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  1. Here we go AGAIN. After a long talk with my wife I'm gonna try to quit, again. After 12 years of marriage I haven't seen her this serious, or scared, regarding my tobacco use. I'm not having any health problems and she would like to keep it that way. Like an alcoholic, I'm an addict. I've been dipping or chewing since I was 16 years old but mainly dipping. In other words I've been using tobacco for roughly 26 years of my 42 year life span. I started with the strongest stuff on the market which was Mail Pouch chewing tobacco and eventually went to Copenhagen but recently sticking to the cheaper Grizzly. I've actually quit for over a year a couple of times but I end up buying that ONE can and the addiction takes over again. I know how to quit but I always seem to get sucked back in during a time of weakness. I have a better chance now because in the past I worked with all most all men who dipped but recently I've changed careers and now I work with only women. None of them dip. I going to try nico-patches with non-tobacco snuff. I know that once I quit that I absolutely can not buy that ONE can. I know that I'm going to have a tuff time because when not working and not sleeping I usually have an average of one dip an hour. The idea of failure scares me and this time I pretty anxious about it, which I've never been before. I've placed an order with Hooch Snuff and hopefully it's better then Smokey Mountain Chew because I hate it. My last dip will be Dec 31st and I hope that it will be the last. Wish me luck.
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