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  1. Getting excited about the M&G !

    1. Ohioman1972


      I really hope it doesn't rain....

  2. Cincinnati in July, hmmmm ...

  3. I'll proudly be here each day to root you on brother !
  4. Weathering winter, when does spring start ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. chuck m

      chuck m

      my peach tree has buds on it


    3. Ohioman1972


      As soon as Phil comes out of his hole.

    4. Von Nanega

      Von Nanega

      WHAT!?! Its winter? Its 70 here in Cali.

  5. Looking forward to some Football coming up - Go Ducks !

    1. Phil


      Oregon has, what I like to call "Thug speed." Not the biggest, most strong, or most physically imposing players, but boy oh boy are the fast and illusive...

  6. Thinking of Mr. O as he has his plumbing repaired

    1. Ohioman1972


      That's not for a few weeks but thank you anyway!

  7. jimmyvv

    The Cafe - 2012

    Hang in there brother - getting through those first few days is the hardest part. Stay focused, stay strong !
  8. Where has Mr. O been lately???

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    2. Wyoming4life


      I threw a rock in his general direction and damnit I missed him too


    3. Ohioman1972


      Nope. It got me on the ricochet

    4. jimmyvv


      Thinking of Mr. O as he has his plumbing repaired.

  9. You finally ready to take a stand, this is the place to do it. Lots of good folks in here that can help you with your journey. All you have to do it reach out !
  10. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? The idea of this is basically to give everyone an idea of where everyone lives. For all I know someone lives a block away from me and I don't know it. Use the Roll Call method. Put your entry under the appropriate state header (if your state isn't listed, add it). Alabama - Even the southern boys can quit! Qazme - Scottsboro Alaska Horton - Anchorage AKPiano - Juneau Arizona DMcCumber - Mesa AZRichard--Dewey California Daddy-O - San Francisco 13 Under The Gun - Los Angeles Freeman - Sacramento NotAnOption - San Jose, CA Tardis - Santa Clara (Silicon Valley, ~ 30 mins south of SF) Robert MW- Tuolumne (about 10 miles from Yosemite as the crow flies) JP78 - Waterford (east of Modesto), 70 mi +/- southeast of Sacramento Colorado Muddler - Aurora DMcCumber - Castle Rock/Colorado Springs arbcubed - Greeley (From Arkansas, just living in Colorado ) shanks - Elizabeth (about 40 miles SSE of Denver) Donnie - Lamar (Southeastern Colo) DK-Livin' in da 3OH!3 Connecticut CopeWithoutCope - small state, I live on the Western side, closer to New York than Rhode Island and Mass. Hawesy - New Haven Delaware Mr Incredible - Hockessin Florida tt_dipper - Temple Terrace Iridedirt-Daytona Idaho Biernut - Coeur d'Alene u332 - Sandpoint Illinois chewless-Chicago Kaidok-Chicago (Wrigleyville) Holden - Chicago (WAY NWside)... Indiana cagey - Indy - tyztoy - Auburn Flash35-Indy Iowa mikeybr2 - Lovilia (where I am from) Captain - Fort Dodge Kansas mda65 - Overland Park (south Kansas City) iso_dipper- Kansas City (originally, now in PA). Rock ChalK Reefdiver72 Aaron Parsons Ks (originally) now in Ohio Kentucky kirov "If these United States can be called a body...then Kentucky can be called its heart." -Jesse Stewart Goose Doug - Florence,KY (just accross the river from Cincinnati,OH) dipstick22 - Crestwood - 20 miles NE of Louisville Maryland Penguin - Glen Burnie (5 miles south of BWI Airport) Close to DC and Baltimore (Born and raised in PITTSBURGH PA, Home of the Steelers, Penguins and uh, that great Baseball team they call the Pirates) Massachusetts NMB - Boston (where I'm from - will always be my home) JK2212 - North Andover (NW of Boston) Phil Beats The Bear- North Reading (^^ 2 towns over from JK2212^^) GoodbyeKodiak - Peabody (One town over from Phil, 3 towns over from JK) Tony8988 - Feeding Hills(5 minutes outside of Springfield) Michigan Mwg327 - North Muskegon (western michigan on the big lake) transplanted here from Texas (hook 'em horns) Minnesoooota Luke's Dad - Minneapolis, and also the Death Star Icandoit- Minneapolis/Otsego chill - Twin Cities Missouri Dogtown - Saint Louis Montana Campy- Missoula Chris_mcm - Butte Nebraska pdriver - Lincoln Stymied - Lincoln New Hampshire Professor - Concord New JerseyChris Johnson -- Bridgewater New Mexico Jeepnut28-Albuquerque New York steve50 - Homer North Carolina Stinky - near Greensboro Riverbandit - Hubert (From Jeffersonville Ohio, just down here until first retirement in a few years) DeputyDad - Statesville North Dakota (Almost Canada) Val - Bismarck Ohio Killerattorney - South Point BradSart - Columbus RC - Beverly SerenityMan - Huber Heights (Dayton) Stopped - Cincinnati Bigmoe - Cincinnati a99108- Cincinnati Conzach- Columbus Ohioman1972 - West Chester (Moved again...) reefdiver72 Aaron Lancaster OHIo DarkHound - Toledo DanW - Cincinnati/West Chester Oklahoma truok - Bixby mikeybr2 - Midwest City hathcoat472 - Durant Oregon steppinup - Beaverton. Can't believe I'm the first to wander thru here. kgmac311 - Eagle Point (Medford) JimmyVV - Portland Pennsylvania WWB - Dillsburg Moody - North Huntingdon (Irwin) iso_dipper; Philly for the last four years. Power-Lifter - Palmerton Pa "hilly billy land" Yeee Haayy Vreece - Bucks County, PA Tennessee 20yr - Smyrna Frosty - White House (originally from Glens Falls, NY) Snowduck - Jackson,TN Wildcat - Franklin TN Texas Kojak - Iowa Park rfuller - Lubbock Rainman-Tyler 3boysdad - El Paso dipsh@t - Carrollton (Dallas burb) Dallasjoe - Dallas Daboys885 - Kaufman (20 mins from Dallas) SGTHornback- Angleton (45 mins S of Houston) Texag - Columbus (Hour W of H Town) Dallas Bob - 460 miles north east of Marfa Clay - Rockwall (Burb East of Dallas) Utah Ijustwanttobefree - Layton Vermont bman-Burlington Virginia NMB - Williamsburg (where I am) GeoMan - Suffolk - Good idea WWB KKR0NIKK - Manassas (30 minutes south of DC) tm-va - Shenandoah Valley (near Winchester) Washington Truckerick - Bellingham Wisconsin Scaredan - Prescott imskratty - Madison pjacklin - Jackson (just North of Milwaukee) BadRonald - South of Superior PJG1111 - Appleton (Fox Cities) Wyoming Wyoming4life Cody half the time and Big Piney the other half. 3boysdad - Laramie, home of the University of Wyoming Cowboys. (Born and raised in El Paso, Texas) Rodeo Timer - Cheyenne Canada, Eh! CanadianDave - Ontario!
  11. Hey Mav - thanks for the note. The numbers keep stacking up for all of us. Stay quit dude !

