therefore, its truth is taken for granted, and serves as a starting point for deducing and inferring other (theory dependent) truths.
  3. Girlfriend says if I ever dip again no more secks..... OH and I like that now my experience and my mistakes can be used to help ward other people away from the same mistakes- I'm a catcher in the rye!
  4. All over eldora. then go bouldering with buddies over the summer for funsies.
  5. Da Kid

    One Word Post

    constitution. restitution. okay im done!!
  6. 1.Sarah Palin (Reality Show? REALLY?) 2.T.B.O.R. Proponents (CO guys know what I'm talking about) 3.The Pope 4. Dartmouth Admission officer (if she didn't have dyslexia she would be in? WHAT) 5.Herpes
  7. Actually, your statement is incorrect. You're entitled to dislike Limbaugh or anyone you choose, but Limbaugh never said he hoped America would fail. You've gotten that from the biased media, I'd bet. What he actually said was that he wanted Obama's socialistic policies to fail. No different from when people on the left wanted Bush to fail. Did they hate America, or just the direction Bush was taking it? Limbaugh (and I) would LOVE for Obama to be successful if he was planning to cut taxes for everyone, decrease regulation, not impose government-controlled health care, defeat radical Islamic terrorists, allow the oil countries to drill for oil in this country, appoint judges who will interpret the Constitution correctly without imposing their own political bias or trying to legislate from the bench, stop illegal immigration, end political correctness, do away with affirmative action, protect the right to bear arms, stop bailing out the car companies, banks, etc....need I go on? I know this is not really a political thread, but since I listen to talk radio and know what's really being said there, versus what the mainstream liberal media reports, I felt compelled to correct the record. Now I suppose I'm going to be added to your list of people to punch in the face! There's always some right winger defending that racist anti-Semitic prick. Wow, GP is a bleeding heart liberal moron. Who would have guessed? But ya still gotta love him... he gets so mad sometimes and I don't think he always knows why.... just that there is a "freedom hater" that did something somewhere... That is an interesting description, probably fairly accurate. Jesus Christ you guys are all beating a horse skeleton give it a fucking rest
  8. Wow that's a lot. You're making the right choice. Message one of us if you feel a moment of weakness and be sure to post up. good luck.
  9. I see lots of posts, but no roll call?

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