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  1. October 5th 2019 Nick -345- Doing family activities are so much better without dip and all the crap that comes with it. STS - 1,039: Life is easier and better without the slavery to tobacco PMFJ - 791 - Lovin life, dip free! NMFD! Todd74 - 3603: the time is now, man the fuck up and wake the fuck up... Post Roll call and honor the oath that you will not chew today .... one day at a time ....March Towards Victory ........ shooting two middle fingers at US Tobacco.......
  2. Dam straight Knoz , replying years later
  3. Right on brother —- this shit helped me quit 100%
  4. I am still fucking here boys.... I hope all is well and your still quit and didn’t cave like some bleeding vagina .....can I even say that anymore lmao the world has gotten so PC since we quit .... the last of our kind boys
  5. Just want to post up before the site closes that I appreciate everyone here and I am still quit since 11/24/2009 thank you all your all outstanding... I guess this is the last time so ...... in honor of my March Quit Tanks ........ Fuck Off Chew 

  6. Todd74

    Time to Move On!

    Glad to see your still quit brother
  7. Todd74

    Time to Move On!

    This site was Great to me Todd74 and to my fellow March Quit Tanks we were a rough group and flav let us be and for that I thank you and say with pride I am still quit since 11/24/2009 . One day at a time always marching towards victory
  8. FUCK YEAH ! ! ! Day: 972 - I Am The Quit Master - Worship Me & Give Me Thanks & Praise

  9. Made It Over 800 Days ---DAY 802 Fuckers...LMAO I AM THE QUIT MASTER

    1. Donnie


      Congratulations, Todd. That is a great start.

    2. Flavius Victor
    3. chuck m

      chuck m

      We bow down to you QUIT Master

  10. Quit Tank For Ever


  12. Happy B Day AMERICA--USA--USA--U--S--A--------F * Yeah

  13. Hope you guys have a good 4th of july

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