  12. Seen you hit 600 Jimmy! Nice work!

  13. The older you get, the slower the metabolism. I also know that it was easier to lose when dipping becasue snuff was desert most of the time. There is also the fact that while cooking, I had a dip in so I did not sample, I did not snack becasue instead I dipped. The opposite is also true now, I still have an oral fixation, so it is easier to suck on candy or chew gum etc. So instead of avoiding a few calories, I am adding a few. Some good ways to counteract that now: (no I do not do all of these all of the time) If you have any other ways to help, list them here: Park at the far end of a parking lot and walk to the door. I walk in between classes out in the hall. When you order a meal in a resteraunt, get a doggie bag imediately and put half in it and eat it later. Eat on a smaller plate. Drink a big glass of water before you eat If yo u do eat too much, go for a walk right after (proven to help counteract the overeat binge) Spend part of your lunch break walking Metabolism is part and empty lip is the other. I've upped my workouts by 25% and lost an initial 5-6 but am on a long plateau where I've not lost any which is frustrating. Stay the course is all I plan to do at this point - I'd advise the same Dan !
  14. Week of 3/20/11 texfish - 210/211/200...........no clue how that happened..... Dillhole - 202/205/180 - I don't know what to say. I hope I level off soon. I wish this weather would get better so I can do some outside chores after work. JimmyVV - 214/208/194. Too damn many road trips to make any progress lately. I'm back and focused now - call me the workout fiend ! Week of 3/13/11 texfish - 210/209/200....don't kill it this weekend...stay disciplined Dillhole - 202/202/180 - back to my starting weight this morning so I celebrated with McDonalds on the way in. Professor - 246/189/185 - Crazy busy still, but not putting wt on. Last 4 pounds may have to wait a few more weeks. DanW - 202/202/175...awesome numbers there, Prof! Decided I should be glad I'm maintaining - during my 100 days quit, I put on an average of 2 lbs/week. I'm eating better but still haven't started exercising. Week of 3/6/11 texfish - 225/211/210...alright...i just hope i don't ruin it today...rest day...stay under control Dillhole - 202/205/180 - heading in the wrong direction DanW - 202/202/175...note to self: first weekly weigh-in the day after Fat Tuesday a BAD idea... Ohioman1972 - 219/214/180 nomas -- 205/189/180 trying as hard as i can Kojak 303/291/270 Going skiiing, I should lose some if I can control eating...
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