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  1. Where o' where has little KBoz been??

  2. Welcome back, Jake. You got this MF, man. Embrace the suck, you know what to expect this time. It's all a mind fuck after the first week anyway, so just get thru it hour by hour, day by day. The Tanks are here for you.


  3. TR, It's lonely in Vreece's basement these days without you!

  4. Quit Tanks Forever, Bitch!

  5. KBozNH - Day 100 - This is my first ever post in the Cafe! I am the greatest quitter ever on the face of this earth..... at least for today. After that I'm back to sucking hind tit in the Quit Tanks, one day at a time. Thanks to all of you on this site for your help to get me here. And thanks to the March 2010 Quit Tanks for chaining me up in Vreece's basement when necessary to keep me quit. KBOZ
  6. Only A Tank could do what your doing, your a Quit Tank

  7. I'm probably talking to a ghost who has left the site by now, but I'll put my two cents in here for those who are listening in on this conversation. Everyone has an opinion of course, but I respect some more than others. In this case, I'll go with the guy with 1260 days quit. Myself and Serenity are at a humble 400+. I don't know of anyone who could stare at a full can day in and day out and not want to stuff the entire can in their mouth. I'd probably eat the can lid by day 2 of that nonsense. You want to drop f-bombs? Okay, I'll drop a meaningful one - stop f-ing around and listen to what works. Listen to the guys who have had success. You are road-raging right now. Been there done that at about day 80. Good luck and hope to see you in the hall some day. OK, those of us in our first 100 days quit certainly experience the rage and drop some F-Bombs from time to time. But knowing BCook as well as I do by now, he's no less committed than any old timer on this site. I think we all need to take a step back and realize we're all on the same side here. Everyone quits in their own way, and as long as it's working, who has the right to question one's methods? All we can do is offer advice (not criticism) and support our brothers (instead of attack them). The Quit Tanks are there for BCook and will help him roll his ass into the HOF in a little over a month. That's a Quit Tank promise.
  8. RR, man very proud of you in that scenario. Hope I can do the same down the road with such conviction. Must've felt good to see how they want to quit and admire you for doing such a great job. Use that motivation to stomp out your next big crave. Thx for sharing. KbozNH
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