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  1. Congrats on the 3500! Gives us something to shoot for. NDT

    1. jonny


      Thanks. Going on ten years. It can be done.

  2. My story - how I got started, how I quit, how I quit again, and again…this time for good. I’m a nicotine addict. The Nic-Bitch has had me under her thumb since I was 14. I used to be so against smoking, breaking my sister’s cigarettes, putting cigarette loads in them – what a little prick I was. Then, one day, the intellectual side of me told me I should try it. After all, ‘How can I fully understand smoking without trying it myself’? That was the first lie the Nic-Bitch told me. She took hold of me and never let me go. I was smoking a pack a day before I knew it. I remember smoking before football practice with a friend of mine, and then doing wind sprints. I told my mom and dad that I started smoking, and they let me smoke in the house. 16 years old, and a pack and a half a day habit. Two packs a day on weekends. I went to college in Kentucky, where dipping was accepted. I remember in the class right after lunch, the dippers would spit tobacco into their fast food drink containers, and drop them in the small, overflowing garbage can by the door on the way out. Gross! I decided to quit smoking by dipping. This is before the nicotine patch or gum was on the market. I figured dipping would be easier to quit than smoking. It worked. I quit smoking, and soon had a can and ½ a day Copenhagen habit. I traded one nicotine delivery system for another. Soon, it was my can of spit in the garbage can. Even with the problems nicotine cause me, I didn’t quit. I’ve put out a cigarette in my carpet (drunk, and missed the ash-tray). I’ve burned new shirts and auto carpets. The problems didn’t stop with dip either. I remember being a student teacher, and having the end of my tie drop into my spit cup. The spills on my desk, the spills on the coffee table, in the carpet, in my car. The stains on my shirt, the sores in the mouth, gagging when I’ve dipped too much… What fun! I went back and forth between smoking and dipping for a while. I’d quit often too. The first time was really easy. The second and third times, not so much. The fourth, fifth, sixth, etc...? I could quit for a week or two, and then I’d cave in to the addiction. I had convinced myself that I could quit anytime I wanted to, so I’d quit, then dip on the weekends only. Then the next weekend I’d dip again, only to buy a can on Monday when I ran out. The Nic-Bitch would whisper in my ear constantly. ‘It is only for the weekend’. I quit for my wife, I quit for my kids, I quit for my job, I even quit for myself. But it never lasted. How did I quit? I tried dipping to quit smoking, and replaced one form of nicotine delivery with another. I tried gum, but it didn’t work for me. It was too much like dipping or smoking – feel your nicotine level drop? Have a piece of gum/dip/smoke! The nicotine patch worked for me. One reason was there were reports of heart-attacks with people smoking or dipping while on the patch – too much nicotine in the system at one time. So, I would make sure not to smoke or dip while on the patch. It worked for me. I would have cravings, but if I waited a minute or two, they would go away. The patch gives you a level dose of nicotine, so you are not experiencing the highs and lows of nicotine sickness or withdrawals. The patch let me first work on my nicotine ‘habits’ (hand to mouth, spitting, opening the can, etc), and then the addiction later. But, it would only work until my next excuse. So, why is this quit any different? I don’t know, it feels different. I’m so sick of quitting, going thru withdrawals, the brain fog, being a jerk to my family while I’m withdrawing, shoving food in my face to overcome the addiction that I’d gain a few pounds with every quit. It is time. So, how do I plan to stay quit? 1. I know that I’m not going to let some chemical run my life. I’m in charge of my body, and I’m staying in charge. I’m stronger than nicotine. It took me a while to get here, but I know this is my last quit. 2. I made a list of why I wanted to quit. I read it often. Make your own list. Here is mine, for starters. Keep it with you on a flash-drive, or piece of paper in your wallet, and take it out once in a while. Update it when you think of something new. Money - $40 per week, $180 per month, $2080 per year. I can’t sleep at night, due to nicotine buzz. I can’t wake up early, because I can’t go to bed early. Therefore; I’m tired, so I use more. I’m tired, so I’m grumpy and yell at my family. I’m tired, so I don’t exercise. I’m tired, so I’m not motivated. I’m tired, so I eat more. So I don’t have to hide it from everyone, both at work and home. So I don’t get stressed out. So I don’t get cold sores or sores in my mouth. The mess, spills, stains, dirty car. So I don’t get cancer. So I’m not angry, due to withdrawals or other reasons (being interrupted, etc). So I don’t spend time away from my kids and family. So I don’t have delays or postponements, because I’m waiting to start or finish a dip. Because I always need to stop and buy some, interrupting my schedule and causing me to wait in line, which pisses me off! So I’m a good example for my kids. So I’ll live longer, for my kids. So I’m calmer. 3. Pick a date – but be careful. I would pick a date, then smoke or dip MORE knowing ‘it will be the last time I dip while … (insert dipping excuse here)’. By the time the quit date rolled around, I’d be more addicted than ever! If possible, choose a time when things are slow at work, or when you can take some time off. 4. Use the patch, the lozenge (gave me gas), a pill, pumpkin seeds, suckers, exercise, deep-breathing, yoga, masturbation, whatever. Like I mentioned, I’m not sure about nicotine gum, but whatever works for you – just don’t trade one delivery system for another. 5. Quit. No excuses, no delays. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Do it. 6. ‘Embrace the suck’ – nicotine withdrawals are not fun. Irritation, weight gain and brain fog. Remember this pain. Write it down so you’ll remember it – you don’t want to go thru this again. 7. Use this site. Post daily, “No Dip today”. Just quit for today, worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Read the HOF speeches. Look at pictures of mouth cancer. Get a phone number of a quit brother. Call them. Remember, the Nic-Bitch will do everything in her power to make you fail. She will whisper doomsday sweet-nothings in your ear, all you get you back under her control. Don’t let her – recognizer her lies for what they are. Just one more for old time’s sake? Just for the weekend? Just for the camping trip/fishing trip/hunting trip? Just for the rest of your f*cking life if you don’t put a stop to it! Kick her ass to the curb! Who is in charge of your life, you or nicotine? Are you going to let some addictive chemical in your brain make you drive to the store in the middle of the night? Hide from your family? Spend your money when you have other things you would rather do with it? Give you cancer? Who is stronger, you or nicotine? YOU ARE! Thanks to all my quit brothers in the So-Oct-Over-it group. Thanks for the daily support from other members, you guys are amazing. Thanks for this site. jonny
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