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    p0ki3 - 2923 days quit- I will not chew tobacco today. My crew the Chewless Joes has long been archived. Thought I would send off encouragement that you can be successful in quitting chewing tobacco, and the support of your quit group is as strong as you let it be. Good luck fellow quitters
  2. Vreece Mild boredom is my most difficult trigger. I too am a professional, and have gone in to buy wearing a suit, and have had the same thoughts you have. I have just over 300 days, no one left posting regular in my quit group. Have found myself in the same situation as you thinking more and more each day about how I would like to have a chew. I know I am not cured, and never will be. I post each day a committment that is personalized declaring that I will not chew tobacco today. There are moments that I need to go to I will not chew tobacco right now, or this minute. The cravings will pass. They always do. I have spent some time reading the December groups postings, and thinking back as to what an asshole I became during those first few weeks of my quit. My head still isn't 100% and that is why I keep coming back here for support. My thoughts are with you. Take a look at DFGood in the Dec group who came in yesterday back at day one after having 500. It is a wicked addiction.
  3. That will work great as an alternative. Thanks much Several of us are having the same problem. You can put your quit date on the site below to keep up with it until thing return to normal: http://www.quitdipping.org/
  4. Would you please put the number of quit days I have next to my logged in as status like it was previously. I am horrible at calculating and remembering dates, so this was a feature I appreciated a great deal, and would love to see back. Warmest regads
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