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  1. Has anyone ever tried "Quit Tea" on Amazon? These are the ingredients, has anyone had help from these? Proprietary Blend Of The Following Herbs & Spices: Valerian Root Sarsaparilla Root Cinnamon Bark Burdock Root Red Clover Flower St Johns Wort Leaf & Flower Ginger Root Clove Bud Licorice Root Fennel Seed Oregano Leaf Black Pepper Cayenne Pepper http://www.amazon.com/Quit-Tea-Natural-Stop-Smoking/dp/B0079OKOVA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
  2. sigh...here I go again... Funny; Original quit date - 11-06-2009 Quit for 2 years, now back again in Nov-2014. Idk, but this is ridiculous. I honestly don't have the money to keep this going. I've been going to gas stations looking for cigarette butts to smoke. Tried with all my willpower and prayer for the past 6 months and now I'm worse off than months ago when I was dipping only half a can a day. Then it just exploded and now also I'm drinking a lot of coffee (too embarrassed to admit to how much, but it's destroying my stomach and opening up old ulcers) Idk, maybe I need a mentor. I remember a lot of you guys. If you feel let do pm me. I need to join a quit group soon. I really don't want to wait until next month. And I need advice on what to do about these 100pcs of nicotine gum. I'd rather fail and go to the nicotine gum than go get more dip. I don't have the money for more dip this month. But I do have 100pcs of nicotine gum 4mg. I REALLY don't want to go back to smoking cig butts on the ground and in ashtrays at walmart. It's disgusting. I don't understand what happened. I even had my 100 day quit coin, and went 2 years. Then I started hanging around with people who smoked pipe tobacco in moderation and then I ended up smoking a pipe all day long, then back to dip/cigars and I spent about $1000+ on e-cigs and mods (got very into it, built my own and made my own fluids)
  3. Thursday, May 26, 2011 CWC - My goal is another day of abstinence today. dos = Can I have that goal today too CWC? iw - Well, I failed. After almost a year, then a one day mess up, to now after over 6 months and I got a 6 pack. I really feel crappy all day, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. But They did tests and I have to go in for more. I got the SSI insurance which was a god-send. I got a few months backpay so now it's only a year or so when I can afford a car. Not sure what to do guys, not sure what to say here. I can't promise today because I drank this morning and I have a 16oz I'll drink tonight. (now that would be awesome to be able to pour it out. Anyway, got in a huge argument last night with my parents (whom I'm having to stay with until I find a new place. It's so messed up, I don't even remember buying any beer. It really lets me down that I can have enough will power for 1 day after close to a year sober. Maybe if you or someone would help PM me (I lose threads badly), and give some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for bothering you man. Wish you were in NC. What I would do for a friend right now.
  4. WAHOO, 100 DAYS NO ALCOHOL FOR ME!!! Thank you Jesus Christ! The Holy Spirit got me through this. I did not do this on my own power for from any one else's, only God's.
  5. Man, 2 months weaning off this Zoloft has been horrible. I was alergic to it or something they said. It caused me to lose my mind. One night I began cutting my arms up with knife and then overdosed on pills. Ehhh $6k hospital bill too. I don't remember a thing. This is my first day antidepressant free from Zoloft and I feel veeeerrrrrry strange I admit.

    1. TroutUno


      Nice work, Will! One day at a time...just keep chipping away...hell of an accomplishment...you're a quit badass.

    2. Donnie


      Congratulations, Will. Keep up the good work.

  7. I punch tobacco in the face

  8. The THIRD greatest was about a bunch of hopeless actual gay addicts

  9. Honesty is the best policy but insanity is a better defense.


  11. Congrats to Jimmy Wilson (deceased) who is now 182621099 days clean!

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    2. *IronWill*


      No, I think that is only 500 years according to google

    3. *IronWill*


      still probably strange for 500 years. Hey, I wasn't the guy's parents, I don't know how they came up with it.


    4. *IronWill*


      Ahhh, I missed the point, it was actually supposed to be 18,262.1099 days.


  12. How are our quit dates kept up with after we are dead?

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