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  1. Getting excited about the M&G !

    1. Ohioman1972


      I really hope it doesn't rain....

  2. Cincinnati in July, hmmmm ...

  3. I'll proudly be here each day to root you on brother !
  4. Weathering winter, when does spring start ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. chuck m

      chuck m

      my peach tree has buds on it


    3. Ohioman1972


      As soon as Phil comes out of his hole.

    4. Von Nanega

      Von Nanega

      WHAT!?! Its winter? Its 70 here in Cali.

  5. Looking forward to some Football coming up - Go Ducks !

    1. Phil


      Oregon has, what I like to call "Thug speed." Not the biggest, most strong, or most physically imposing players, but boy oh boy are the fast and illusive...

  6. Thinking of Mr. O as he has his plumbing repaired

    1. Ohioman1972


      That's not for a few weeks but thank you anyway!

  7. jimmyvv

    The Cafe - 2012

    Hang in there brother - getting through those first few days is the hardest part. Stay focused, stay strong !
  8. Where has Mr. O been lately???

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wyoming4life


      I threw a rock in his general direction and damnit I missed him too


    3. Ohioman1972


      Nope. It got me on the ricochet

    4. jimmyvv


      Thinking of Mr. O as he has his plumbing repaired.

  9. You finally ready to take a stand, this is the place to do it. Lots of good folks in here that can help you with your journey. All you have to do it reach out !
  10. Hey Mav - thanks for the note. The numbers keep stacking up for all of us. Stay quit dude !

  11. Seen you hit 600 Jimmy! Nice work!

  12. How about white teeth again?
  13. I here-by anoint you 1,000 days quit! Let the games begin! From one lipwad to another congrats TR you da man Congrats TR. I can't help but wonder - was this a sneaky trick to get you to behave yourself in here? Once on Staff, are you required to be nice and supportive?
  14. I crave your ass.

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